Vishakha nakshatra is 16th among 27 nakshatras. They might be clever and are always involved in arts. Vishakha is a nakshatra of desire and the desire element may exhibit fully in Libra part of this nakshatra. A person born in Vishakha nakshatra may be jealous, greedy, enlightened, harsh, fond of quarreling and skilled at talking. They have a interest in religion and loves the religious rituals also. They have the ambition to achieve the highest post. . Hence natives under strong influence of Vishakha nakshatra may end up following wrong paths in their lives. The natives born in this nakshatra are always conscious of their work from the beginning. As one of the world’s premiere astrology sites, provides a variety of astrological, psychic, spiritual and new-age information to an ever-growing global audience.

The shakti is “the power to achieve many and various fruits in life”. He may keep his wife under his control and may be victorious over enemies. They don’t get support from their parents. The natives of this nakshatra speaks softly and due to this they can easily impress others. If Sun is Swati Nakshatra, then Swati's lord Rahu will impact Sun's result. They are an expert in doing administrative work. Required fields are marked *. They should also practice the kundalini/raja yoga and chant the root mantra “Om Yam” and “Om Ram” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Through this ceremony, a family shows off its achievements and tries to impress society. They might be intelligent and can be of medium or small height. It is a golden coloured nakshatra which appeases the mind of the viewer. He may keep his wife under his control and may be victorious over enemies. Let’s look at some characteristics displayed by Indra and Agni. All Rights Reserved. If the third phase of vishakha nakshatra, is between 00:26:40 to 00:30:00, then the word is Te. These Nakshatras complete the entire circle of 360 degrees of the zodiac. But they are short tempered also. Digging up the past is necessary sometimes but only to resolve any emotional hurts or resentment.

Vishaka nakshatra is known to signify purpose. They need to strive toward my spiritual development and not get caught in the sexual trap of Libra and the archway, symbolizing also the sexual lure of the vagina. They don’t speak bitterly. Om Indraangi Aagat Gwwam Sutam VareNayam. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, the influence of Indra may encourage converting such opportunity at any cost. Now, the biggest make or break situation with this placement will come with Venus position as Venus is lord of Libra. Sign up for our new course starting Sunday, Nov. 12th . Normally they are always involved in themselves and make very less friends. Gana: Vishakha is a ‘rakshasa’/demonic nakshatra, which is difficult to comprehend. They might be a good astrologer or musician. Unlike most of its sister Nakshatras who are generally present in one form, the Vishakha native may take one of two physical portraits. A person born in Vishakha nakshatra may be jealous, greedy, enlightened, harsh, fond of quarreling and skilled at talking. - Implement your ideas even if they seem crazy ... You can be very attached to your home but maybe it is time to move on and consider relocating. The Gunjamool should be worn on the arm or heart. Their sense of justice demands they view each circumstance independently and this may be difficult for others to understand when the Vishakha’s opinions change in seemingly similar circumstances. They might have a strong body and speaks precise and less. It means Vishakha natives may achieve success in movie industry, television industry, fashion industry and other such professions. Hence people may come in and go out of their lives; often leaving voids which may be filled by other people; and this trend may continue almost throughout their lives. Association with partners born in the following: A person born in the Shudra caste is harsh, skilled at talking, lacking education and humility, prone to sucking up and stubborn.