You’ll need to do all sorts of trading (50,000 potch worth of profits). If you continue past the save point you’ll reach Leon Silverburg. Back down and down the ladder, and then north through the door and north through another door and up a ladder. It was well known for its visually impressive throne room. It features many long, winding corridors and also features a promenade that opens near a balcony where the King of Highland would address his subjects. If you take the left path and then up, you’ll reach a side route that leads to a Fury Crystal. Tuning Up Your Perfect Game Fixed information relating Dragon Plans #2 and Unicorn Plans #2, I put that they were missable and you can come back and get them later (Futch and Humhprey must be in … Enter this secret entryway. Go to Shu and he’ll suggest taking Greenhill back to the city state side. You are … Enter this room for Dragon Plans 4 and Unicorn Plans 4.

Suikoden Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. For Suikoden II on the PlayStation, GameFAQs hosts videos from GameSpot and submitted by users. für.

tsuikoden 2 10000000000000000 times better than any final fantasy games. 50,000 potch is your reward. The other is an Escape Talisman, and then if you continue that way and then south through another courtyard type area, you’ll get a Goldlet. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. You can submit a problem report for this video if it isn't working or has other issues. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Shu comes along and dispatches someone else to burn the flag. Take the south route for Power Gloves and then back north and then east. SONY PLAYSTATION SUIKODEN 2: CLIVE'S QUEST in depth walkthrough By Daniel Salcedo López (a.k.a. tips to beating the last part of suikoden 2, what if vincent die in suikoden 1 and load suikoden 2, what is the best choice when liberate greenhill in suikoden 2, where to get dragon plan #4 in suikoden 2. which army should i go in liberating greenhill in suiko 2? 12 from an inn habitant, and a Flowing Rune from the rune shop resident. That's how the world was designed. The Rune remained attached to the palace until the Dunan Unification War of 460, where Luca Blight would unseal the rune to wreck havoc and destruction on the City-States of Jowston. Then you’ll see Jowy by the spot you two promised to meet. If you go back to Muse, you can get some things. They talk for a while, and then Gorudo sneaks up on them with archers. Seed and Culgan greet you here. Careful though as Bone Dragon has spells that absolutely maul your party.

Youtube has some footage I’m sure but not whole movies you can download, which is probably what you’re looking for. You get 125,000 Potch and Knight Armor for this battle. If you have Mazus and Luc you can use the third level Blue Gate spell to do massive damage. North of this is a Flame Helmet. Push past the highlanders that come past. Jowy passes out during a ceremony of his own. This should do the bulk of it. Now Watching: Suikoden 2 Walkthrough - Part 71 of 72. and bring him to Muse City.

Highland That’s entirely up to you and that party just listed makes it a little too easy. battle #14 2.)

If you hit one of the options for Riou within half a second, Nanami will get hit still but will be alive later with the best ending. Formerly known as L'renouille, this city was renamed "Higheast" after the Dunan Unification War. Remote … MM`88888P8dP dP dP`88888P' MM. Problem with this video? Please log in or register to continue. The little ripper "rippercito") e-mail: Version 1.0 Date 05/02/01 This Faq´s copyright rippercito 2001 ===== 0-"AUTHOR'S NOTE"(SPOILERS WARNING) ===== This walkthrough doesn´t say: Meet that person in that place under ? You have powerful new characters so utilize them in these wars. Now that Tinto is on your side go back and you’ll see Sheena by the elevator. You have to keep going north until you see stairs. What Makes a Perfect Game?

The three then go on a journey, stopping by to see Jillia Blight and Pilika in Harmonia. Jowy and Riou then go off to Kyaro and see Nanami at Genkaku’s house. Inside L'Renouille Added section 4. You’ll be at a familiar area now, when you escaped Greenhill. Last but certainly not least, go to the Tinto Mines and travel through to Mazus. In Suikoden II hat man die Möglichkeit, eine (vollkommen optionale) Nebenaufgabe abzuschließen, die dem Charakter Clive viel Hintergrundgeschichte gibt. The strong men take everything and the weak men die. He should be your last recruit, the top magician.

Lightning Magic is pretty poor against this enemy. I played this game in PSX in 2000 and after 10 years, I am playing it again today. Go east when you can and then north and east again. But is the Empire corrupt or the people ju... Mako. He’s sad Riou is leaving but understands, and lets him know the truth about the Nanami incident (assuming you saved her!). Teleport to L Renouille and then travel northwest of there to Sajah Village. He does ask to speak with Shu about the matter in private (this is if you succeed in saving her). The Crom village elder has a Sunbeam Crystal. Go west for a Stone of Speed and then up the stairs.

Put Viktor in your party and go to the blacksmith in Kuskus, and you can recruit Tessai. This is a tough boss battle. Gorudo dies after this battle. Before that, some recruits. Do hurry along as Teresa suggests. Nothing is here so go north for a save crystal that heals you. Characters Character List 108 Stars of Destiny.

suikoden 2 major battles how to kill lucia, suikoden 2 ps1 green hill academey chahrater recurruction, suikoden 2 save in greenhill after dragon. History Timeline Geography Legacies True Runes Weapons. Two more highlander fights and then you’ll see Yuber. Please log in or register to continue. Elza gives Clive the choice of guild trust (Stern / Star) or guild betrayal (Mond / Moon). Suikoden II. Take the east path and if you go north eventually you’ll get to some stairs and a floor with green tiles which lead to a storage room north that has a Stone of Power and Stone of Defense. Great. Luckily he goes once per turn. After the war is over, choose your party and you can go inside. Not sure if they are all in real movies or where to find something like that.

If you go south when you get the chance as you go west, you’ll go to the sacrifice area. Go up the stairs and save, hopefully making two saves because coming up is a very very important part. It’s not too late to run back and Save.

First of all, buy all the Ancient Texts he has and sell them off at the Forest Village. I generally take Flik, Viktor, Mazus, Luc and Rina along with here. More locked doors so just continue the way that you can and fight the highlanders. Sword. Go in through the main gates, and then enter the room that is north and then west a little. Sure I still have the first two copies but I treat them like gold now that they are worn a little bit (especially the Suikoden I circa 1996). But, your Resurrection Runes are great.

You are in Rockaxe now and the enemy is going the other way. Suikoden Tierkreis Walkthrough Gameplay Guides Suikogaiden Vol.1 Chapters Gameplay Guides Secrets Suikogaiden Vol.2 Chapters Gameplay Guides Secrets Suikoden Card Stories Cards List Cards Descriptions . Fanart Gallery Pictures Editorials Weblog. Luca Blight: Let me tell you something. Go back to Gordon to recruit him. That should be all 108 Stars of Destiny for Suikoden II. East for an Escape Talisman and west to continue up. Once part of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Higheast City was bequeathed along with the rest of the Highland Kingdom to Maroux Blight for his service in crushing rebellious elements during the Harmonian Civil War of SY 237. I’m wiping the tears off my face from the ‘perfect’ endings of both games. This is your last duel, and with a powered up Riou it tends to be an easy one. Out on the balcony you’ll be fighting more Matilda Knights, continue left and then you’ll be at another stairway where your party will split up. Suikoden 2 - L'Renouille Castle - 71 from Elias Cunha Link contributed by TropicalAngel2. Choose the second option when you’re given one. As you do this, you see Jowy. Lorelai will definitely join you at this point, and then try to recruit Gordon. You’ll be back at Greenhill, resting. It is the capital of Higheast province, and is also the largest city in the entirety of the Dunan Republic. Remote … You can go to the main hall and accept your leadership position, or you can turn it down. - also grundsätzlich dann, wenn man gezwungen ist A large amount of people visit the town in order to trade artefacts or art, and it is also considered a major trade center between Harmonia, the Grasslands, and the Toran Republic due to its location and size. Basically, you only have a few trading places open to you right now so figure out what is expensive / cheap where (or read above) and you’ll make 50,000 in no time.

In the near future, when computer technology has advanced...Junior, a 12 year old boy, and his friends Teddy and Ivy ... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The Yuber battle (taking Greenhill) is a bit more difficult and takes longer while the other one is quite simple. She can be defeated, but your friends will rush in before too long. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As they leave, Shu comes by.