Your motor is the same as an 09.

OEM options will come primarily from Subaru with unbranded and aftermarket options coming from other manufacturers.

This 2004 Subaru Forester is for sale in Forest, Virginia with a current bid of $14,000. Does anyone have any information on engine swaps or how it works? The most expensive repairs on an older vehicle are an engine rebuild and transmission replacement. Let us first say, there are no truly easy Subaru swaps and every swap has it's own challenges. Some trims of the Subaru Impreza are also compatible with the Forester. These are the easiest cars to work on!!! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. There are wiring changes, mount changes, mechanical changes, etc and these all depend on what engine and chassis are going to be used.

Is it coming with the matching ECU and matching engine and body wiring? 3. If you are shopping for a previously owned Subaru, there are some models to avoid or it could cost you a lot of money in repairs. Dropped it at the dealership today and they say the oil was low and there are metal shavings in the oil. If you are looking at one of these contact us before purchasing and we can determine whether it's a good choice for your project.

It's a lot of work.

Cons: Very difficult to swap due to CANBUS issues. JDM engines may look attractive for their low prices and low mileage, but they aren’t as inexpensive as they seem due the parts that are likely to be missing. They attempted to fix it 2 years before it was an issue? The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and sells to countries outside the US while Amazon will allow for free shipping and only US. As we mentioned before all swaps take time, cost money, and are a lot of work. They have identified four popular Subaru models with the potential to have this engine issue. Pros: Easy to find, highly compatible with USDM cars, and parts readily available.

But some 2001-2009 engines still had the problem. Used engines with low mileage should be looked for in addition to looking at the condition of the engine through the listing description and photos. Want us to help with wiring up your Subaru swap project? Under the hood sits a turbocharged 2.5 L EJ257… Read More » For Sale: 2004 Forester … You should make sure that you find a compatible engine for the fuel system to avoid the need to redo the fuel system. The gasket material they used in this engine was unreliable and Subaru attempted to correct the issue in 1999 with an updated multilayered metal shim gasket.

I did research and found Subaru was on their fourth version of head gaskets for the Impreza. Engines for newer generations will often be more expensive compared to older generations.