You'll note that my team isn't geared optimally for the fight; Tayrel and Apothecary are both in the lifesteal sets they use for CB. Managing spiderlings using debuffs and a devoted tank. } guide. Sinesha’s kit is everything a tank needs in this fight: massive damage A1 for the lifesteal, a powerful A2 heal, and a powerful A3 heal. Lich—A potentially top tier candidate for the fight, where he can serve both as tank and spider hindrance. ul.rig li img { -moz-box-sizing: border-box; Psylar—Her A3 is one of the best skills in the game for this fight, slowing the entire enemy force at once. It relies on two principles: Using turn meter and speed reduction to reduce or eliminate spider turns. ul.rig.columns-4 li { Bashee is magic and might not work because spider 20 is spirit so she'll not likely attack magic. 2000-2500+ Defense (beware diminishing returns). The only thing I‘m missing is a good Force Tank. Spider is a mean motherfucker. margin: 0 0 2.5% 2.5%; Out of interest, what stage are your great hall bonuses at? /* should match li left margin */ 31 talking about this. padding: 10px; Sinesha—Tank. I’d recommend against bringing another Force champ alongside him due to spiderling targeting shenanigans. padding: 0 10px; I tried her in a bunch of configurations but she never quite fit in; her turn reduction wasn’t as reliable, and her overall damage wasn’t as high.

It can be single target or AoE; random targeting (such as Alure’s A1) is less effective unless you have enough damage to keep the spiderling population down. Best-in-game speed aura for the fight, though. width: 30.83%; Managing spiderlings using debuffs and a devoted tank. Tayrel—Debuffer, Damage. This is just scratching the surface of the possible options for this role; a look through your champion collection may well find others who work great. I guess Offensive/Support is way to go because she has buffs and debuffs. I don't think resistance helps much, unless you get it up to 250+, which I haven't. Love playing App games. Funny stuff. This typically amounts to 1 to 2 flex slots that you can fill with support champions as needed to round out the team. StewGaming has created this team for Fire Knight, which consists of Martyr, Rhazin Scarhide, Apothecary, Pain Keeper, and Steelskull.

What follows is a breakdown of the strategy I’ve found to be effective in consistently (over 50% win rate) defeating Spider 20 on auto. Skartorsis—Decent, but not ideal choice (speaking from experience). Nazana—A strong choice, similar to Sinesha with a bit more utility. RAID: Shadow Legends | Doompriest Guide | The answer to Spirit Affinity Clan Boss and … }

Saurus has 2 skills, both are AoE and he's spirit, so I think he'll work best.

I have Tayrel, Psylar, Venus and Coldheart. Awesome guide. The puzzle pieces I meant. There can be ten of them and they will kill you if given the chance. Join Raid: Shadow Legends discussion about Game Discussion and read about Content Creater Stewgaming: Spider Video Must be hacks or BUG ??

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. color: #999; I know we can make it better. Truly appreciate your approach to helping come up with solutions. There is a way kill spider fk fast, using bomb, spider die at the time she acts (1st turn but just activate all bombs), I'm not sure could do in 1 second or not.Â, It was an exploit of glitch in plarium play. .rig li { And he's not afraid to scold Plarium for its shady practices, which makes him a god damn hero in my eyes. Spiderling Management: When choosing debuffers and support, consider champions that will make the spiderlings less lethal. Weak base defenses require good gearing.

- Duration: 24:43. Incoming damage from poison stacks can overwhelm even the best-geared defensive champion; best to resist as many as possible. ul.rig.columns-3 li { You want at least three members of your team that can reliably hinder spider.

after opening more than a 100 voids i’ve yet to get a single one. Even at a 50% win rate, it gives some hope to folks. I’d say it’s worth a try; you would need a very specifically itemized set and my hunch is you would still want a dedicated tank, but it would ease the burden on the tank considerably. Wow, a guide using all heroes I have for once. High speed is vitally important here, it clears posions faster and gives you guaranteed turns, which equals heals. Thanks for reading! Hope it helps. it’s now time to stop lurking around and contribute to this sub a little bit. This video illustrates an article already posted on reddit. If your team can beat 20, it can beat anything. To respond to Stew's suggestion about Broadmaw, the spiderlings will not attack people with block damage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RaidShadowLegends community. One that is much easier to see in action than read about I feel. box-sizing: border-box; I have ALL of these champs on my account. Also acts as team leader, bringing a welcome +25% DEF for Sinesha. } Bad-el-Kazar—Built-in lifesteal, debuff removal, and AoE poison give him an amazing kit for the fight. If her A1 consistently targets spider she can keep him from acting almost singlehandedly; she’s less appealing here since we plan to tank the spiderlings instead. Apothecary—Speedster, Healer.

The big question I see in your mastery setup is how resilient her defense is -- if you aren't having trouble keeping her alive, going into the Offense tree will definitely speed up your clear time, but I found with Sinesha that she needed every bit of defense I could cram into her gear and masteries. Madman only has 50% chance on his A1. Thanks again!!!

width: 47.5%; Bro, thank you! Thankfully, it seems like I already own most of the champs I need to pull of this strategy. Share your experiences, log in now! jQuery(me).attr('src', ''); What Stew has on his Zephyr Sniper, just to save you pausing the video:-HP 26710 Atk 954 Def 2051 Spd 206 CR 53CD 66 DR 231 Acc 79. A top choice. ... Nethril, Skullcrusher, Gorgorab, and Tayrel was successful against Spider 20, but again same problem….no Tayrel. New listing Amazing Spider-Man #20 CGC 7.5 OW-W 1st App of Scorpion! Thanks man! Thx for all the hard work. He should work and apply slow speed. Nazana is one of the champs I've wanted to experiment with the most, I think she'll be a great asset for your team. 24:43. list-style: none; height: auto; Tayrel, Bad El, Venus and 2 CH's should easily get the job done. ul.rig li p {

Very informative and very 'n00b, newb, f2p' friendly. I will certainly try this out during the next days. it is especially a pain if you don’t have one of the critical components the vast majority of teams have – coldhearts.

Same question..what Champs are similar with Tayrel?

... ZARGALA KILLS PLATINUM ARENA | RAID SHADOW LEGENDS - Duration: 15:09. /* over-ride all li styles */ Instead, we aim to manage the spiderlings with debuffs and by funneling their rage all at a single target.