The Sterling rep was extremely knowledgeable and helped me get registered for my drug test. Does SterlingONE protect Social Security Numbers? SterlingONE maintains active updates daily, weekly and monthly, depending on the data source, but cannot absolutely guarantee all public records from all jurisdictions throughout the United States will be available; this would be impossible. Do I receive an email notification when searches are complete and reports are available? Employee drug testing is a single data point in the assessment of an employee or candidate and an integral part of candidate and employee assessment. They responded very fast when I had an issue with my drug testing, and the people I spoke to over the phone for help were extremely nice and efficient at what they do.

If the applicant did not receive one, contact, The SterlingONE Occupational Health Services Team (OHS) will email you a “missed appointments” message when your applicant’s testing paperwork reaches its time limit. Our robust, automated technology helps deliver user-friendly data in the form of test analytics, single billing, and status tracking that provides straightforward details you need right away.

Do I need to collect CoC paperwork from a donor before they make a donation?

information can be found at the top right corner of the screen when you log into your account. This type of screening will report if a candidate is registered to handle controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Posted Friday, September 16th, 2016 by Property management companies and companies conducting employment screening are eligible to be set up to run and receive credit reports.

Without confirmation testing and an MRO, a workplace testing program can never be as effective as it should. I’ve counseled many employers over the years on the need to ensure their pre-hire qualification process doesn’t overlook the importance of drug testing to make sure that the next new hire isn’t one affected by substance abuse.

hits by region and/or applicant profile), Cost Analysis (statistics on cost per applicant by region and/or applicant profile), Driver license class, endorsements, and restrictions, Current status and the expiration date of the driver license, Suspensions or revocations of the driver license; accidents, and moving violation convictions.

The applicant did not receive an eScreen Passport, how can I send another?

when at rest (stored in the database).

Customer support is crucial for any company. I reached out to support to see if they could expedite the process and I had an answer in less then 24 hours via email.

As part of the online checkout process, you can upgrade your drug test to SterlingONE’s 10 or 12 panel test for an additional fee. Not sure if I resolved the other issues but seeing how I gave all the data and corrected data I just assume they kept on with the process. VERY helpful!

In most cases, if the drug has been used within

Other information is accessed directly from government archives via real-time I lost 30 minutes in the post office to find an app which has a white background because most of them are with a dark one. hours, but this can be longer if the county finds a need to verify detailed information or if the county clerk is backed up for any reason. After purchasing the test, the donor (candidate or employee) is sent an email notifying them that they must complete a drug test within a certain period of time.

Insightful industry perspective written by Sterling experts and global partners, E-books, whitepapers, and more to help you grow and scale your business. As someone purchasing the test, do I have to administer the test? To continue using SterlingONE, please update your browser settings and refresh this page. Our services span everything from regulated (DOT) to non-regulated drug-free workplace programs are designed to provide organizations with the most accurate records when they are needed the most. On average, reports are returned in 72 Sterling Talent Solutions' background checks are unparalleled in accuracy and convenience, allowing human resource professionals to search criminal records, check education and professional references, schedule drug tests, monitor employee arrests, and more— all effortlessly via a single provider. schedule (daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly). We want to maximize the hiring workflow efficiency for both candidates and employers, while still staying on top of compliance and turnaround times.

Whether you're looking for background check services or want to chat through complex compliance issues — we're here to help. As part of the online checkout process, you can upgrade your drug test to SterlingONE’s 10 or 12 panel test for an additional fee. Does your system allow me to save search results on my hard drive?

By continuing to browse this website you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as described in our. How do I find candidate related documents? However, due to the more stringent requirement, a false-negative can then result. The urine tests vary from 5-panel to 10-panel with specific substances for each panel.

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Am I going to get a hard copy of my reports? sources are not available, SterlingONE contracts with court retrievers to visit the local or state agency to directly obtain information.