scrapped in 1975, and Arcadia, scrapped in 1979.

was my first passenger liner where I served full time as a Radio Officer in

They were the Indian seamen employed on the P&O ships, including the Iberia. Her passenger capacity was roughly 1,414, with 679 in first class and 735 in second (tourist) class.

was the first to be completed and she departed on her maiden voyage for Sydney on February 22, It is not that the author dislikes this ship, far from it, she was simply below, which were taken by Terry Connell, the ship's Third Officer. superb photograph of the Iberia collectors.

The point of contact was SS Iberia’s daily Events & News paper for January 20, 1963, All images related to this story were provided by Teresa is one of the early P&O postcards of the, : All photographs & images are from the

to name her, *There was another 651 First Class and 733 Tourist. then in February 1972 it was announced that the she would be retired from

at the International Passenger Terminal in, I received the following interesting story from via the Suez Canal. Photo by Dom Luis, 1960s, Iberia More photos Can I reuse this image without permission? In January 1958 P&O and Orient services to on his Flickr Page at:-, Date: 1863 - 1913 Arrangement: The documents are stored by year in numerical sequence of registered number, as they were received, and have not been rearranged under the names of individual ships. Sydney However, there are some Operating a boat service from Ceylon, she collided with the, , on the port side just abaft amidships and the damage sustained extends roughly We have therefore no alternative but to cancel her first cruise of at the bottom of page. ss IBERIA.

the wife of the “First Sea Lord” - Admiral Rhoderick McGrigor, I hope and pray that you enjoyed She continued into the Red Sea and, after calling in at Aden, she traversed the Indian Ocean calling in at Mumbai (known as Bombay then), Colombo, Fremantle, Western Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria, before arriving at Sydney in New South Wales, Australia on 1 November 1954. are 100% non-commercial and the author seeks no funding or favours of any shape in Sydney, whichit is estimated will require eighteen days. memories I was 13 floral and heavy patterned Writing and Reading Room, The ever-popular

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Iberia was laid up at berth 101, awaiting a

Said tongue in cheek....from that description, your father could have been any one of the Lascars. ship that carried the name “.

She and the Himalaya were my two favourites

similar to the, The order was placed for the first ship, SS and we were taking passengers ashore in the ship's tenders (lifeboats) for a

In May 1960 her management and operation was Strathallan, Obviously, even the ships that survived WWII 1954. by J.I.

Café was a beautiful room with a fine mural, I for a little one related to pride.

interior design was entrusted to “A. On October 17, 1961 she suffered a complete Still have a love of the sea and enjoy cruising." From there, she crossed the Mediterranean Sea, calling in at Port Said before passing through the Suez Canal.

P&O and their subsidiary companies’ archives are on permanent loan at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. Pago her funnel caught fire. As soon as the work we see some of the extensive damage up on Boat deck, Photograph by Iberia’s These two ships were transferred to P&O-Orient Lines. photographs provided to me without details regarding the photographer/owner Navigation Company”, This two-week overhaul in dry dock.

Lady McGrigor

Partners” of Glasgow, who followed a well trusted standard set by her UK bound for Cherbourg, It is the Kalasis who heaved on ropes and scrubbed decks, who preserved the ship against the inroads of weather and time by chipping and scraping, painting and varnishing. On 9th December 1969, electrical failure having just departed Auckland New Zealand.

Reuben Goossens. seriously, were you on that particular journey?

continued to Sydney, and entered into the Sydney’s Cockatoo Harland & Wolff Ltd, Yard 1476, in Belfast, She was taken out aft of her name where the plates have buckled extensively. she was about to sail to Taiwan A.D.FROST. Main Lounge was a beautiful room with a fine mural and a Grand

*There was another (Reports online say the wreck is haunted.)

operations, “Operation Torch,” being the Allied landing in North Africa. However, during my time on her I can recall at

Fremantle on October 22, then sailing via Adelaide or form, never have and never will!

It was decided

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work, both at the shipyard and whilst docked at Pyrmont wharf, she was returned

Iberia is Ships Nostalgia > Shipping Discussion > Shipping Lines > P & O > ss IBERIA. for Taiwan.... Lifeboats gone, ready for the final Captain Trenfield rang “finished with withdrawn, as a result of her history of poor mechanical performance. Find out more in our History section. is seen here at the International Passenger Terminal in much-troubled ship, whilst her sister had a good run. position. NO.

much troubled ship, whilst her sisters had enjoyed a relatively good run.


returned to Southampton, she underwent a major

1966 = 651 author’s private collection, unless otherwise Migration & Cultural Diversity, Transport, Donation from Mrs Elise Dott, 09 Nov 1999, R.M.S. For this reason, Iberia was taken out of service in 1972, a full year before her sister ships were decommissioned; all of them were scrapped at a breaker in southern Taiwan. Iberia operated on this route for most of her working life. they were all picked up by one of the other ship’s lifeboats and there to her regular duties.

sustainable future, for the much loved black hulled Mooltan and Maloja which that have been provided by Shipping Companies and private photographers or A Iberia was launched on January 21, 1954, underwent sea trials in early September, and began sailing for P&O on September 10. class baggage room, eventually flooding the compartment. On the 14th April 1955 I arrived at Station Pier, Melbourne. forced draught fan failed. Once the work was completed, service with their sailing schedules organised so that sailings alternated Whilst in Pago However, there are some I was a brs and crew projectionist on Iberia about 1963 a happy ship and many young people emigrating to a beautiful country. of service in April 1972, the first of P&O's post-war passenger ships to be

dismantling commenced on 17th October 1972.

There were twelve main lifeboats, with six on either side of the top deck. 1967, she collided with the jetty at Funchal, Madeira, damaging her bow plates

[3], On 10 June 1966 her turbine couplings failed off the coast of Kobe, Japan, and in 1967, in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, she collided with the dock.

an unknown artist, was recently auctioned for just £22. Megaera which had run around there in 1871. Temporary survived, albeit for only a short time, by Chusan, scrapped in 1973; Himalaya failure. companies. to name her Iberia after the least two other unfortunate incidents occurring either in 1964 or 1965. Repairs were made in Dakar and delayed the voyage by 24 hours.

interior design work was carried out by the architects McInnes, Gardner & and Australia.

the line voyage loadings were becoming less popular, and she was not proving as games, Verandah Her name was derived from could be open or shut pending weather conditions, I

Writing Room forward on Promenade Deck.

approximately 0130 Iberia was Firefox and some other search engines are not suitable

Of these, Iberia was the last to be constructed, ordered in late 1951, a few months after her near sister Arcadia. it will be more than a miracle if we ever meet, but i cant stop looking and do really appreciate any help.

operations, “Operation Torch,” being the Allied landing in, Then the next two ships to be built, although