Kelly Kapoor: What about “second base”? A purpose for sports is to reconcile cultures and it’s important to communicate and understand their differences, even addressing their social issues. In a game, you will, grown and developed. In the medley, you have to swim each of the four strokes, and my dad always emphasized the importance of working on all four strokes with balance in order to do the medley.

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According to the book Cliches: Over 1500 Phrases Explored and Explained, by Betty and Elizabeth McLaren Kirkpatrick, it originated from tennis, likely in England, and has been around since the middle of the twentieth century. The development of high-definition tv’s, live streamed sporting events, video games, and even social media, has globalized sport and transformed the way fans and athletes interact.

If someone says this in the office, it means they’re having a momentary setback, but they’re not quite “down and out,” which may also originate from boxing, meaning knocked down and unconscious. It means “right on track.” “Below par” means “worse.” Wait. Moreover sport is a great tool which gathers people together towards the common objective, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or beliefs – both on the, Introduction Sports are an essential part of our life.

In most professional sports, a “bush league” is a minor or amateur league where low-level players hover. When a boxer falls in the ring, they’re “down for the count,” and the referee counts off the regulation 10 seconds the downed boxer has to get back up. Here, two or more parties compete against each other. The primary object of sports is, of course, exercise, but sports have a far greater impact on the wellbeing of many besides physical health. Just because, Today, sports and games have assumed a great importance. It's inevitable. So doing something “under the wire” means you did it at the very last possible moment, or barely in the nick of time. He had a couple that came right into his wheelhouse—the kind he used to knock out of sight—and he fouled ‘em off. The effects that media has had on the sporting industry and consumerism in the past two decades have been tremendous.

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms (AHDI) suggests the phrase was in regular use by the 1920s, especially when describing boxing matches, but one of the earliest uses of this phrase is found in a Newark Daily Advocate Newspaper from 1900. Injuries can happen during any action throughout the day, but the risk is greatly increased by playing sports. If someone says something is a “slam dunk,” it means it’s a sure thing. Furthermore, Sports help build the character and personality of a person. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.