L2WIKI.COM We are a freindly house server for rogue lineage. It keeps the intricate class system of its predecessor intact. Rogue Lineage Blackmarket! Graceful Mind: Increases the HP absorption rate of you and your party members. Fast on their feet, the Rogue class is ideal for those who want to do damage quickly with either the Bow or Dagger. Lucky Defense: Has a chance of increasing the defense of you and your party members when a critical attack lands. Dual Weapon Mastery: Increases attack power when wielding dual swords, making this the weapon of choice for the Elven Swordsinger. Mystic Weapon Mastery: When this skill is increased the Mystic will receive an increase in their attack when Staff weapons are equipped. Copyright © 2006-2020 Mist Network and its owners. This is just a back up server for our main house server. This is a rogue lineage server where you can talk to others and have fun playing other games too with eachother!!! The server is just made and finished. Swearing is occasional, but there are rules to prevent toxicity or trash talking from going too far. Heavy armor DPS can sustain more damage in comparison to their Light armor counterparts, but lack mobility. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The Mystic specializes in ranged, magic combat, shooting spells at enemies from a distance while kiting around the field. At level 31 players will be able to pick one of four tanking classes below if they started as a Warrior upon completing a series of class change quests.

"target=_blank><\/a>"), For experienced players, dungeons and raids, "Brothers Bound in Chains" (PK counter reducing), https://l2wiki.com/c/index.php?title=Spears&oldid=112432. Death Whisper: This skill applies a critical damage buff to you and your party members in the area. their attack when either the Dagger or Bow is equipped. Critical Sign: Gains a chance to increase accuracy while attacking. Attack Aura: Increases the attack power for you and your party members in your vicinity. Defense Aura: Increases the defense of yourself and your party members in the same region.

Join up quickly to get your character rolled up immediately. Mythril Spear * (Oresfall/Flowerlight) - [45] Silver. Any nsfw outside of the chat will be deleted and the person who posted the NSFW will be punished. Rapid Anger: Increases attack speed and movement speed depending on the number of hits, however, this buff will drop off if the player stops attacking for as long as a few seconds. That being said, the race of your character will impact the stats of the class you pick and will impact how you might approach specific content such as Raiding, PvP (Player Vs. These unique classes can be accessed at level 31 and are obtained after completing a series of class change quests. You gain a 10% chance to increase your attack power for a fixed rate for 6 seconds. While the Dwarf lacks any real natural attack power, this race makes up for it with their sturdy natural defense and high hit points, making this race appealing to newcomers to the game. Elven Evasion: Increases the natural evasion of the character. While leveling them may prove tiresome, players and Guilds will always have room for tanks in their parties.

This is for fellow rogue lineage players, houseless, or with a house, to team up and work together, if you are a lord, u get the ally role, if u are a housed player, you get a allied player role, if you are just joining, you need to prove u can be trusted.

Force Mastery: This increases the player's attack power when wielding a spear or polearm.

For those looking to embrace the magical arts, this class is for you. (Obviously noticed when attempting to purchase a tome from the drunk old man, and being told to leave even though one hasn't purchased one during the characters lifetime.) Good luck on your adventures, thea out, If you exploit & play Rogue Lineage, and you want some Azael Horns, join my discord. Oh yeah, this my video also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMgiOzklo0. This passive allows for life-steal based on the amount of damage done to enemies.

Just join our server and we will welcome you to the house. Equipped with Heavy Armor and a Sword and Shield they are the perfect ramparts to protect their party members in large-scale raids or PvE. At level 31 players will be able to pick one of several Melee DPS classes below if they started as a Warrior or Rogue, depending on the class itself, upon completing a series of class change quests. Acrobatics: Increases evasion rate and attack speed continuously.

However, their characterictics are average.

Fiver: Gets a chance to increase critical damage when attacking.

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Spears are two-handed weapons, but, unlike two-handed blunts and swords, they have a broad hitting range and can damage several targets at once.