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What is the difference between being a tattletale and asking for help? ), and the brave bystander (Dare!).

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H, Did you know Julia Cook has written another book? A wonderful collection of activities that correlate with the book,"Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun. �.�O&��s�@��8�,h@j�;X�F�vH�66��V��V`oZ��ī��E�w��� �ryeM���4,Yc{�&l�&tIc��Fw�~Jn#�s�ڒ-�E�`��f���3ñI��$��y�ṹ��a�j=���D��D7^�Mt���9�{w1B����}�W�z��n0�ݖ����|�������,�����+�-u,W�ud,W!�C�rc3HXn\�C�r��e�C�r'3ܺ�K�H�r��p���Tgڅ|��/N��H����Y�����Nj���1i1���DYz ��.n! Her grandmother has always told her to walk proud, smile big, and sing loud, and she takes that advice to heart. If you enjoy this resource, be sure to check out these, You can find even more books about kids who show bravery and courage. ʶ�}0H��Q}ml״�����Mw��w�( �6 When the music stops, students pick up the card on the nearest chair and write one positive adjective about the person named on the card. To underscore her message, Peare hands each student a red crayon and instructs them to draw a picture illustrating their paragraph. Then she discusses the words diverse and diversity. Great for a back to school read aloudIncluded --*book (3 options) fold, cut, or a 1 page book option (no cutting or stapling!) The variety of questions on the task cards will allow your students to, Want a fun and interactive activity to help teach your students about character traits? Around the outside of their shape students write descriptions of what makes them unique “on the outside” based on characteristics that we can see (hair colour, eye colour, height, accent). Here's a list of options. Author: Maria Dismondy Summary: Lucy gets teased by Ralph because of her appearance and the lunch she eats.When Ralph finds himself stuck at the top of the monkey bars Lucy initially thinks she will tell him just how mean he is but when she sees that Ralph is genuinely afraid Lucy overcomes her own hurt feelings and decides to help Ralph. Included are a variety of activities and printables your students will benefit from at all times of the year, especially back to school time!

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Mine is Reese’s!. Book Social is a collaborative project created by Samantha Henry @MrsHenryInFirst and Jordan Dunagan @heyheyfirstgrade. Favorite Authors - Activities BUNDLE Durgin ends the activity by encouraging students to expand on their sentences by composing a paragraph about why it is okay to have their trait of choice. Teammates by Peter Golenbock: A Complete Literature Study! Activities by taylorsiemsen. Character Education, English Language Arts, Grammar, Literature, Reading, Reading Strategies, Vocabulary, Writing, Literacy Center Ideas, Literature Circles, Printables, Worksheets. 4th grade. �&�se����Y��K맡i��ǵ��ۧ���K��w���k��IN����{`+U�v��"�Y����������9�[�m�t�����E�Us�#J�����=����zQ�n(/r��\�f� �*b���o"Wh���j�{-�;_�.

Directions for Classroom Cooking Activity: Put a hot dog bun on the plate. Did this stop the Ralph’s negative behaviour? 8.Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are Written by Maria Dismondy Illustrations by Kim Shaw Cardinal Rule Press: Reprint 2017 Ages: 4-11 USA Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 5 Lucy has unique tastes in food. Students discuss connections between the story and everyday life, touching on how boring it would be if they were all alike. All lessons are created by the Teacher Authors on Teacher's Dojo and builds upon on their expertise and experience. Page 3: Papa says, “Even if we are different from others on the outside, we all have a heart with feelings on the inside.” What does this mean? answer choices Why do you think it takes courage to be who you are?