If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I used one to explore the Ocklawaha River, in central Florida, in places where conventional boats couldn’t go because of downed trees blocking the waterway. Cool little skiffs but still need to respect them just like any other boat.

The bow features a sharp-V configuration, which allows it to slice through the water easily. In addition to having clever features such as a slot to quickly store a paddle and a large Kula 5 bucket cooler that doubles as a seat, what turns it into a skiff is a motor bracket that can hold up to a 6 hp outboard and is designed to lift the nose out of the water to allow it to achieve speeds up to 16 mph, with a range of 180 miles.

Although it looks like a fiberglass boat from a distance, its hull is made from 0.100-gauge aluminum. So are yall leaving the motor on it while trailering? The speed is a little lame, but, you can live with that. I saw a couple of Ultraskiffs in the Atlantic Ocean not long ago and didn’t fully understand why anyone who already owned a bigger boat would haul them offshore.

I have a sixteen footer and it works great, but I don't know if it would work with a larger poling skiff. I purchased the solo back in May 2016 and sold it 4 months later. Actually, a Solo will carry enough fuel to make it to Bimini. While there are many official definitions, for our purposes we’re going to call it a light, relatively flat-bottomed fishing boat that can operate in shallow water and be powered by a low-horsepower engine. Wow! I’ve been running this for about 6 months now. The Solo Skiff fits a lot of storage in a small boat. Powered by a modest 60 hp Mercury FourStroke, the nationally advertised price with a trailer is a budget-friendly $15,995. But the Solo Skiff is not a speed boat.

Your email address will not be published. And three of the guys I fish with have Solos. If you get in rough water simply slow down. Required fields are marked *. For buyers looking to get one as inexpensively as possible, Carolina Skiff’s dealers will even sell a kit, which is a barebones hull that allows buyers to add only the features they want. Check the ratings between the 5hp and 6 hp tohatsu. A 3.5 hp is a perfect fit for the boat. They haven’t changed much over the decades other than being much safer with greater flotation. The H-Skiff.

You just need to adjust to conditions and not over power the boat. Might as well have a more capable small boat on a trailer instead of getting your truck all wet with saltwater.

Launching the solo skiff with an outboard from the bed of a truck at a boat ramp kind of defeats the solo aspect in my mind.

I have to take the motor off, put the boat in the water, then put the motor on the boat while it's in the water. Where I fish is normally calm, but sometimes gets a little choppy. The 6 HP was too heavy for me to load/unload safely from my pickup. The Solo Skiff is an all one piece seamless motorized fishing kayak. With a harbor freight predator motor and sps longtail kit I can get a mud motor for duck season for under $600! JavaScript is disabled. This gives me about a six mile range on a third of a gallon of gas. The winner? I added a 2" lift which means it still needs like 12-14 plus the prop blows out.

This may be the deciding factor to buy one. Just drop him off and tell him you’ll be back in a couple of hours to pick him up.

Come join the discussion about engines, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, fishing, boating, poles, maintenance, and more! ©2020 Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc., All Rights Reserved. Essentially, Gheenoe is a flat-backed 13- to 16-foot long canoe that will accept a small outboard, up to 40 hp, and can reach 35 mph with a 25 hp motor. The Solo Skiffs flat and uncluttered deck areas allow mounting of just about any type of hardware on the market, anywhere you want on the skiff. There are guys that use the boats off shore and surf launch.

Just how far they’ve come was in evidence at this year’s ICAST convention, an industry-only show that is all things fishing.

Now he has this and he says he likes it the best. Getting close to th[…], SAWS and Austin Water need to build a desal plant […], Hi and welcome! Using a new material called polyurethane foam, Fisher constructed a hull that consisted of a fiberglass/foam sandwich that would float even when sawed in half. The big negative is what the solo runs in. The other major ingredient is that it be inexpensive enough to allow almost anyone to get out on the water — important because most people reading this magazine already have a family boat eating into their boating budget.

Solo Skiff is a one piece seamlessly molded powered fishing kayak. TFO is making a push pole that is reputed to be a winner, and for a lot less money than the Stiffy, but I haven't seen one yet. Not a lot of distance from the narrow standing platform to the prop if you fall off and your leg goes under the boat. Launching it on the side of the road without a ramp is really what appealed to me. In recent years, this genre has exploded and the boards have evolved to handle many more missions. My observations regarding the Solo Skiff. The heavier rotomolded hulls will do 12-13 with a 5. Pretty cool. What makes this different from most other canoes is its extremely wide beam, 4 feet, 7 inches on the larger models, which gives it incredible side-to-side stability that makes it possible to stand while casting or poling it around on the flats. It is a more intimate flavor of boating that really makes occupants feel one with the water, mostly because there’s usually not much separating them and it.

The original models had totally flat bottoms that beat riders up in a chop and took corners like a car on black ice. I was planning on putting a 6 hp on the back, only because I have one sitting in my garage. GZIP: On, I bought the solo skiff, and do the test run for top speed, without gear 17.2 mph and fully loaded 15mph. It was awesome. Propelled by outboard, electric, or manual power. Not trying to hijack but I use my Solo a lot. I'm thinking of using a SUP paddle instead of push pole? Or do you have to fill the motor and carry any extra fuel with you? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Most of the boats in this category are far too expensive to be called affordable.

I'll go with an outboard first though, and then save up for the mud motor. This is the exception to our relatively flat-bottomed skiff description in the opening paragraph, but these boats are clearly in the skiff family.

My Solo Skiff runs at about ten mph at three quarter throttle. I helped Tom get it changed. Agree with all FH said. Crusty has the same hp motor on his Solo Skiff. Ths Solo Skiff is very safe and practically unsinkable when used as directed.

Storage Solutions Hatch, Cooler, And Rods. 2019 hskiff 20 hp mercury top speed alone is 31 mph trimmed up. Solo Skiff. The skiff itself is priced at $1,895 but doesn’t include the engine, which Solo Skiff recommends buyers get at onlineoutboards.com. This is the original skiff and is one of the least expensive ways to get on the water. I had the Suski 6hsp for the motor. Just no, you will be very disappointed and probably putting yourself in danger as well. Solo Skiffs hull is a 1/2”+ thick dual layer rotomolded poly construction that makes the hull incredibly strong.. A fishing kayak that goes 15+ MPH, yet still paddles well, floats in 3” (loaded), easily launched from a truck, and is swamp proof ! Welcome to the addiction Prof! This 13-footer still can accommodate a payload of 933 pounds and has an amazing swamped capacity of 1,600 pounds. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. This rotomolded polyethylene skiff is designed for one person and is stable enough to allow an angler to stand up and fish. I can't wait to get this boat and start rigging. He's still in the hospital hopefully he'll get released tomorrow. Get the best of boatingworld.com - including breaking news, contests, boat test videos and feature stories. On regular boats, fish will often make an angler circumnavigate the boat’s perimeter multiple times during a fight, but here, when the fish takes a lap, one can just spin around in the seat. I hope it wont be too much for this boat. Often they are made from exotic materials such as Kevlar, which will come in handy for folks who do their boating in bullet-infested waters. Essentially a mashup of a kayak, an SUP and a skiff, Solo Skiff can achieve surprising performance — top speed up to 17 mph — with up to a 5 hp outboard.