As expected (and discussed with Adam), a return visit was required as the same fault code reappeared. £720.

Update: 27.10.2020 Soft top fabric is torn, damaged or frayed.

There is no mystery about what is required and we can show you that it is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!!!

Large selection of premium convertible tops. Our clients are amazed by the soft top we develop that is bespoke for your beloved car. 6 Year manufacturers warranty Weather seals are dry and perished. Every convertible top that we sell is made using patterns from the original convertible top – whether it is a classic vehicle, muscle car or a contemporary car. They guaranteed to close the roof, give me a quote for a fully working repair and carry out the repair within one day. Protecting and restoring a convertible car hood. Guide to Audi A4/S4/RS4 Convertible Roof Problems, Guide to Astra Twin Top Convertible Roof Problems, How To Sanitise and Clean Your Car – Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses, How to fix the water leaks on Mercedes SLK R172 Vario roof system, Guide to Common Bentley Continental Convertible GTC Roof Problems, Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Roof Repairs, Jaguar F-Type Convertible Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XK Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XK8 Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XKR Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs. AT THE BEST PRICE! Within 2 days my roof was working and the rear window was rebonded which I was told couldn't be done by the local guy.

We have had customers travel further than you would ever think for our expertise.

Call us on: 01708 733 695. Large vinyl and velour fabric selections for a new, fresh look to your interior - whether it's your car or truck! Many fabric choices including original fabrics

The new screen is sewn into the soft top and then re-fitted to the vehicle. We offer the best quality convertible top manufactured in the U.S. today. Our goal is to make your convertible top purchase as easy as possible.

OUR SELECTION GUARANTEES YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU NEED If you need a new Soft Top Hood, we can replace it. Work was carried out very quickly. Therefore, we have many customers who have benefitted from our soft top replacement services. But thanks to Cayman, it got FIXED within six hours. Replacement Convertible Tops As we are so well known and trusted we have many customers that travel a long distance for our folding roof repair services from across the UK.

Simply the best company to work on your Convertible . Replacement Convertible Tops

Automatic front catch or latch is stuck and won’t release, Automatic front catch or latch won’t close and lock front of roof, Convertible roof stops halfway, fails to complete full cycle, Corroded or cold solder joints on ECU PCB, Frame alignment issues with roof mechanism, Hall sensor position failure, high AC output voltage, Intermittent roof operation, fails to complete cycle, Microswitch failure, open circuit or high resistance, Potentiometer failure, requires initialisation or adaptation, Pump or motor is noisy during roof operation, Rear bow tensioning strap failure, framework has severed hood, Rear glass adhesive has become unbonded or separated from fabric, Roof mechanism requires reset or recalibration, Roof not secure alarm active when vehicle in motion, Roof or body control module failure, ECU corrosion or failure, Soft top fabric is leaking, car hood is leaking, Soft top fabric is torn, damaged or frayed, Water ingress, leaking from weather seals, Weather seals have shrunk and can see daylight through, Wiring loom damage, split wires or connections, Copyright 2020 HoodTech Ltd. All Rights Reserved | HoodTech is a limited company registered in England & Wales under company number: 12861955 | VAT registration number: 349259171 | Terms & Conditions | 0333 772 9652. Search for: Home; Our Hoods.

Many fabric choices including original fabrics Had problem with Z4 roof. Very pleased with service and expertise. WE WELCOME INTERNATIONAL ORDERS

Convertible Top Features: When the soft top of your vehicle becomes worn or damaged, the quality of the hood deteriorates. Headliners, Boots, Etc.We have the headliners for hundreds of vehicles. However, by offering top quality of services, we beat the competitive edge and stand ahead in the crowd which has given us experience in offering unique hood restoration services for more than fifteen years.