The concept of creating such starts by first researching how recipients listen and read. BuzzFeed has included only their key stats at their advertise page and a case study. I appreciate posts like this because it shows exactly what to add & I really love the creativity expressed in some of them too. But how do you make sure that it is your best foot forward? Looks great, Mindy! So, here we come to the end of the case study of the media kits of few top blogs for your inspiration. One thing we thought that wasn’t neccessary was the popular posts, unless these can directly link to those posts – though on the other hand these have great example images from your site! He writes articles, novels and poems; spends most of his time reading everything he could get his hands on. It makes me want to read more!

I love how clean cut this media kit is! –Gena. I absolutely love your images! You can customize the overlays to match your brand colors or opt for a simple photo instead.

The photos are a great idea, I was just worried about making it too long, but I guess a second page wouldn’t hurt! Especially the look of that Classic NY cheesecake! I would suggest that your pricing is a bit low. Otherwise, adore you! And do you know what?

I really enjoyed your media kit. The ones that were simple, informative, and quirky caught my eye. Great to meet you! Please leave feedback for The Merrymaker Sisters here.

I think that will give better quality information than just an excerpt of the post itself. I like so many of these but how have they been created? Thanks for sharing! I love your elegant photographs and pleasant tone to your writing. What elements from these media kits make them truly stand out to you? However, I would change the light wording on the dark background. Question: I noticed that a lot of these bloggers have large followings on their social media platforms.

I don’t have any suggestions, I really like the look and felt I had enough information to decide if my business was a good fit for your blog. Great read! If you’re just starting out, what would you do to gain attention from brand sponsors as you’re growing? and link it to the article directly on your blog if the brand rep wants to see an excerpt. The Social Media Booster Kit includes 15 templates designed for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I look forward to saying hello sometime soon. This post really inspired me.

My only suggestions would be to cut out some of the text. Every other page of the media kit has dark text on a white background, and I just thought I would add a little splash of color to the “about me” slide – but you’re right about the color. I felt that the comments focused more on your sense of humor (which is awesome to have, of course), and less on your blog/content. Hi Jacqui, I actually teamed up with a fellow designer awhile back and we developed a template for Photoshop…that also teaches you how to use Photoshop in the process to customize your kit.

As a few other people noted, we weren’t able to find the full media kit on your Advertise page, but I had the benefit of looking at the full document you sent. I agree, could be shorter. This is really a nice post for know about the market and for the poeple thining about becoming an entrepreneur in future.

The Modern Social Media Kit features a fresh design and several templates for various purposes such as quotes, announcements, blog post promotions, and more. There are other pieces to your interaction, like emails and your formal “pitch” after they’ve seen your media kit, so on the kit itself, if you can say it on 1-2 pages, then do. All the best, You couldnt have posted this at a better time! Social Media Booster Kit includes 15 templates designed for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Required fields are marked *. Hi Christen, thanks again for sharing your media kit with us. Thanks a lot Srikath for sharing this useful article with us. Add those and you’ll be golden , Thanks so much Kristy, glad you liked it!

You want it to be easier on the eyes and something that can be printed. Thank you. Sharing . You have a lovely blog and business! I love that you include what you’re all about – you make it plain what you blog about. Thanks for the idea Kristie. Thank you for this great round up, Jeni! Please leave feedback for Gypsy Forest here. Thank You! Overall, we think your media kit looks very professional and it’s consistent with the design of your blog! . Good ideas for beginner like me.

This will show what amazing things you have already done + show others that they not only want to work with you but they need to work with you! Teaching is an amazing job and i am happy to have been able to Teach because the kids i Teach…..” I Love Them All” When i am with them all i ever want is for them to be someone and be proud of who they are. Are there any templates out there?

Thank you for providing such helpful content. ), Website: Destination Wedding Details – Link to Download Media Kit (15 Pages – Download to see them all!). If you’re looking for a more delicate and feminine style, check out the Empathy Social Media Kit. If you want to make sure they engage with your posts, then sharing catchy posts and images are the best ways to stand out in a social media feed no matter which platform you’re on. 15 Best Media Kit Examples For Inspiration. A six page media kit, with one page as their intro! If you thought a media kit needs to be long and extensive, you are wrong! –Gena, Girl – I straight up LOVE your honest and bold stance for The Lord. Love, love, love it! I really like the way they have made it easier to see advertising options and pricing. When I get ready to update it, I’ll definitely use some of these suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to check out our kit. I like the detailed description of the blog’s main audience–this will make it easier for advertisers to know exactly who will be seeing their advertisements. The stats are communicated clearly and effectively, and I like that you have a form connected to your media kit, so potential advertisers can take action right there and then!

I actually created one last week. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! Very nice!

. Just a little more fluff . Thanks for your feedback, Stacy. Does a person lose effectiveness having more than 1 page per media kit?

It looks and feels “healthy & organic” which I thought was great! That is a great suggestion, Cheryl. and I can see your stats. Everything you need to tell them should fit on 1-3 pages – sponsors are busy people/companies and most people will see the page count and miss all the fabulous info. was simple and helped me for a presentation. Great job! Up your prices….you’re worth it. Your beautiful photographs are one of the most delightful parts of your blog; could you pepper your media kit with a few more photos that capture your lifestyle? Hey Carrie! Jeni, this is very interesting and a great jumping off point for my media kit. I appreciate the feedback, and will definitely be addressing those rates! Hello, hello! The really beautiful media kits you see here are mostly done by designers. Family is wonderful – especially since that’s what get your joy from. And if you’re not charging, YOU SHOULD. Try this colorful Palette Social Media kit. Does your Blog have its well deserved media kit? Thanks ladies! Just my .02!

In looking at the kit as a whole, I agree that it’s too long. I think a few headings/subheadings and a bit of formatting would really take your kit to the next level. I suggest moving (or duplicating) your contact info to the front page. To make your media kit pop more (right now it does look a touch like a resume), you could consider adding a head shot, list who you’ve worked with, and definitely include how people can easily contact you both via your website and social media accounts.

I’m ready to monetize my 8- month old blog after some trial and error. Love love your blog and media kit design! There are plenty of great photos to give a glimpse of what the blog is about without reading any words. I know that’s personal taste, but it feels like they stand out and give a good feel for the style of the blog if the kit is consistent with the blog’s branding.

If not, I completely understated! and what types of products/services your readers are interested in. I agree – you have wonderful content and the image you have up front is beautiful!

Hi Jenny, so glad you’ve found it useful. Also you could have the link to the media kit a little more visible (something we need to do too!). Here are the best 10 real-life media kits for your inspiration in making yourself a media kit. Being active on social media is a must if you want to reach your audience, engage with them, and build their trust.