Ever since their first clash, which is one of the most treasured in grime’s history, Devilman has been spitting bars dissing Skepta. A highlight of the 2012 mixtape ‘Blacklisted’, Castles showcases a more soulful, introspective side of Skepta.

The pair split in 2019, with Adele keeping a low profile and only occasionally posting on social media.

Wiley got beefing with the grime collective The Movement and since Devlin was heavily affiliated with the collective, he dragged himself into it too. Stormzy feat. Even on Stormzy’s ‘Wiley Flow’ (a homage to the Bow MC), he interpolated this track. Skepta (The clue’s in the name…). Harshest line: “Your brother died in ’06, the dickhead’s in the hood giving out turkeys / You got a nerve G”, Who’s it aimed at? Skepta, as usual, was leading the way. This track captures Skepta at his introspective best. Download 'What You Know Bout Love' on iTunes. A source told us: “We were asked to move from the lounge because a VIP was arriving. Adele, who has reportedly shed seven stone, was seen “chatting to others” while at the bar. Why were they beefing? Taken from Scandalous Unltd's 2006 mixtape 'Eye Of The Tiger', the track features Skepta's famous slogans 'Go On Then' and 'What Do You Mean?!' “I think they must have played the zombie game because they were shouting and screaming.”, Adele was seen enjoying Skepta’s company in the bar (@adele).

But the art of clashing and below-the-belt dubs have always been important in grime. Three months later Skepta told the website IBTimes UK that the kind upload saved his music career.

But his true supporters will know that his success has been mapped out through his inspirational lyrics. Skepta announced himself on the world stage with 'Shutdown' - a very authentic Grime single. if man don't wanna switch up, I'ma go hard on my own" - ', "They wanna see me drown, Tryna hold the mandem down/ Cause I shutdown Shoreditch car park and I got bars like Camden Town" - ', "I had to tell my story cause they'd rather show you Black kids with flies on their faces on the television" - ', "They say why work all this time, to get famous Joseph/ Just to have to wear sunglasses, cause you don't wanna get noticed" - ', "I know empty, I know hollow/ I just flew my Gs out to Amsterdam and told them "thank me tomorrow" - ', "This year man are tryna get cheques, before that I'm tryna get respect" - ', "Ever since mum said, "Son you are a king, I feel like Floyd when I'm stepping into the ring." Private caller introduces Jme for the first time, alongside Scorcher, Frisco, President T and Meridian Dan. “Shutdown” is all muscular back-to-basics production and swaggering bars that effortlessly ride the beat then hit harder than a Tyson KO.