Hermione cursed herself without opening her eyes. Unfamiliar voices that didn't sound like anyone she knew, and yet strangely nagged at her memory as though perhaps she did know them, she just didn't know yet that she knew them. ", "Carterhaugh is mine," Hermione countered tightly.

The story allowed explanation for why she had not attended Hogwarts until now, and provided her with a cover so that she didn't have to go into detail about her life because painful memories of her mother made her sad. ", "You were all those things," Hermione agreed, "but that was not the sum of your person.

The last thing she needed to be doing was admitting that she knew who these boys were when they had no clue regarding her identity. The boy over there carried me in here," Hermione said, feigning ignorance of Sirius's name. "Excellent. Clouds obscured both the moon and the stars making the night seem far darker and gloomier than normal. "At least someone loves your poor old Dad.". Hermione swallowed tightly. "I've never seen this girl before in my life," she declared when she concluded that Hermione had nothing that required her medical expertise. The delicate touch of Sirius' tongue to her lips startled her into gasping and he took advantage of her open mouth. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand," Hermione said finally.

The first rule of time-travel was to let as few people as possible know that you were a time-traveller.

Now then, I'm sure it will take you awhile to adjust to the news, but we must invent a life story for you that does not reveal you as being a victim of time travel gone wrong. "Because that wouldn't scare you, my lady," Sirius told her. Therefore, your mother was a witch who comes from a very long line of women dating all the way back to the last true Peverell's. I left things behind that no one knows about—there's an account at Gringotts that will take care of you.

"I've come into a small inheritance," she explained as she grabbed a loaf of bread.

Your review has been posted. "So responsive," he murmured and stroked her cheek. The afternoon passed far too quickly for Hermione's liking and soon Sirius was standing and holding out a hand to her.

"I'm not exactly the sort of witch that wizards pant after.

"Right this way, miss," the teenager leered at her. One wore round spectacles upon his nose and had windswept hair that stood up in a great mess of spikes as though he'd never combed it in his life. Would you prefer to speak here or do you feel confident that you could walk to my office?" Carterhaugh was… well, it might be kinder to give a lovely sending off and completely rip it down. Hermione glanced quickly at Sirius who was watching her closely. Hermione huffed at him, but she allowed Sirius to pull her down next to him on an overstuffed loveseat. When I passed the Test of Faith and covered him with my mantle I officially severed all of his ties to the Faerie realm. Sirius' skin tasted of the air and the earth and magic.

", Dumbledore eyed her for a long moment, his eyes slowly widening as the reality of what she had said sank in. She grabbed him with both hands and pulled him down from the fey horse. She had gone all tense and he smiled reassuringly when she lifted her head and opened her chocolate eyes. He at least deserves to know that you are still alive," Hermione declared passionately. "Come now my dear, I know it is a lot to take in, but we must get you settled and you must have clothing and books and supplies and other such things. someone asked in a hushed whisper.

Dear Merlin, it ought to be illegal for Sirius Black to ever wink at anyone of the female persuasion!

I can make do. He curled her leg up, hitching one knee over his shoulder as he fucked her mercilessly with his mouth.

"It's alright Poppy, I'll take it from here I think, unless the young lady requires immediate medical attention.".

You are seventeen, born the same date, except in 1959 instead of 1979 as obviously we have not reached that year yet. As of now, the future you knew no longer exists because you are here and have not yet been born. Finally, I lay the blame for this piece at the feet of Mark Geoffrey Norrish.

"Where am I?" In my time, anyway," Hermione said sadly. Hermione huddled on the side of the road and clutched Sirius to her.

He looked up at her with concern in his eyes.

"We can't give you a name that students within the school might question your relation to them, otherwise I would choose a pureblood surname for you like Prewett. You couldn't even stand by yourself. "Again, again!" "Am I your own true love?

Your last name is one I've never heard before? And how else would they have figured out their nicknames without knowing their animal forms?

"What was up with all the frantic owls about Sirius? It would do no good to have him try to question her again, especially since she was clearly a complete idiot and likely to blurt out things like knowing his name when she wasn't supposed to have ever seen him in her life before today. "Cleverest witch of your age.".

“Sirius, James this is Hermione.” Hermione. He held out a hand to Hermione who was staring at him in shock. Hermione stayed silent as the young Sirius Black carried her along. She gasped as the noises she could hear shifted into perfect clarity and she heard voices very close to her. "First?

Their relationship or the lack thereof was the subject for another day… preferably after a pint or two at that pub. I was reckless, foolish, stupid—everything that everyone always accused me of being. This couldn't be good. "Why are you at Carterhaugh Hermione Jane? Of course you don't because it's 1976 and the Marauders are still in school. Sirius replied absently.

The type of prickling of awareness across one's nerve endings that made one hyper aware of everything in a most uncomfortable way. Every roll of Sirius' hips and every flex of his buttocks made her see stars. Sirius's voice asked her when the waves of nausea rolled through her at his movement and she let her head fall sideways onto his shoulder. the one that didn't look like Harry murmured to Harry. He realized what he had said and flushed. "I don't suppose one of you curious gentlemen could help me up and point me in the direction of Professor Albus Dumbledore? "Just like that.". But Hermione was too clever and too cautious to say any such thing. Had the reversal through time somehow seen her lose it? She'd been warned so many times that awful things happened to witches who meddled with time. "An inheritance? Hermione turned to her mother. Without her permission, her hips thrust against Regulus face until she was lost in her orgasm, her hand still curled behind her and wrapped in Sirius' hair. So thank you VoldeMark and Happy Birthday. Hermione teased her lover with a lilting smile that made her eyes sparkle. He pulled back and grinned at her. A/N: This piece was heavily influenced by the Ballad of Tam Lin. "I must go.". It didn't hurt. ", "Go," Hermione urged him. "Thank you for this… and for everything else.". Hermione supposed she ought to be thanking her lucky stars that hadn't applied to her clothing, though she noticed as she patted herself in search of her belongings, that her clothing was looking singed and rather tattered as though she'd recently survived an inferno. EWE, AU.

"I think you'll find that I–," Sirius broke off and grimaced. She had read just minutes ago that the Time Turner hadn't been invented until 1981 and until that time no one knew anything about time travel at all. He took one last look at Hermione and held up the ring. The idea that she had appeared out of nowhere with a crack like apparition might work in her favour, she supposed. "This is my signet ring. At least until she spoke to Dumbledore. She pulled him out quickly and whipped off her mantle covering his naked body.

Hermione replied immediately. Hermione buried her fingers in Sirius' hair and held on as he took her higher and higher. Hermione's eyes drifted closed, feeling utterly and stupidly content as the two wizards settled on either side of her.

Her heart began to pound inside her chest and panic started to set in. My name is Hermione Granger," Hermione began, trying to gather her wits and find the words to explain what she believed had occurred. "It's just outside the village…".

She stood in front of her mirror with her body turned to one side and her eyes trained on her belly.

Hermione had to fight back tears for a moment. She blinked stupidly up at Sirius who was watching her with a fond, smug expression.

Hermione's voice rose and she stared at the solicitor. "How did you get here, little bird?". I knew Sirius and liked him a lot. Harry needed her.

She plucked it with her bare hands, not even bothering to pull out her wand to sever the cane.

He smirked cheekily at the older woman before shooting a knowing wink at Hermione.

And Hermione knew there could only be one boy who looked that much like Harry without actually being Harry, especially one who had an outstandingly handsome black-haired friend. Don't lose faith Hermione Jane. He smiled at her reassuringly and Hermione couldn't help but admire his face now. More often than not Sirius was not able to get away and join her, but sometimes he could. Enjoy your special day.

All the colour drained from Hermione's face and she sat down hard on her bedroom floor. Mr Potter, Mr Black thank you for your fast action, twenty points to Gryffindor. If it's what you want…". His lips brushed against her throat, and Hermione gulped. The War had ended and they had won because of a book of children's stories. Professor, I accidently called James by Harry's name because Harry is the name of James Potter's son, in the future. Hermione stared at him for a moment. "I'll go see what it is," he muttered.

"I'll take that as a yes," Sirius laughed. "Why do you do that?" The Ballad of Tam Lin is several hundred years old and therefore well within the public domain. "What do we do?" She was twenty years in the past. Sirius' lips brushed against her ear, and a shiver worked its way up her spine as Regulus' hand slipped between her drenched thighs. "Padfoot!"

"Such a smart little witch," he murmured. Sirius gave her a heated look that made her toes curl. She marvelled at the idea that a scant few months ago, she'd attended a funeral alongside Harry and Ron, held for Sirius. Hermione paled. Come along now, my dear, and we will settle you into a life within the seventies," Albus Dumbledore said firmly, taking her hand and tucking it into the crook of his arm before leading her out of the Hospital Wing. Most of the time he was not there, but occasionally he would be. As good as you imagined?". "What… never? "She can't steal him again can she? Hermione wished that he felt the same. The wind when it blew made a sad, sighing sound that made the hair on the back of Hermione's neck stand up. His hair was longer, falling almost to his shoulders in waves of silken ebony.

A young woman, a stranger, garnered attention and speculation from the villagers; Hermione had expected no less and did her best to ignore their stares.