They are usually caused by thunderstorms – or strong pressure gradients associated with cyclones – which increase wind speed over a wide area. Dust storms arise when a gust front or other strong wind blows loose sand and dirt from a dry surface. Anyway, if the car can withstand the dust difficulties, the mainstay of concern is that anyone driving in dust storms is heightening their risk of getting into a car crash. Plumes like these are a regular occurrence during the summer months and can play a role in everything from dampening development of tropical systems, like hurricanes, to boosting bright sunset colors in North America. In any case, there is definitely a lot of talk about this latest dust plume and the International Space Station is likewise keeping tabs on the enormous cloud, including issuing tweets by on-board astronauts as they marvel at the magnitude of this particular dust ball flare-up. Furthermore, we would likely advise to not even start a driving journey if it is known or likely that a dust storm is going to be occurring somewhere during your driving journey. Rob grew up in South Florida, where daily afternoon storms and hurricanes piqued his interest in meteorology early on. Also, people are often shocked to discover that the AI standardized driving levels do not include off-road driving within their scope, as such, there is no requirement or obligation for an AI self-driving car to be able to drive in off-road settings (see my explanation at this link here). British woman arrested trying to take elderly mother out of nursing home before lockdown, DSW boots are buy one, get one 50 percent off, OkiOki is making serious waves in the affordable mattress market, Walmart’s best early Black Friday deals to shop right now, Sephora VIB sale's 19 top deals on royal beauty must-haves in 2020, 20 unique Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your 2020 list, Patrick Duffy and 'Happy Days' actress Linda Purl are dating. [20] These dust storms can extend over larger areas than those on Earth, sometimes encircling the planet, with wind speeds as high as 60 miles per hour (97 km/h). Self-Driving Cars And Dealing With Dust Storms. Sand and dust storms are common meteorological hazards in arid and semi-arid regions. Rob grew up in South Florida, where daily afternoon storms and hurricanes piqued his interest in meteorology early on. Shoot length (cm.seedling-1), leaf area (cm2 seedling-1) and photosynthetic pigments [chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and carotenoids, mg ml-1 g fresh weight (g fw)-1] have been determined. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. For example, an ODD might be that the AI driving system is intended to properly operate during daylight and in non-rainy conditions. For a short video of a Waymo self-driving vehicle in an Arizona dust storm, take a look at the link here. Thanks for contacting us. Okay, so the first point is that we should not and cannot expect that AI self-driving cars will necessarily be able to drive in dust storms. One poor farming practice which contributes to dust storms is dryland farming. A boat is anchored in the San Juan Bay as a vast cloud of Sahara dust is blanketing the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 22, 2020. Amazing how large an area it covers! ), but they might sometimes include added provisions for special circumstances such as dust storms, heavy fog, and other weather situations. In the case of Level 4 self-driving cars, an automaker or self-driving tech firm is supposed to define an ODD that delineates the situations that are suitable for their AI driving system to be utilized. This story has been shared 101,521 times. The densest plume of dust began to emerge off western Africa last weekend and has now moved into the Gulf of Mexico and the South, the Weather Channel said. This process has been found to double the number of particles predicted by previous theories.[3]. People are supposed to drive slowly and cautiously in dust storms. The whole notion of MSDF (Multi-Sensor Data Fusion) is that the AI can bring together disparate data from different types of sensors, arrayed around the perimeter of the car, and fuse the collected data to try and arrive at a comprehensive and timely indication of what is taking place outside of the vehicle. Beyond stressing out drivers by limiting visibility, the Sahara dust cloud is causing folks to sweat for a more obvious reason: According to a study published in ScienceAdvances, such sandy displays may contribute to the warming of our atmosphere. [2], A study from 2008 finds that the initial saltation of sand particles induces a static electric field by friction. In this study the impact of various growth media on development of some bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and durum wheat (Triticum durum L.) cultivars have been investigated.

You can place the blame on either favorable or unfavorable Trade Winds that bring this dusty influx to our shores.

Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, New York mailman allegedly kept 813 pieces of mail, including 3 ballots, USPS says, Fast food brands everyone loved the decade you were born. Besides the obvious health consequences of these dust storms, there are other repercussions too. I Can't Believe This Social Security Bonus Was So Easy.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: The Sahara dust storm has reached the US mainland. The #SaharanDust plume we've been watching for the past week has finally made it to the Gulf coast, as seen on satellite yesterday. Dust is expected to thicken in the Gulf of Mexico after Father’s Day Sunday, but could linger or even increase in thickness across the Gulf States and the Southeastern U.S. into the following weekend. Your email address will not be published. He has covered a diverse array of extreme weather events, including haboobs and flash flooding in the desert, extreme snow in the Sierra, hurricanes, and Appalachian ice storms. You are needing to get to the doctor’s office urgently and would normally get into your car and hurriedly drive there. ... CBS 11 Storm Chaser. 101,521, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved (PDF). Terms of Use An expansive plume of dust from the Sahara is traveling westward across the Atlantic Ocean and is expected to reach the Caribbean and parts of the United States later this week. It's one of the most significant Saharan dust events in decades, forecasters said. Among other benefits, these plumes can have negative impacts as well, including reducing air quality.

In northern China as well as the mid-western U.S., ancient dust storm deposits known as loess are highly fertile soils, but they are also a significant source of contemporary dust storms when soil-securing vegetation is disturbed. As you would expect, the air in these plumes of dust is quite dry and warm, usually containing about 50% of the moisture content of the surrounding air over the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. My sympathies to those that encounter these “free spirit” drivers and I can only hope that whatever miracle has been aiding them so far will continue during their continued and crazed driving sprints.

A huge plume of dust and sand , blown by the wind from the Sahara Desert, has finally reached the U.S. mainland.

Some that live in those regions are already accustomed to the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) oozing over to the U.S. on an annual basis and particularly during the summer months.