5 weeks old 1 Male 6 Females Contact Monroe @ 540-235-1975, Purebred Kiko and 100% New Zealand bucklings up to born 11/16..a few select purebred doelings see us on facebook Noble…, Join our club by filling out and submitting our application here, Artisan Goat Milk Soaps and skin care products available from Weeping Willow Farm in Willis, VA, Giles Farm Bureau Cooperative " Your Sheep & Goat Headquarters" NRV Sheep & Goat Club Award Sponsor, Kiko ,Boer and Savanna goat breeding stock & Hair Sheep For Sale, Commercial and Registered Ewe Lambs for sale, looking for an adult livestock guardian dog, Purebred Kiko and 100% New Zealand bucklings and a few select purebred doelings. Member has Square Hay Bales For Sale. The majority of lambs are born in the spring and raised on the abundant natural forages, resulting in healthy, strong animals. Pups are raised with poultry and sheep. There are several producing fruit trees & plenty of room to establish a garden. A large... Price Reduced. HERE'S A STARTER FLOCK OF LIECESTER LONG WOOL SHEEP, 1 RAM, AND TWO EWES. Designed by PRONETS, Inc. | © 2020 - NRV Sheep and Goat Club, Weeping Willow Farm here in Willis and kidding season is in full swing here, which means we are now offering…, Artisan Goat Milk Soaps and skin care products available from Weeping Willow Farm in Willis, VA. Soaps are farm-crafted using…, Sponsor of the 2019 First Annual NRV Sheep & Goat Club Farm Innovation Award Southern States Dealer Please see Giles…, Syncope Falls Farm is happy to offer our line of Southern Sass goat milk lotion and soap. Will fit 71/2 lb dog... 1600 cc gps am/fm blue tooth and i-pod player 1oo watt out put sheep skin seats air seats has voyager trike kit 2012... Do you have problems with Predators?

Located in Cullen Va. 4 girls and 2 boys. Creep feeder for sale for calves, goats, or sheep. The property is watered by both a river and a spring-fed creek. Scottish Blackface wool is great for hand spinning and... Llamas are great guard animals for sheep, goats, alpacas, etc. The region’s strong seed stock industry supports the commercial spring-lambing flocks which comprise most of the industry. If you’re looking for livestock that can convert forage and crop residues into high-quality meat and fiber, sheep and goats will thrive in Virginia, maximizing your profit with a minimal financial commitment. Parasite Resistant, growthy lambs sired by VT Test Rams. Vehicles. This is the perfect hobby farm on 15+/- acres with fences & run-in sheds ready for your horses, goats, sheep & maybe a cow or two. They are very smart animals. 20 + Excellent Nannies For Sale Located in Newport Virginia. $125 each. $125 each. Madison State Graded Lamb & Sheep Sale (Seasonal) Rockingham Auction (Weekly) Winchester Auction (Weekly) Winchester State Graded Lamb & Sheep Sale (Seasonal) Virginia Electronic Lamb & Sheep Sale (Seasonal) National.