“So I thought, ‘Well, that’s probably what I’ll do. Very sorry my country bomb Pear-uh Harbor.” And the crowd quiets, as he wipes away tears, and they awwww in sympathy.

“Well, I always thought he was in the Marines!” exclaimed the former member of the WWF creative team and talent relations department through laughter. Il devient concurrent pour le AWA World title. Sgt. Jenny and William are left shocked, and William mentions that he hopes that General Flagg is okay.

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confirming that, indeed, the wrestler never served. But Slaughter's efforts ultimately proved futile, as Chyna threw powder into his eyes, interfered with the match anyway, and hurled Slaughter into the front row.

Perhaps most odiously, he responded in detail to infamous “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec.

While its fine that he portrays a character that was a Marine, him doing non-kayfabe interviews claiming to serve 2 tours in Vietnam, that he was a drill instructor, etc.

All of which misses the point. I’m kind of afraid to ask how the rest of that rant went.

(from: eWrestling Encyclopedia). Featuring enhanced gameplay, new match types and better production values.

You guys are slipping. Roadblock welcomes Sgt.

And not just to the media either.

After the troll, Slaughter on a pedestal as having “always been there for the troops,” the wrestler.

Lifeline tells Mistress Armada that they were gonna try and save her, and Mistress Armada mentions that Cobra takes no prisoners. Several months after I first spotted the Sun article, wrestling historian J. Steve Hicks — he uses the pen name Karl Stern online — was researching Slaughter’s case for induction in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame. I believe he holds the record for the most wishes granted for Make a Wish Foundation and from what I’ve read he is a really nice person. Slaughter's birthday? Slaughter returned at the Tribute to the Troops show on December 17, 2014, and helped Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt by giving Dean his steel-toe boot to use on Wyatt. Il a un match lors de l'édition de la Raw Roulette contre Jack Swagger mais il perd le match, Swagger l'agresse mais Evan Bourne le sauve. Robert then walks outside and begins to relax as he looks to the beauty of the forest.

Roadblock wonders how it happened.

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Leatherneck and Big Lob begin to shoot towards the S.K.A.R. That said, he further committed to military service, George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, in Waterloo, Iowa. Case in point: “Yes,” he responded when Jim Norton of Sirius XM’s, him if he really served in the Marine Corps last February 18th. The WrestlingInc.com reports that WWE superstar personality “Sgt Slaughter” is being accused of Stolen Valor.

Doing a ‘rasslin match usually required more microphones than a small rock band in that I had to “mic up” underneath the “squared circle.” This was to amplify the “body slam” sound. Did he borrow Professor Peabody’s Wayback machine to “get some”?

Slaughter also captured the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship twice. With a sinister smile, Mistress Armada orders for them to blow The Pit. Not as a character backstory, mind you, but as Bob Remus’ personal backstory. A few moments later, the soldier then returns with the body of General Flagg. Law returns with Lifeline and Lifeline begins to examine Mistress Armada. After all, it, Well, yes. General Hawk mentions that he will think about it, before Cover Girl informs General Hawk that General Flagg had been attacked in the Gulf of Mexico. I am not impressed.

Yet the discovery of a 35-year-old article clarifying his status has had fans asking questions recently about the foremost drill instructor in sports entertainment. Slaughter photos | Watch Patterson and Slaughter's brawl one month prior It didn’t quite happen that way.

Slaughter remain at the grave, and Sgt. Japanese Female Tag-Team Wrestling. While Didinger’s statement that his subject was an actual veteran is made in passing (“The 34-year-old Marine Corps veteran was dressed in slacks and a wind-breaker…) and doesn’t quote Remus/Slaughter, the wrestler would continue to claim until as recently as a few months ago that he was a genuine veteran, decades after he had started talking about the wrestling business in more surface-honest terms.

Sgt. Sgt. (Slaughter and his representatives refused to comment at the time.). Part of the issue, too, is that Slaughter is an undisputed legend in pro wrestling. Mistress Armada reaches the hatch and exits it.

Mistress Armada mentions that she has seniority and a higher rank then him, so she is in charge of him, before asking Zartan to move aside.

I still have scars from that lesson. In September 1982, Slaughter and partner Don Kernodle were awarded the NWA World Tag Team Championship, claiming a title victory over Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba in Tokyo. En 1988, Slaughter retourne à la lutte à la AWA.

That said, he further committed to military service six months ago on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, recorded before a live audience at the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa.

Slaughter” was a character separate from the real person who portrayed him, and that the real person still was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.


The current issue is: Remus has long given — and continues to give — out-of-character interviews where, despite being introduced as Sgt.

Iron Klaw grabs a gun and loads it.

He defended the title against wrestlers like Zbyszko, Kamala, Boris Zukhov, and Nick Bockwinkel (before the belt was retired) and feuded with Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey and his stable of wrestlers, The Road Warriors, and Colonel DeBeers.

After all, it is just a wrestling gimmick… right?

Roadblock asks Spirit what he wants, and Spirit tells Roadblock that he senses something coming. Sgt.

After the rivalry ended, Slaughter left the NWA. It was reported that while Slaughter was portraying a turncoat, he had received numerous death threats and could not go anywhere in public without wearing a bullet-proof vest[11] and had to be surrounded with security personnel at all times. Slaughter, Remus became known for his dark sunglasses, his large hat, and his Vietnam War-era military fatigues.

He then finds the hole and drives down it.

Time to update your game.

He was featured in the 1989 video game Sgt Slaughter's Mat Wars by Mindscape.[18]. WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. “FINALLY Someone Gets It FINALLY Someone Recognizes It FINALLY Someone Understands Who @_SgtSlaughter Is‍♂,” he wrote, adding “God Bless You @JackPosobiec” and the same message for all who have served the country. Longtime wrestling performer Jim Cornette, who worked with Slaughter in the WWF, also expressed shock over Remus’ non-service on his podcast last week when answering a listener question about the controversy.

Mistress Armada thanks Zartan, before telling the Dreadnoks that they're going to take down Flaggsmen first.

Rusev refused and had a staredown with Slaughter, who wouldn't back down; however, Jack Swagger and his manager, Zeb Colter, ran down to the ring and fended Rusev off.

Cover Girl tries to contact them, right before signal is cut out.

During that process, he came across not just the, article but also Remus’ more recent claims to have genuinely served. He is then joined by William Hardy, who asks how The Pit is running. Zanzibar mentions that they should find it before the Joes can detect them.

Throughout 1984, then, Slaughter was, at a minimum, as big of an attraction as Hulk Hogan, if not bigger. They made us do it,” Remus answered.

General Hawk is left annoyed, and orders Cover Girl to try and contact The Nest. Joe team is qualified to be a drill instructor, it takes a special brand of heavy duty honcho to keep them squared away. “Government records reveal Slaughter, a.k.a. Iron Klaw tosses away his toothpick, before firing upon the Joes. When co-host Sam Roberts asked Remus how long he was out of the Marines when he started wrestling, the result was another halted answer: After he was on leave for six months, Remus claimed. Back in Arlington, General Hawk mentions that they lost contact with The Pit, as well as The Nest.

Bien que le gadget de caractère du sergent Slaughter soit celui d'un ancien Marine qui a servi au Vietnam, Remus … Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Durant la fin des années 1980, Remus travailla pour la AWA en portant un masque et avec le nom Super Destroyer Mark II managé par Lord Alfred Hayes.

Frustrated, Serpentor orders Mistress Armada to return to Cobra Island, so they can make plans to end G.I. Il a aussi participé à l'éphémère Pro Wrestling USA Promotion. Steel Cobra then orders the Agents of S.K.A.R. Sgt.

Slaughter turned up the feud another notch when he attacked Backlund at a television taping; Backlund was in the process of completing the Harvard step test before Slaughter beat him repeatedly with his riding crop, leaving bruises on his back.

Dusty tells Roadblock that the world will be fine for now.

“I really did! Plus tard, il contestera Stan Hansen pour le titre AWA. In 2014, Sgt. Law then has Order chase after Armada.

I can’t stand watching WWE or any other type of professional wrestling, but I respect John Cena.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was awarded the title of Honorary Sergeant by the The National Association Of Naval Photographers? It got a lot uglier when Norton asked him if he was “messed up when you came back,” with Remus saying that “we never talked about it much” because Vietnam vets weren’t viewed as returning heroes.