Mingyu Introduces Himself as Seventeen’s Aspiring Visual. – He was voted by the other members as the most hardworking member, along with Hoshi. I might be one of the persons you talk about cause I come to vote for Mingyu , I actually don’t care about the votes even tho wonwoo is my bias but I know he is popular alongside the other members so yeah. . Thank you so much for changing the pictures and working so hard!! – Jun said that Seungkwan is emotionally moved by more things compared to the other members Journey To SEVENTEEN’s Debut a single person couldn’t make 15k votes in a month…. Do you know more facts about them? Overall, it’s Mingyu…no offense but I would place Vernon lower tbh if not for the fact that he is most recognizable member in the group. SNS Jun’s Spotify list:  Jun’s Chinese song recommendations, Jun Facts: The current votes are purely the result of fan voting. Poll: Who Owned ATEEZ’s ‘The Black Cat Nero’ Performance. – He has a younger sister named Sofia, born in 2004. Zodiac sign: Aquarius/Pisces Cusp This made me laugh but I guess it would be like that. and Wonwoo didn’t get 20k in a week, don’t believe all the rumors. It is so reliable!! – The8 was a bad study.

Blood Type: B Did anyone else notice that Seventeen”s fan colors are the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. Only this article from Soompi, OMO! S.COUPS IS A VOCALIST!!! The Members Gave Their Vote To Mingyu As The Most Handsome Member of the group. On March 13, it was announced that SEVENTEEN would be releasing their first Japanese single, "Happy Ending", on May 29.[1]. Because so many there are so many members it would make more sense to not throw around labels as much as to bot confuse new fans. – Mingyu says the Jeonghan has a lot of aegyo and he’s a cute character who loves clinging to people – He is a big fan of Michael Jackson. Nickname: Gou Gou (Dog) – in his family, he’s the oldest so it was hard to get used to always being the youngest when he got to Seoul. He had kimchi stew and cold noodles on his first day in korea.

, @silver_ayu:disqus Jeonghan’s ideal type is literally af an right? SEVENTEEN – He was active in billiards, bowling, basketball…various sports. They weren’t official members but they were still a part of Seventeen originally. Real name: CUTE. He’s been to the U.S when preforming at Kcon and Japan during their tour they did. please change “The8 will be a dance mentor on season 2 of China’s Produce 101” to “The8 is a dance mentor of Idol Produce Season 2”, I hope Minghao will not be like Kyulkyung of Pristin…… she just mentored in produce 101 China and now some k-fans are hating on her for being too active in china :(((((( like c’mon she’s chinese, Woozi is now a member of KMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association), (basically a recap of all the comments that haven’t been answered, i mentioned their usernames tho. I’m an ARMY… Their mv Don’t wanna cry” hooked my heart!.. Not sure though) and he used to always try to impress her although he never got the chance to confess or see her again after becoming a trainee. Joshua is related with nct’s Johnny, but only see eachother at family reunions( the source was from nct night night i believe when johnny was talking about family), I love how the bias order goes Meanie, America line, Soonhoon, China line, Jeongcheol, maknae, main vocalists :)) I feel like DK and Seungkwan deserve more, though, their voices are amazing…, Please correct the mistake about Jun’s brother .