I just think the idea of a "tier list" is stupid. 1) Upgrade champs in following combination; champ who is best attacker + defender too.

2) Don't upgrade more than 6 Attackers champs; keep remaining slots for Defenders too. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Sentry is great with synergiesAlso some.of the got tiers need special synergies tooGhost needs wasp hoodMarvel needa furyEtcI have 6 r1 duped sentryIf you take aegon and champion he will do 50k sp2s. It would help determine how much damage your champ did on Light Hit, Medium Hit, Heavy Hit & on special attack. All Characters are property of Marvel Entertainment.Website is Design By MCOC Game Fan - CaptainRaghu(InGame Name), MCOC Best Champs Rank up Guide November 2020. Ability.

Seatin tier list may 2020 Seatin tier list may 2020. This is some good promo btw. [It’s not working for AW Defense]. There are some champs that I don’t agree with their placement. This is important as so many players base their decisions on this list: whether to rank-up a certain champion, use a certain champion, etc. 2 Skills Siege units are the fourth troops available to the governor of a newly-founded city. Both yes and no. Also Read Our Other MCOC Related Interesting & Updated Post : Click Here To View Offense & Defense Tier List, Click Here To View Alliance War Defense Placement + Attack Team Guide, Best Champions to use Awakening Gem Guide. The new part is that @Seatin is going to revise the tier list the coming months. Other World War Z Guides. I’m debating if I should rank him, Frost or she hulk, Hey hello Buddy Sorry for d late reply i would like to suggest rankup on priority base:1st Frost (Lot's of utility champ - Immune to almost all debuff, she did lots of damage from her special attack)2nd She Hulk (Do upgrade if u r good with her bcoz her Gameplay style is different; Need aggressive Gameplay style - Hard Hitter Champ, Her sp1 reduce opponent power rate, sp2 can stop power gain as well as reverse regen effect)3rd Ronin (Easy to play - No need any xtra skills; also he is fine as an unduped). I ranked up my 5 star hype to rank 3. and if both are duped then my vote goes to Hyperion. 19.6k Followers, 228 Following, 337 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Seatin (@seatinmol) MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS SOFTWARE © 2020 KABAM GAMES, INC., A NETMARBLE COMPANY.

just a list why the big deal? Can you pls help me as to whom should I upgrade and who is better option unduped. I have 4* Sunspot and 4* Emma Frost. People tend to get obsessed with only ranking "beyond god tier" champs and don't think about anything else, such as the content they are trying to complete, their current roster capability, prestige, alliance needs, ect. Also, as per your view, who is, Suggestions are most welcome, and I will look into it; if I found any appropriate comment, I'll update the. ... Seatin's list is a fine tool. As you can see, Now you have all the information about. I agree with a lot of it but not all of his rankings, which is fine as it’s all opinion based, All in the process of rebalancing none will be God tier, You should give us an option “partially agree”. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I understand why it's popular, but it blinds people to ranking up champs that could fill a needed utility in their roster. (Most people like chocolate but some don't.

But I got 5 star corvus glaive. Should I rank her up unduped. Many said hype is not good unduped so venom is better. The tier list is his opinion of where he feels champs fall. I made the MCOC Best Champs list based on my own experience for my blog viewers, so don’t compare it with ". seatin's and all the other tier lists are what is ruining the game. H: Large benefits from High MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS SOFTWARE © 2020 KABAM GAMES, INC., A NETMARBLE COMPANY. fight the power. The problem with the tier list is many players focus on the beyond God tier champs. And, he does say it's his individual tier list and isn't a universal one. Also, you need to analyze champs abilities/utility like Power Gain/Power Drain/Power Control, Immune to Damage over time effects includes Bleed/Poisson/incinerate, etc.., Champs they can counter Evade/Auto-Block/Unstoppable etc. I am confused whom to rank up first. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. And their ranking is based on Abilities, Utility, Damage, Sustainability. (No need to be duped)➥ Winner = Both.2) Immune Power :- Emma Frost’s organic diamond is immune to all Stun, Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, Shock, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Fatigue, Concussion, and Exhaustion effects.Also she takes very less damage when she is Diamond Form.- Sunspot is Immune to all Incinerate effects only.➥ Winner = Emma Frost.3) Special Attack Damage :Both champions can do maxed amount of special damage.➥ Winner = Both.Damage wise both are equal but utility wise Emma frost is winner.Now choice is your . (Story Quest/Side Quest/Event Quest). I have a question, you suggest ronin as a worthy rankeable hero but don’t say if it’s for offense defense or prestige nor if he needs to Be awakened. Best Dota Underlords heroes Tier S. Seatin tier list may 2020 Seatin tier list may 2020. Seatin's list is a fine tool. 3) Once you completed your primary team, Go for "Secondary Team".. if both are unduped then my vote goes to Venom. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. # Marvel # contestofchampions # MCoC # TierList English (US). M: Large benefits from Mission / H: Don't, Wait for better one..I hope this post will help you to take Rank Up decision :). !I think, he is above average champ with it's Sp1 and Sp2 with pure of heart.Think about it..., All Artwork and Images are property of Kabam. Was it really necessary to tag him 500 times in the same post?

© 2020 MARVEL. @Seatin released a new video on the updated tier list for January 2020. Made me watch the video and I pretty much agree with your list, I’d also promote Spider-Gwen to God Tier, as she has so much going on for her:Against Unblockable special attacks, her evade chances are above 500%, which is enough to bypass pretty much all AAR in the game.She has slow debuff, making her one of the best counters to evade and Unstoppable champs (like Thing, Nightcrawler and even herself)Her damage output is great (specially if you’re using the “Gwenom Rising” synergy) and can be enhanced by stacking charges with her SP1While playing as her, I really feel she has an above average crit rating (but this might be just my impression)After a SP3 she causes extra direct damage with every hit for a period of time, making her a good option for safeguard and other damage cap nodes and abilities.Her power control on SP1 and SP2 is pretty nice and very useful when bating specials, as the opponent’s meter won’t charge any further if they are suffering from Enervate.She has evasive abilities that can be as high as 35% (w/o Gwenom Rising) or 21% (i guess, with Gwenom Rising).And she is the only evade champ (that I know) that will not attempt to evade while blocking, which really helps out if you want to parry something.Thx for coming to my TED talk, You seem very attached to Mr. Willis... as mentioned above this seems like very over the top promotion.