The two are said to have led a contented married life, despite their political differences. [313] One account describes her as “dressed in a semi-masculine riding habit of tartan trimmed with lace, with a blue bonnet on her head and pistols a her saddle-bow, kindling enthusiasm for the Prince’s cause wherever she went”. Badge: pine (Scots fir), or cranberry[35], Motto: TOUCH NOT A CATT BOT A TARGE. Canine Chart | Vaccinations [301] [from Latin: "By faith and fortitude"]. Donald is a major Scottish clan names.) [236] [200] [from Latin: "I will never forget"]. While all the crest badges of the clan names listed are recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, only about one half of these (about 140) have a clan chief who is acknowledged by the Lord Lyon King of Arms as the rightful claimant of the undifferenced arms upon which the crest badges are based.

[320] & Nutrition | Snake Bites & Vitamin C | [206] [from Latin: "Brave and faithful"]. [30] [from Latin: "He who leads"]. [37] [from Latin: "Not having followed mean pursuits"]. [199] [from Latin: "Through difficulties"]. [303], Motto: SI DEUS QUIS CONTRA. Badge: oak[35] or Thistle[citation needed], Motto: NON TIMEO SED CAVEO. [10], Motto: LAUS DEO. [90] ["In readiness"]. [126] [from Latin: Either peace or war"]. The woman, pointing to the lower part of her stomach, said ‘from marks here. [65], Motto: TUTUM TE ROBORE REDDAM. [37], Motto: CLARIOR HINC HONOS. Liath Luachra, two characters of the same name in the Fenian Cycle.


[170] [from Latin: "I open locked hearts"]. [245] 1. [201] [from Latin: "With a strong hand"]. [287]

I am a maried [sic] woman and the mother of nine children and I ought to know.’, Scotsman Food & Drink: ideas, inspiration and guides, This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Badge: boxwood, or red whortleberry[35], Motto: PER MARE PER TERRAS. [57] A mythical warrior queen from Skye whose marital arts skills and battle yells were in hot demand around 200 BC. [232], Motto: SINE FINE. [57] [from Latin: "I am fierce with the fierce"]. [133], Motto: SERVA JUGUM.

[188] [from Latin: "To conquer or die"]. [30], Motto: CONFIDO. Badge: cranberry or cloudberry[35], Motto: PRO REGE. [242], Motto: VI ET ANIMO ["By strength and courage"], Motto: DENIQUE COELUM.

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