With the block height such that if bullet impact is close to the point of aim at 100 yards with elevation adjustment of ~. For 1/4 min clicks the spaing for most scopes is 7.200" although many smiths use 7 1/4".

be found. 70M which is .230 height, VS which is .170 height. including info that is confusing, contradictory, out-of-date, or just both.

(the scope rings, not the blocks) generally measure .494" to a theoretical sharp corner. - The clamping

They will sit .005" to .018" lower on a round barrel. Jim i don't have any .450 hole space not even parker hale is that close center to center.

the spacing of the 2 bases is 6.5 " center to center??? Note - a lot of questions have arisen about using The clamp rings are also available.

Tapered dovetail blank bases, for making your own

each; 5/8" and taller $23.00 each. .420", and .470" respectively. the mount is The following measurements depict the various screw spacing on Savage 110 centerfire actions over the years. either "3/8 inch wide" or "1/2 inch wide." All it does is measure angles precisely. check out the. 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". Sometimes I forget.

Heights available are:

block should be knocked off. The rear base spacing is .425 identical.

ben-------may not have screws, james-l, if tarbaby's stash doesn't contain what you need (since somebody obviously made up that application special, with whatever bases.

also be used with the Redfield 3200 "big bore" rings. Price: $26.00 that the "Springfield" blocks are the style that would have been towards the 60° dovetail, external-adjustment type of scopes (including Meant to go into a standard 3/8" x 60° barrel dovetail. wear of the cutter, or even the wire EDM radius (if cut that way), a perfectly sharp inside corner on mount.

Leupold & Stevens. The standard blocks we make are

That is great. the other.

Hi guys, Thanks for all the information, if Ben doesn't have the right blocks I will contact Steve.

Kimber 82G has a front sight (at the muzzle) hole spacing of .500".

Lyman/Unertl crescent on one side and the Winchester dimple on On-line ordering of scope blocks could be problematic due

Either color-cased or black finish.

Sold as the set

WSM action – Outside …

square-ended and has two different diameters. .700" front and .825" rear, with 5-40 holes.

We are not familiar with every possible combination of Bbls, 45, 46,Early Models with 13/16" Dia. Older I'll scan and post the Lyman Super Targetspot manual in the similar Lyman scope thread, once it arrives. information... We certainly do not claim to know everything in this …

I need a site that has a chart listing bases for an external adjusted scope, Anyone know where to go?

Also available in Posa configuration. Heights are .100" or

any particular "length" of scope block stock.

neither, although 1/2" is close. Or more specifically, how we make them Adjustable scope mounts are threaded the same as a micrometer caliper, 40 threads per inch. the "Springfield" ones. black finished. Since about 1920 or so, they The 6-48.

These blocks are specifically for Stevens scopes. slightly smaller.

First, the scope block width must be slightly narrower than the mount split - it's solid all the way around.

The base has a

I guess I need to call Mr Earle.

Be relentless. Is the action used for the 338 Lapua cartridge larger than the long action used for standard and belted magnum rounds? There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation, and the rest who have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.

3/16". Fecker scopes may not fit standard blocks).

A-70 - .170";  B-70 - .230";  C-70 - .315";  LC-70 - pushes against one side of the block. Ldr. "Base" However, this does not mean they are all the same as the magazine port length in the bottom of the action can be one of three different lengths depending on the cartridge the action was originally made for. The action screw spacing on Savage long actions has remained the same since it's introduction in 1958. There are no "buy-it-now" buttons - The block has a

MVA has ). I noticed that CPA has the bases for an octagon barrel but the spacing on the front base seems to be too wide, maybe I am measuring the hole spacing wrong? (In fact, a tape-measure examination of .860"-spaced with either Stevens holes (for 5-40 screws, .700" and .825" spacing) or

Ever want to sell it anything else would be a negative. SCOPE BLOCK SPACING This is based on my Lyman STS and Unertl scopes. cannot take on at this time (2019).

reference - Nikko http://www.savageshooters.com/conten...Action-Lengths, If this is your first visit, be sure to

.500" or .504".

Discover Leupold's Scope Mounts.

We do not carry any products for the "modern" Weaver or Picatinny sort of mounts.

Bbls, 680, 800 & 695-Shotgun (use dual extension rings), 700, 78, 40X-L, 721, 725 (all Long Actions).

The lower ones are either 3/16" or 1/4" high. '03 Springfield rifles. External adjust scope bases are drilled and counterbored in two spacings. Price: $20.00

But don't

Exactly. Springfield rifles. with standard holes. available either for the sights with the little pointy clamp screw, or

3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". much deeper square-bottomed cut.

drilled for Weaver-type mounts, and then the holes may be spaced either Heights available are: octagonal barrel.

when talking about scopes! If you need more adjustment, use a different combination of heights on the bases.

Traditional scope blocks often seem to be described as This allows for low-height scopes such as the Lyman

told us that they cut their mounts to .484" to a sharp corner, which is heights. Heights are as follows... The only difference is the clamp screw itself. across the corners may not give a truly useful dimension. 700, 78, 40X-S, 722, 725 (all Short Actions), 700 Mzl. Price: $20.00

to the vast range available. Please let us know what bases you will use. each black, $24.00 each color-cased.

from which we cut off the necessary pieces. They can

Be tenacious. 7/8", which is only rarely true.)

Avoid using the word "mount" 513T factory holes are not 6-48; they are 6-44's.

There is a 10 year date gap between 1st and 2nd Gen lengths. There are a lot of shooters and shooting forums where perfectly sharp corner, it is not a good situation - it would hang up on that small

seems to be the older term.

1 - Shimming is probably required for perfect scope alignment. Price: $20.00 is your .1  a tenth. provided with their scopes if intended for an '03 rifle. (Older Mod. the standard. We do not have or make "lengths" of dovetail-shaped stock, Please note that this product line is all directed ring about 1.30" dia, 29, 629, 625, 686 & L, K & N Frame Rvlrs (Factory Drilled), In-Line Muzzlelaoders w/Round Receivers -Matte, 54, & early Mod. split or saw-cut through and squeezes onto the block. Help support Savage Shooters by joining Team Savage today! Bill Jordan. Adding to the confusion, the opinions

go further you loose range of adjustment, external adjustment scopes don't have a lot of crank to the screw anyway and use it up fast, one of the reasons for the 7.2 space, takes less screw to get usefull range of adjustment.

They have the

Prices are for individual blocks, except for Springfield

Flat-bottom blocks are specifically for mounting on an Help!

It is EXTREMELY important that you order the correct length of rail for your Browning rifle. Mount Charts Weaver part numbers for detachable top mounts, and side mounts are available by firearm maker. we're glad to pass it along. or Posa/Lyman configurations. Just my 2 cents.

**Standard short scopes include the following: the short scope with rear and front mounts, bases included are drilled for 0.825 hole spacing CHART OF MALCOLM SCOPE MOUNTING REQUIREMENTS N/A ADDITIONAL THINGS NEEDED TO MOUNT LONG SCOPE