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If you want to support this humble little creator, you can become my patron or share this webtoon to your friends. If you switch to a mobile device running on a different operating system (e.g., Android to iOS, iOS to Android), your Coin balance on your previous device does not transfer automatically to your new device. How can I join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program? They cannot be accessed or used on iOS devices. Theses Coins are not interchangeable with Coins purchased on Android devices. We want to help you get discovered! ... Webtoon (5455) Wuxia (100) Yaoi (8746) Yuri (3245) Zombies (66) Manga Park | Latest releases | Genres | Advanced search | Contact US Coins can only be purchased and used on the WEBTOON app. You can only publish in the same order that the episodes were saved.

I keep getting a "Payment in progress" message. Recommendation for you. What should I do if my Payment Information is rejected? In this case, please turn off the Ad Block plugin and try again. 3. Click 'Do you want to delete your account?' Fast Pass lets you read the latest episodes earlier than the regular release date. Android Coins are not interchangeable with iOS Coins. How do I report Coin purchase payment errors?

If you are an individual or Business (Form W-9 requester) who is required to file an information return with the IRS must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) which may be your social security number (SSN), individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN), or employer identification number (EIN), to report on an information return the amount paid to you, or other amount reportable on an information return.

Check to see if you were logged out from your WEBTOON account. In which format can I upload my Tax Form? .or not?

Currently, extra features like music, special effects, and animation are only available for Featured series. (* Episodes you unlocked using Coins will remain in this menu while the series remain on our service!). You can only register a single PayPal ID at a time. Now! Click ‘Publish’ in the top upper right corner to get started! If you attempt to make another payment before a previous payment is complete, the system automatically blocks any payments from being made.

Can I use Coins to access paid content across multiple languages? All information you enter is encrypted to protect your privacy. Select a series and tap the ‘+Subscribe’ button on the top right corner of the episode list. You may even learn something. If you are using an older version, you will be unable to redeem your Free Coins. 2. What happens if I violate the policies and/or terms? If you have any Free Coins, they are used first when you unlock an episode. You can change your email notification settings in the ‘EMAIL’ menu. Please review the Community Policy and Uploading Guidelines and once you’ve made the necessary edits to your content, contact us at.

Once you’ve opted out, any records will be deleted completely and can’t be restored if you rejoin. You might be unable to download the app due to insufficient storage on your device.

Come back tomorrow to read more episodes for free with Daily Pass!Please check what time Daily Pass becomes available at the top of the episode list.

Sign in with Apple is only available on PC, Mobile Web, and Apple devices with iOS 13 and above. You can see the review status (Under Review/Reject/Registerd) under the 'AD SHATRING' tab.

You can join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program by clicking the ‘JOIN’ button, selecting your creator type, and agreeing to the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service. You earn $110 in Net Ad Revenue during the month of June. There’s a mistranslation in an Original or something I want to suggest. There, you can see your read history, manage your subscriptions, check downloads, and view your comment activity.

Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. For each Daily Pass series, you will be able to unlock one Daily Pass episode for free each day. WEBTOON allows one device to be registered per account.

Try logging in with your social media account and then with your email to locate the correct account. Your Coin balance may increase if your content purchase was refunded due to service issues. If your series is inappropriate or violates any copyright law, your series or episode may be removed. 856.

Episodes unlocked with Daily Pass will appear on the 'UNLOCKED' page in the 'My Series' tab.

Look for episodes that display the Fast Pass icon, and you can access them with Coins. Episode 7.3. .or not? You can access your Fast Pass history by going to the ‘Unlocked’ page in the ‘My Series’ tab. Find new stories or share your own with WEBTOON™, the largest webcomics community in the world. If you continue to experience issues, contact us at. We recommend that you reach out to a tax professional in your area if you have any questions. Your series may have been taken down due to violating our Comunity Policy and Uploading Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Who owns the content I publish on Canvas? The app keeps stopping while loading the series. Check your network connection. How do I get a refund if there is a problem with an unlocked episode?

Please refer to the information below for more details. You will see the amount of Coins required for each series in the pop-up which appears before you unlock an episode. Cancel or delete any download progress and try downloading our app again. You accidentally created a new account by signing in via social media (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc), while the original account uses email login, or vice versa. Creator. You may have accessed a free episode thinking you unlocked it with Coins. If you haven’t already done so, register an account. I hope you enjoy reading. Contact your network service provider if you are unable to connect to your network. If you continue to encounter problems after resetting your network settings, contact us at, • Device (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPhone X, iPad 9.7, Kindle Fire HD8), • OS & OS version (e.g., Android 8.0.0, iOS 11.3.1), • WEBTOON app version (Settings > About > App Version). Please make sure that you are using app versions 2.3.0 and above. How do I subscribe to my favorite series? Your history, subscriptions, and downloads do not carry over to different display languages.

The registration process for Connect with PayPal and Patreon is optimized for Chrome. Welp i guess i should get drawing uwu. Why are the 'Current Balance' and the 'Payment' sections not showing up on the 'AD SHARING' tab? email, Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Google).

Drama, available online for free. Your balance will then be $90 on July 21st. Any unused Free Coins remaining on your account are removed from your account automatically after 30 days. You can also use promotion codes on our mobile web and PC web service.

Share your story with millions of readers every day, join a community of Creators, and monetize. Please see the W-8BEN form for more instructions. We highly recommend you to reach out to a tax professional for more information. Following Daum, in 2004, Naver launches its Webtoon service in 2004 that would later be renamed (in 2014) and known as the LINE Webtoon app.

I have two accounts under the same email. The withholding rate depends on the Tax treaty between the US and your country of residence. If you have your own story to share, you can publish your work on CANVAS, home to a community of thousands of independent creators. How do I register the Payment Information? Android: Coins purchased on Android devices can only be used on the WEBTOON app for Android. Yes . A valid WEBTOON account is required in order to purchase Coins. This amount will update on your dashboard on July 21st. If you can’t find Coins you’ve purchased or episodes you’ve unlocked, any of these situations might apply: 1. Free Coins have an expiration date. After joining the Ad Revenue Sharing Program, you can apply for Ad Display on each of your eligible series. If you signed up using an email address: - Click ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login screen. WEBTOON Originals update every day so there’s new content whenever you log on. If the Ad Display on your series is cancelled, you will not receive any revenue gained during the cycle when your cancellation occurred.

Your submission will be reviewed again by WEBTOON. iOS: Coins purchased on iOS devices can only be used on the WEBTOON app for iOS. 4.1k likes How long can I read an episode for free after using a Daily Pass? If your series has been taken off the website, Ad Display will also stop. If you are using an Ad Block plugin, this may have prevented your 'AD SHARING' tab from loading properly. 1. (Previous balance $20 + June Net Ad Revenue of $70). We want to keep this program sustainable for everyone involved, and open the possibilities of more revenue in the future! If your Coin balance does not update after your purchase, try restarting the app.

If your balance is still not updated, contact us at.

If you want to share an individual episode you’re reading, tap any panel to show the top menu, tap the dropdown menu on the top right and you’ll find the ‘Share’ button. My Coin balance increased even though I didn’t purchase any Coins. Any balance you have in your account will be automatically forfeited and any series that has qualified for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program will have Ad Display immediately cancelled. We share 50% of the net ad revenue with you! Requirements for being eligible are: * Calculation of US monthly Pageviews and Total Subscribers are based on the last day of the previous month. You can edit your Payment Information. This really is true. You logged in with a different account. For each Daily Pass series, you can unlock one Daily Pass episode each day. What happens to my unlocked episodes if the series is discontinued? My Coin balance disappeared after switching my device. However, please note that Coins purchased using iOS guest login are not saved to a WEBTOON account, and therefore may be lost if you log out.

I've used up all my Daily Pass.

You must be 13 or older to publish or use WEBTOON. How do I check ‘My Coins’ purchase history?