Do Hwan did amazing. There's no romance other than some empathy between the main characters, but of course, romance is not the theme of this drama. Supporting Actors That Made It All The Way To The Leading Roles. Notes. kdrama enthusiast Mar 30 2020 12:20 am I was really emotionally wrecked by this drama :( The plot is really nicely tied together and a lot of the random stuff at the start (random alcoholic guy crashing into the car) made sense at the end. your so rude, watch what u say and type. I noticed that all the actors/actresses and their characters are listed, but not Jung Joon-Won playing Jeong Gu?o_O All 3 dramas were so good and will always be some of my favs(amazing cast and storyline), hopefully Save Me will be the same. On the main channels at 10 pm, “Doctor Prisoner” was first with 13.2 and 15.8% (31-32th and final episode), “The Banker” was second with 3.6 and 4.3% (29-30th episode) and "My Absolute Boyfriend" was third with 2.1 and 2.4% (1-2nd episode). Watched it. I'm hoping the storyline will speed up from the next episode onwards. They are all amazing and professional actors... P.S - I was so touched by the scene which the police who had accepted bribes handcuffed himself with the culprit :((( also the last 2 eps can be made into an action movie.

This was the first time I was so hooked onto a drama (in my entire life!). I tried getting through the first episode but it is very disturbing but I'm going to try and power through this. I'm a christian but I can see how easily predators can manipulate the Bible or make up their own religion to take advantage of the impressionable and powerless. DC my boy, I'll see you in mad dog! tbh i want see taecyeon more!! All the actor and actresses are amazing, really hope OCN continue to produce such different dramas! “Save Me 2” (OCN) ended this... Kdrama. Sapphire May 06 2017 4:23 am I love the main lead and the 2nd lead and I know this drama isn't a romance but I really hope that dong-chul and sang-mi end together if there is a romantic note but all I want is for the bad guys to get caught and the good guys to get freedom. I Ditched My Online Exam And Quiz Because Of This, I Shall Never Forget that time i rebelled for a bit over this hehe.

It reached its best ever ratings at 7% on the last episode. After two episodes I couldn't bare it any longer. Ricky Jul 09 2017 10:49 pm I don't know wtf the people in the comments thought this drama was about, the start of every episode opens with "this is a thriller drama" so I don't know why half of you were expecting romance. I'm sure I'll keep watching. Sang mi needs to play smart in order for her to survive and escape, she needs to try and earn their trust so she can use that opportunity to leave with her mom so they wont lock her and keep their eyes on her....i do hope her dad realize what he has become so they all can leave that place..... suzybae Aug 28 2017 10:07 pm I know somewhere out there, there are some who actually experienced it, and it's sad to know that they have nothing to do about it. } Thumbs up for this drama I love it ?. 0.

Nabi Aug 09 2017 5:46 pm the story is so heavy and unpredictable. Taec shouldn't have taken this role. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, Based on the webcomic series "Sesang Bakeuro" by Jo Geum-San (published from June 21, 2011 to January 16, 2013) via. Don't expect any romantic scene between the characters lol. Damn i just want them to be happen. Tag: save me 2 ratings. I love this drama but so hard to watch due to the darkness of the story. They wanted to get rid of evil not knowing they themselves are evil perverted idiot.

the story is good and ends well. creepy drama that messed me up quite a bit, but i still enjoyed it. I'm at episode 9, and boy this drama is so scary--why do so many people in the world fall for religious dogma? The way sangmi and deong cheol stared each other when they met in recent episode was so intense.

But I hate the mentality when you have to respect people just because they are older than you or are your parents. looking forward for this drama ??? The story about the murder of an 11-year-old boy, Rhys Jones in Croxteth, Liverpool, in 2007 and his parents, Melanie's and Steve's ordeal, and how Rhys's murderer and associates were eventually brought to justice. Filming began May, 2017 and finished August 28th. If you like very intense, real, and dramatic plot then this one is for you. I hope sang mi escapes..if i was her, i would pretend to worship the almighty and help do volunteer so i can escape...alot better than being trap and surrounded by crazy people. moonbaby Jul 02 2020 3:50 am kdrama fanatic Aug 30 2017 6:19 am I am sad. I'm a huge fan of interesting plots and I'm sure going to follow this show. So proud of you! I was traumatized. The acting is really good from most actors and actresses here. Even though this is just drama, this is literally reality in another shape or form that exists. ©

Alin Aug 10 2017 5:55 am Can't do anything but hope!!!

But it's really sad that there are only 2 episodes left :(. big props to the lead actress. Sang-Mi's father will be confined at the asylum. But Sangmi's dad is even creepier for pimping his daughter to the God of the New Heaven in exchange for Salvation. vote dong-sang couple. I'm looking forward to watching the whole cast to be honest. These people have taken insanity to a different level altogether. I feel like she's part of the cult & is pretending be nice to dongcheol & sangmi. Every scene is intense! This drama is so good that I always got spine chills.