There is a standard sling stud attachment as well that can be used to attach a Harris style bipod. These black crowd control stanchions are 41.5 inches tall and have 14-inch weighted round base.

The No.

The thing is, the 110 BA is a beast, it’s big and it’s heavy. It also allows for easy replacement of the barrel if you ever manage to shoot it out or want to upgrade to a high end aftermarket barrel.

Generous real estate on the top rail allows a multitude of options for mounting optics. Who uses Allen-head screws to mount big riflescopes these days anyway?

I like this trigger weight in a precision rifle; light enough to shoot well, but not so light I lose control of the rifle. Machined and hardened screws use an Allen head socket to prevent the wrench from slipping and making your "masterpiece" look less-than-perfect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it tames the Lapua’s recoil. There is a Drake Picatinny rail screwed to the action to mount an optic. Savage was quick to respond to the changing market. The new rifle is called the Savage BA Stealth.In the short action it has the 10 designation and in the long action it has the 110 designation.

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I pulled all the screws and added Loctite to the threads with the hope that they will stay secure.

Not so long ago the price for an entry-level, chassis-built precision rifle was about $2,500 and it went up from there with no limit. My Account. This is a precision, long-range rifle intended for tactical and target use, so I stuck with the standard 140-grain bullets designed for that purpose. I shot the new American Eagle 140-grain OTM load out to 300 and 500 yards as well. *** Please check more details at the merchant website. Heavy is fine for shooting at a fixed position, but with the emerging popularity of Precision Rifle matches, weight became a factor.

So, I asked for my test gun to be in established 6.5 Creedmoor.

It’s a twist-on install for an aftermarket brake. by Bryce M. Towsley - Then Ruger screwed it all up with its Precision Rifle. The FAB Defense buttstock is adjustable for length and has an adjustable cheek rest. An Upgrade for the SHORT ACTION SAVAGE STEALTH – This is the same upgraded butt stock as used on the Long Action 300WM and 338 Lapua Magnum Savage Stealth Rifles. This was the response from my friend Chris Hodgdon when I asked about the current state of Hodgdon H4350 powder and why it is so hard to find. The 10 BA Stealth comes equipped with the Savage AccuTrigger® that is user adjustable to obtain a light, crisp release with no creep. But, the rifle was very interesting and I asked Reich to make sure I got one to try when they were in production. That was a $10,000 AI rifle.

The action is a standard Savage 110 long action with the rounded rear receiver. That means the ability to seat out past, I have tested this rifle over multiple range sessions, including the, I believe that right now, this is the lowest MSRP for a precision rifle on the market from a major manufacturer. In the end, the light weight wins the plus category, as the one resulting downside—felt recoil—is easily mitigated. Why November is The Best Time to Hunt Coyotes, How to Icefish for Giant Walleye, Lake Trout, and Perch, The 6 Best Rifle Cartridges for Moose Hunting, How to Ready Your Pump-Action Shotgun as Survival Tool for Bear Country. But, if you want a competition rifle to carry and shoot, that “ain’t it.” Even chambered for smaller cartridges in the short-action Model 10 BA, the rifle is a bit heavy by today’s standards. This means the receiver, bolt and other parts are all trued and mated as a package. This rifle also comes with an adjustable stock with a pistol grip. The polymer magazine holds 10 rounds and feeds from the center. (r.) Savage’s robust bolt is precision-fit with the receiver and barrel for a true custom feel.

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