Saturn in Pisces Traits Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.

On the contrary, an undignified Jupiter damages the auspicious results to some extent by making them slightly selfish and materialistically inclined. Your email address will not be published.

More specifically, the 2nd disposition signifies family traditions and matters while the 3rd house signifies relatives. People with Saturn in Pisces have to strike a balance between the need to ignore the demands of their own life and the need to take care of other people´s problems. Saturn in Pisces can make them changeable, depressive and in danger of drowning in the choppy waters of life. That indicates a desire to appear humble in order to gain social recognition and additional worldly benefits. Saturn in Pisces is the perfect time to look inward. A dignified planet of karma Saturn gives the inclination to act responsibly in every undertaking in both personal and professional life to be in harmony with cosmic law and order or righteousness which is the universal truth. By using LiveAbout, you accept our. Pisces is the last of the signs for a reason in that it is potentially the most tolerant and least judgemental of all the signs. They tend to have low self-confidence. Not only that these skills help them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, but also attract more gains and profits in life. The intuition of the Saturn in Pisces alone is enough to help them get past difficult situations. By being resourceful, it is possible to find clever solutions to any issue more quickly and effectively. He enjoys good talk, travel, good food and all of that in slow pace and with calmness. We could envision Saturn Pisces feeling not-of-this-world, or having a super hard time dealing with life. With increased optimism, they believe that the storms of adversities shall pass and they remain protected in every situation in life.

Whenever Saturn retrogrades, the planet of slowing down and re-evaluating really digs in his heels.

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As Pisces represents the water element which is all about nurture, care, and compassion it indicates that these individuals are always willing to assist their family members.

Speaking of duties, individuals with this combination are exceptionally hardworking and willing to put in a lot of effort in order to fulfill their duties responsibly. When ambitions and desires meet selflessness and detachment it results in an extremely brilliant and beautiful soul.

Additionally, this combination also indicates increased responsibility towards family and relatives. The mutable modality of Pisces proves that they are very flexible and adaptable, as it signifies the same. As a reward for dignified hard work, God blesses comforts, materialistic benefits, and fulfillment of desires of worldly life in addition to granting access to heavenly destinations. The main thing Saturn in Pisces has to work on is their self-doubt.

Most importantly, a dignified Jupiter motivates them to always choose the righteous and moral path which enhances inclination to perform righteous actions. The fact that they are detached from materialistic desires, does not necessarily indicate being financially weak. This disposition comes from the 11th zodiac sign Aquarius, which signifies the highest aspirations. ", LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This selflessness indeed grants support from almighty God and access to infinite abundance. Your email address will not be published. With Saturn in Pisces, there's a built-in pressure to meet uncertainty with courage and discipline. As the energies of this house are manifested positively, it indicates that these individuals are blessed with plenty of resources in life and a sound financial foundation. Then have a notepad ready because we're about to get a coaching for the ages.

Hence, the connection between Jupiter and Saturn in Vedic Astrology creates the effect of righteous action which reflects an increased desire to perform righteous acts and lead a pure, ethical, and moral life.

The realm of Pisces is a never-ending sea of mysticism, creativity, and fantasy. Pisces is the last of the signs for a reason in that it is potentially the most tolerant and least judgemental of all the signs. Accordingly, they are very charitable and are often involved in various generous organizations where they contribute to their wealth or selfless service. You find stability when you act on the instinct that nobody is beyond hope or help.

With this placement they are challenged over their lifetime to escape and master these addictive tendencies and to instead put their gifts of sensitivity and emapathy to the service of others. Individuals with this combination have a broad perspective on life and can actually understand that simple but important truth. They have to learn to focus on their problems a bit more and find a balance between helping others and fixing their dilemmas. That is because if it is dignified, it amplifies the key traits of Jupiter, such as compassion, humbleness, and selflessness. This puts Saturn in the background of your solar chart from March 21, 2020, to July 1, 2020, and then later, from December 17, 2020, to March 7, 2023. Required fields are marked *, Saturn in Pisces Sign: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits. As these energies are auspiciously manifested by a dignified Saturn, it indicates that these individuals are always willing to put in a lot of effort to provide benefits for everyone in their surroundings. As Saturn is not in bad dignity in this sign, it means that positive outcomes are extracted from the above-mentioned significances. Saturn is all about trial and error. Through these experiences, you'll know how to create a protective barrier, without shutting down completely. A dignified Jupiter as the main planet of righteousness, ethics, morals, and higher wisdom amplifies this effect to a great extent.

Results of Saturn in Pisces Spiritual & Humble Ambitions. What enhances their resourcefulness and other skills is the creativity and imagination provided by the 12th zodiac sign Pisces. The 3rd disposition represents the 3rd house which belongs to the triangle of desires and signifies efforts, motivation, ambitions, crafts using hands, skills, communication, information transfer, local network, courage, etc. ), and make sure to get a full night's sleep. It also inspires their imagination with higher wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality. It’s imperative they even out their helpful ways with some personal rest. Celebrities With Saturn In Pisces: Jesus Christ, Isaac Newton, Dalai Lama, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Positive Keywords for Saturn in Pisces: Spiritual, Imaginative, Controlled, Compassionate, Involved, Creative, Negative Keywords for Saturn in Pisces: Delusional, Dreamy, Skewed, Paranoid, Self-Doubt, Vulnerable. In many ways this is a very difficult placement for the planet Saturn as it is the planet which controls our structures and limitations and boundaries. You are a dutiful, compassionate friend that goes the extra mile for beings in need (human or animal). This is when we lay the groundwork for manifesting our highest purpose. Your karmic tests show you how to cultivate faith, face your fears of being submerged, and learn how to manage emotional intensity. They have to learn to separate themselves from their social circle to compensate for that. You might play out a public tragedy, before you get a handle on your addictions, for example. Saturn moves into the sign just behind yours with its transit of Aquarius, dear Pisces. Find out with a FREE Essential Birth Report samplepersonalized birth report now. But left alone, that is where they may stay. Hence, Dharma is the law that sustains the universe and makes life on earth possible by teaching how to be righteous. They have to get past their insecurities and trust in their skill set. An authoritative parent in life, who is hard to get hold of. This effect is strengthened by the 2nd disposition, which signifies general values and wealth.