Pythagoras has this hermeneutical aspect in his name.

It stands for longevity and long periods of time. The person has dry, yellowish skin. Final Fantasy was a game created by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) in 1998. He is called the eldest of the gods, and in Greek mythology he is told to devour his own children, which symbolizes that time (Chronos) destroys the material creation.

When the ruling planet Saturn is afflicted, it makes the person very selfish and materially-minded, envious, covetous and mistrustful.

Without many people ever knowing its sinister origin it can be seen all over the world and is used in the entertainments industry, religions and corporate logos…. [22], Developing barotropic instability of Saturn's North Polar hexagonal circumpolar jet (Jet) plus North Polar vortex (NPV) system produces a long-living structure akin to the observed hexagon, which is not the case of the Jet-only system, which was studied in this context in a number of papers in literature. Verify an email address, Check Robocall Database. If it’s not longer than other fingers, this makes a person reckless. They are Here... Is Katy Perry a Real Extra Terrestrial From Another Planet?

The influence of moist convection, which was recently suggested to be at the origin of Saturn's north polar vortex system in the literature, is investigated in the framework of the barotropic rotating shallow water model and does not alter the conclusions. You may be saying ok, this is not a cube this is a hexagon, and if so you would be correct. Have you Heard of the Archons? Even the names Satan and Saturn, they argue, are practically the same.

The north polar vortex (NPV), thus, plays a decisive dynamical role to stabilize hexagon jets. This is also supported by the fact that Saturday (Saturn’s day) is the holy day of the week for Jews. Hermeneutics is about pattern recognition, decoding. Saturn occult symbolism is symbolised by a black cube. The line of fate also can show marriages.

If you wish to share something more about this planet, please do so in comments. Sometimes he had dark circles under eyes, and is usually thin but in an unhealthy way.

If it’s found in Scorpio or Leo in any bad aspect with Venus, it can cause ruptures. A flood of white blood cells, chemical compounds, and changes in the body (fever) divert energies for restoring balance and. Some occultists believe that this is the center of all occult energy, since Saturn is tied with the Capricorn sign on the zodiac which is a goat and has many other occult roots.

Watch the Watermark… Valid Absentee Ballots Have A Tracer? and it was revisited in 2006 by Cassini mission. So what changes a hexagon into a cube? The skin has a dark undertone, the person has low vitality; the body looks emaciated and bones make crackling sounds when the person moves.

A crooked normal-length Saturn finger indicates lack of cautiousness. It’s not a good sign to have. A biochemical resonance, or using theosophical terminology, the law of correspondence. W hen the Voyager probe passed by Saturn it took some shocking images of the North Pole of Saturn, which has a clear hexagon. This has a relation to Theosophy and Judaism, as the Star of David is one of the emblems in the theosophical movement and the flag of Israel. He’s a person of few words and is patient and persevering in work. He has middle stature, small, dark and downwards-looking eyes. Additionally, according to vedic astrology, Saturn can cause paralysis, knee troubles and body deformities. The Cube’s purpose, who constructed it and how the characters got there, was never given. He’s in his detriment in Cancer and Leo, and William Lilly writes and Saturn rejoices in the sign Aquarius. Making 6 sides, 6 lines and 6 triangles. The hexagon is a subliminal 2D representation of a 3D cube-The Avengers (2012) In geometry, a hexagon (from Greek ἕξ hex, “six”) var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["classic", "n1uyjsoc08xt", "xnn"]); They watch over the evolutionary scheme of Earth and all other bodies, making large scale yet subtle alterations of the local environment to facilitate growth on each respective world. Looks like another occult symbol of some significance. Your email address will not be published. He will be naturally cautious and sensitive and particular about little things.

Occult Fundamentals 016: Saturn. In effect, and in concert with the premise of a biological reaction to disease, the Guardians needed to keep the destructive energy and consciousness that was developing on Earth at bay. Saturn causes leprosy, rheumatism, arthritis, consumption, jaundice, trembling, dropsy, gout in hands and feet, apoplexy, hemorrhoids.

-Yes, I know folks, this is really deep down in the rabbit-hole stuff and all too much for some, but please I exhort you to do your own research…. I believe the answer lies in thinking, feeling and acting from the heart. This comment has been removed by the author.

Any favorable aspect of Saturn to some planet makes a person a “plodder” in some aspect of life. Nossos Websites Associados | Our Associated Websites, Curso Sobre o Discipulado Segundo os Mestres, A Course in Discipleship According to Masters. He can work long and hard without much reward, because he has a long-term vision and knows that such consistent work will pay off in the end. })(); Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Learn BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and Save 10%, Ascension Symptoms and the Schumann Resonance, Article- The Ones That Want Out Will Be Freed, Article- Essential Self Work In Preparation For The Shift, The Fourth Phase of Water – What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should, 9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative Energies, The Difference Between Density And Dimension, How Darkness Masks Itself In The Spiritual Community Leadership, Illusion Of Time- Past, Present, And Future, Video: Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null. as the saying goes If you haven’t seen it then your eyes haven’t been opened.

The heart-centred singularity sees right through the lies, knowing that unconditional love is the only truth.

Its line is called the line of fate or career.

Capricorn is Saturn’s night house and Aquarius – his day house. as the saying goes If you haven’t seen it then your eyes haven’t been opened. He often stoops or holds his head forward, he has broad shoulders and a lean waist.

Furthermore, ... Saturn is linked to occult rituals and beliefs. We know this because of music videos like Power, and secret handshakes that people have... Now when Men in Black came out I thought it was a great unique and well thought out movie. Given that humanity is effectively like a cancer, consuming the resources of Earth (Gaia) and destroying everything in its path in the name of “progress,” the need to sequester our, Some contend that the whole affair is part of an insidious plot to maintain control over the planet—that the quarantine is.

It was told that the Golden Age was of great prosperity and peace.

A long middle phalange shows that the person can become an astrologer. It accentuates the selfish and cold Saturnian nature, and increases the likelihood of suicide if a sloping line of head is also found. According to vedic astrology, Saturn, like Mercury, is an impotent planet and therefore can represent impotent people. Required fields are marked *.

[11] The hexagon does not shift in longitude like other clouds in the visible atmosphere.[12].

The presence of the vortices influences the boundary to move northward where each is present and this gives rise to the polygon effect.

The person ruled by Saturn is serious and fond of solitude. He will like to wear black, will age quickly and the skin will start wrinkling early. The moon, in turn, sends communication signals to Earth using virtual instrumentation, producing the simulated information; the fake reality that we receive and believe to be real. When the Voyager missions flew over Saturn in the 1980s, they revealed a bizarre hexagon shape at the polar regions of the planet. We need only look out into the world to see it is plagued by problems, primarily a result of the disharmonious culture of Earthly civilizations. Your email address will not be published.