Calaveras fault. The westward component of the North American Plate's motion results in some compressive force along the San Andreas and its associated faults, thus helping lift the Pacific Coast Ranges and other parallel inland ranges to the west of the Central Valley, in this region most notably the Diablo Range. Over 155,000 housing unites will suffer enough damage to become  uninhabitable  and 350,000 people will be displaced. A severe earthquake is more likely to disable the offshore causeway portions of Interstate Highway 80 (the Eastshore Freeway), since it is built on fill placed in the 1930s atop mudflats whose upper layers were deposited in the 19th century as a result of extensive hydraulic gold mining in the distant Sierra Nevada mountain foothills. Bond #SC6334450 Creep damage to asphalt road surfaces will usually appear as a series of echelon cracks. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, free of charge.

Cellphone and most landline telephone service, while theoretically survivable for a short time on battery and emergency power, could instead suffer immediate disruption from ground shaking effects. . [27] Extensive reconstruction work at the Hayward Fault crossing includes a multi-sectioned tunnel structure to allow shear without collapse, this is to contain a section of water pipe with ball joints and a slip joint. [6][7] An alternate prior hypothesis suggested that the Hayward Fault and Rodgers Creek Fault were probably connected by a series of en echelon fault strands beneath San Pablo Bay. It was long believed that there was no connection between the Hayward Fault and the Calaveras, but geological studies[10] (particularly the examination of very small and deep earthquakes) suggest that the two may be connected. This includes Cripple Wall Retrofits, No Cripple Wall Retrofits, Retrofits of Homes with Living Area above a Garage, and Hillside Home Retrofits, THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT IS QUITE DANGEROUS AND CAN CREATE AN EARTHQUAKE 8.0 OR MORE ON THE RICHTER SCALE. San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley and Surrounding Areas It is also being subducted far to the northwest into the Aleutian Trench.

All of the faults within the southern part of the zone probably splay into the Parallel to the Eastshore Freeway and inland only two blocks is a four-track railroad route used for general freight traffic, including that generated by the Port of Oakland (Union Pacific and BNSF railroads) and by Amtrak passenger traffic to the Pacific Northwest and eastward through Reno and Salt Lake City. Each oval outer section carries two inner train tubes of circular cross section and a central rectangular access and rescue tunnel, with the void between elements filled with concrete. The north and south ends are formed of new bridging sections that rest upon floating mats (foundations that do not penetrate the surface, rather sitting upon plastic sheets over level graded gravel and sand) where they pass over and near the fault, with appropriate sliding connections between the sections for the safety of spectators and the ability to absorb the relative rotation between the east and west fixed sections and the new north and south mobile sections. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake caused a failure of a single section of the upper deck of the eastern span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, which closed the bridge for 30 days.