In Argus, Ruby uses her silver eyes to freeze the Leviathan, allowing Cordovin's mech to kill it and save the city. Despite brief tension in Yang, Blake is welcomed back by RWBY as Ozpin directs them towards Atlas. Currently, the Faunus race holds the island continent of Menagerie, while the four kingdoms - Vale, Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo - are the "sweet spots" to live in. June 25th, 2019 (Viz Media,:English Relase)July 25th, 2019 (ShonenJump Plus; JP Release)[1] Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, The train crashes into the city, where the Grimm emerge and begin to attack. A huge problem for its government is the kingdom's sheer size, which enables a lot of outlaws hide there—while the capital is mostly secure, other cities like Windpath and Kuchinashi are harder to govern. Qrow states that natural resources had an impact on Mistral's culture and technology, starting with the first settlers who found shelter in its wind-carved cliffs, from where they expanded into the land. These weirdos aren't gamers like everyone here, well with the exception of Team RWBY, we can fight these guys without intervention. First the guy moved super fast to cut off an engine of the criminal's VTOL wielding a giant key to do it. Ironwood leaves soon after, heading toward the CCT, albeit casually. He unveils a stolen Paladin, furthering his influence on them. The seventh volume started on November 2, 2019 and contains 13 chapters. Blake struggles to fight against the White Fang members. Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Ren team up to take down the Deathstalker, while Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang combine their skills to kill the Nevermore.

Jacques announces that he is closing all SDC operations until he wins the election, causing a riot in Mantle. Ruby's group lands in Mantle, the city below Atlas, but become uncertain of Ironwood after seeing the state of the city. ", Isaac: "Well judging by the footage we all saw, they are trying to control monsters and were testing the limits of their control. God this just hits the nail right on the head. Wtf boyfriend!? The footage of the keyblade wielding hooded man taking down Roman Torchwick's bullhead in slow motion. Qrow narrates how areas between kingdoms are mostly populated by Grimm. Raven defeats Cinder in a grueling battle, but is confronted by Yang before she can claim the unlocked Relic. when she dies later on. Looks like I made the right choice. Ashamed of his failures and belittled by everyone's admonishments, Ozpin locks himself away in Oscar's mind while the group searches for shelter. Crusty: "Anyway, from what I understand is that you girls are from another universe. As winter falls, Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren travel to Haven, where Qrow suspects Cinder will attack next. Only once its aired there will it be available for readers here on this site. The release of Volume 3 was postponed because of Oum's sudden passing in early 2015. Ruby becomes suspicious when she spots Emerald in the stands, but before she can confront her, she encounters Mercury. Torchwick uploads Cinder's virus on Ironwood's flagship, seizing control of Atlesian android soldiers and causing Ironwood's transport to crash. The "Great War" lasted around ten years, preceded by a century of tension. Um hello, based department? "Ironwood killed him.

It ate Ace Ops next. RWBY: Volume 7 will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment as part of the next step in their expanding partnership with Rooster Teeth. As Pyrrha and Cinder battle, the dragon Grimm destroys Beacon's CCT tower. Ren is morally gray now! Raven explains to Yang and Weiss that she and Qrow joined Beacon to fight back against Huntsmen that posed a threat to their tribe, but she lost trust in Ozpin after learning of his magical abilities, Salem's existence, and many other secrets. Meanwhile, Blake and Sun prepare to confront the White Fang, while Yang reaches Anima and sets off, in search of either Ruby or Raven. An "incident" in Mantle led to a decree that abolished the arts and repressed self-expression, attempting to control the citizens' emotions to reduce Grimm attacks, to which Mistral partly complied when Mantle tried to enforce the decree in other kingdoms. Weiss becomes infuriated when she sees Ruby goofing around in. Arriving at the bandit camp, Yang demands Raven help her get to Ruby with her Semblance. Raven, Vernal, Cinder, Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel ambush them, with the latter revealing that the White Fang have also arrived as they prepare to destroy the school. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 09:46. When he wakes, he sees another maiden, Spring, also waiting for her sisters and planting seeds to create a beautiful garden. Qrow recalls how Ozpin said the four kingdoms represented what mankind is capable of when working together, lamenting that they would need Ozpin now to do so.

And don't forget to buy your FIRST memberships so Gen:LOCK can come back from being an HBO NOW first show. Penny solely attacks the White Fang's airships instead of fighting them first. ", Maryelle: "So those creepy hooded guys are not part of the game?

RWBY (( Rooster Teeth )) S08:E02 || Season 8 Episode 2. After years of conflict, unrestricted mining and ecological disasters, Vauco was reduced to a barren wasteland: citizens live in makeshift homes, traveling frequently in response to fleeting resources or occasional Grimm attacks. I think Atlas should achieve a pyrrhic victory managing to repel Salem but losing like +80% of it's military and Ironwood doing a last attempt sacrifice to achive that (With Whatever amount of characters dead you need to make sure Salem is dangerous). In a flashback, she trains Ruby in hand-to-hand combat to make sure she can survive on her own without her weapon. In the vault, Ozpin starts to transfer Amber's powers into Pyrrha, but Cinder kills Amber before the process is complete, stealing her remaining powers. Team CFVY, consisting of Fox Alistar, Yatsuhashi Daichi, Velvet Scarlatina, and their leader Coco Adel, return from their away mission, join in the fight, and kill numerous amounts of Grimm within seconds. During the train ride, a Grimm attack forces Ozpin to admit the Relic draws them. Blake and Sun defend Ghira from an attack and, while Blake is on her way to look for Kali, she is forced to battle Ilia. Date Qrow intervenes, but Cinder is successful in stealing half of her powers. Ruby's teammates and Oobleck rescue her, but Torchwick's train begins to take off to the city, using bombs to destroy the cave and allowing the Grimm to follow them. Qrow and Robyn breaking out of prison and killing Tyrian for revenge for Clover. Winter reveals to Weiss that Ironwood chose her to become the new Winter Maiden when the current one dies. In his hands he held a bloody good luck charm held by his once hetero life partner, Clover Elvis or whatever his name was. Blake begins to exhaust herself in her research for Torchwick and the White Fang, worrying her teammates. In the round, digital blue room where the four out of five initiates are working hard on their head general of their new army. Ironwood made me and my team beat up the Ace Ops too! Yang fends off two Ursa, a bear-type Grimm, before the second is killed by Blake, pairing them up.

Make FIRST first again! Roman picks up his weapon with his foot and blasts the ground when Blake was distracted. Lenessia: "Hang on, I just thought of something.

In a flashback, Salem's lover, Ozma, dies from illness and she begs both gods to resurrect him, breaking the cycle of life and being cursed with immortality. Afterwards, Ironwood grants Teams RWBY and JNR their huntsmen licenses.

Ironwood reveals that someone is attempting to frame him by murdering his critics.

Also I want to see Jaune "extend" his aura has suggested by Vine during his training. Somehow that idea doesn't give me comfort. Team RNJR then comes up with a coordinated strategy and Ren successfully executes the Grimm. Volume 3 was confirmed at the Rooster Teeth panel at PAX Prime 2014, where creator and director Monty Oum stated that he planned to go into development of the next Volume right after he was done with Volume 2. In Menagerie, Blake confesses to Sun about leaving her friends in fear of them getting hurt. Jacques is a "cunning businessman" whose leadership made the SDC more profitable than ever, dominating the industry - though with many questionable methods: cheap labor forces, dangerous working conditions, destroying competition and company propaganda. ", "Yes, that's right. The sisters promise to use their gifts to aid others and to visit their friend every year. I present to all of you what to expect this coming November. When the Albain brothers intervene, Fennec is killed and the Belladonnas and Sun are victorious.

Blake mends her relationship with Ghira, who comforts her about lashing out at him and staying in the White Fang. In Vale, Ironwood joins Qrow and Beacon's teachers against the corrupted androids and Grimm. In the end, everyone bowed to the king of Vale, who refused to rule over Remnant and established the treaty of Vytal instead; territories were redistributed, slavery abolished, and governments restructured.

The four of the five attended their monstrosity to keep it under control. Oh and I would love if Neo gets back the knowledge Relic, keeps it, can't use it because she can't speak, and eventually bargains it later - or asks someone to ask something on her behalf and is betrayed. Everyone started to like the idea and showing signs of some relief.