Look at this https://vsbattles.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000001905803. also Celestials Can Easely Destroy Multiverse and easely withstand attacks which are capable of Easely Destroing Multiverse also they even noot need to fight (Even mighty cosmic abstraction themselves “Suicide themselves ” on his arm) Tony stark in Ziran Armor was Capable of Fighting With Thanos who Had Infinity Gaunflet and even make him feel his attacks. While the argument can be made for Thor making a portal, such an argument is immediately debunked as, if you look closely at the third scan, the "wormhole" contains planets. Mid Street Level: Wall Level destructive capacity and superhuman speed/reactions. Let’s also assume the cubic size of the Universe for density and give each 92 Billion Lightyears the same density of our Universal plane. Unlike my how strong is Luffy Journal, there is no joy to be had other than putting this cunt in her fucking place and debunking the bullshit narrative pimped out by Marvel that she’s the strongest Marvel/Avenger’s character because let’s be real, she’s honestly fun to hate. This is why it pays off to have an actual challenge for the hero, so we can see what the hero in question can do, we never get that once throughout Captain Marvel, she never fights a true challenge to her, just nothing but one-sided curbstomps. Going by the Sicnfetic models, we got two sizes of the actual Universe size, 7 Trillion Light Years that can be used for the Low End and 23.25 Trillion Light Years as a high end. ), Goku/Beerus are Immortal Gods. Rune King Thor: He's essentially one with the universe and close to the level of universal abstracts like Eternity but less. Meaning we have to scale the Marvel Multiverse size and mupilty it by 16 times over.This is beyond incomprehensible. Mid Skyfather Level: Galaxy Level to Large Galaxy Level destructive capacity and speed or reactions that are Massively FTL+. He can have a massive AoE, he is also outputting energy rivaling the sun.

KE = (0.5) X 7.77173456e18 X 964259.819^2. Well, let’s go over the combatants. A huge number of mystical energy, which manages the King of Asgard, and makes it essentially equal and stronger creatures such as Hela, Dormammu, Mephisto.

Celestial Level: Multiverse level destructive capacity and Massively FTL+ speed or reactions to omnipresence limited to a universe. In 4 dimensions we, for example, would add an additional direction of extension beyond length, width and height.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Even a part of his nature is capable of only one physical power to destroy the planet, like pebbles. If the dark side of Odin (part of the forces of the present one) was given to develop further, he would have crushed the universe. Supreme Being Level: Omniverse Level+ destructive capacity and omnipresence. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Toei), https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mori_Jin. Not the most powerful Celestials could disrupt the solar system from their seats. Here’s how dimension tiering works. In other words for those Marvel shills who want to push the narrative that “Captain Marvel is the strongest of the Avengers”, remind them that even the comics never had her beat Thanos, especially Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet and never did anything remotely as impressive as what the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Woman repeatedly do on a daily basis. Thor scales to Odin at his best with Odin Force and surpasses Odin as the Rune King who has a 1.741105116668646×10^25,476 J feat, Danvers comes nowhere even close to surpassing Thor or Odin.

Remember when comic book superheroes were condemned for violating countless human rights? And Captain Marvel as i said before is at the forefront of this ugly, unpleasant change to the Marvel comic book industry and comics as a whole. So the entire moon was fragmented and thrown it seems. In fact, this is where she actually stacks within the Marvel Universe. Surely she’s a lot more powerful than Hulk right? – Fu-reiji's Blog. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Hell Wonderwoman would be at least Solar System level in her default base strength in most versions scaling merely by Superman’s standards and could reach up to Multiversal power levels with channeling in her Godwave powers and can defect trillions of God Shard s from the Universe crossing the distance of the Universe in seconds, this literally shits on any feat Carl Manvers has ever shown.

So yeah Ironman by all intents and purposes with this armor puts even Batman’s prep skills to shame as he can go from the average joe to punching the crap out of Galactus and Odin tier threats in a nanosecond. Multi-Eternity Level: Omniverse Level destructive capacity and omnipresence throughout an Omniverse. It should have been like this can thor has what it takes to match Goku. Ironman has developed suits that can match a bloodlusted Hulk and Thor, he’s even developed an armor meant to battle the likes of Thanos and Galactus known as the Ziran Armor, the most powerful Armor to date. Name a Fictional power that u would like to have can’t be to OP . High Skyfather Level: Multi-Galaxy Level to Low Multiversal Level destructive capacity and speed or reactions that are Massively FTL+. So yeah World Breaker Hulk is Multiversal level by powerscaling as a Strange needed to go beyond his normal powers to keep up with Doctor Strange. If we have a character like Captain Marvel eating 81% of a black hole in 10 seconds. Wrong, Hulk is consistently shown to be on par with Thor, hell most of their clashes are stalemates or noncontests and while Thor is more powerful overall to the Hulk, the Hulk is no slouch and contended with various forms of Thor. Hell, she’s not even the strongest female Avenger, people tend to ignore the Scarlet Witch herself is an Avenger and she’s often depicted as being within Doctor Strange’s level. Hell Thor is at least . Instead of complex issues, we get simplistic dumbed down messages, instead of this vast Multiverse with 47,000,000 confirmed Alternative Universes, we get this strange obsession of basing 99% of all stories within America under Trump because fuck exploring a faraway planet in hopes to cure cancer, let’s waste most of our stories making shitty cheap shots against Trump and America because we totally never seen that before right? I'm gonna let people who agree with me help me try to start up the conversation and people who disagree with me debate on it. A multiverse is a self-contained group or larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. It seems to be mainly the front side, so we’ll half that area.

We have Superheros straight up encouraging bigotry. The same Thor and Hulk effortlessly boiled by base Thanos who literally bodied both of them for the fun of it. ( Log Out /  The same Odin who can casually create Muitlversial shockwaves against Seth which can casually level galaxies and be felt across the entire Marvel Multiverse. ( Log Out /  Once again Captain Marvel might be powerful in her own right but she’s not that special when you literally compare her to Hulk or Thor and i don’t just mean in sheer raw power, i mean in legacy. They are known throughout forum/FB groups to be unreasonable and hostile being a dbztard isnt a good thing. ... Thor is only barely above Odin as Rune King Thor. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Going by the comics, her strongest form Binary at beast can absorb a Black Hole which isn’t a bad feat at all however even if we scale the absorption speed of the black hole with her own Massively FTL speed, it would still be nowhere close to matching even Odinforce Thor much less a full powered Thor that surpasses Odin but let’s try anyway. So according to Gwynbleiddd’s scaling, the debris travelled at 532 px/s. Power Odinforsa so great, that even being in a very weakened state, his battle with Seth (Egyptian god) went around all the levels of being extinguished stars, galaxies and destroyed staggered fabric of the Multiverse itself. Now we have Heros casually committing human rights violations with no consequences. So an average adult human has a volume around 75 l, or 75,000 cubic centimeters. Wormholes do not contain planets. We’ll go with a high end of that in anycase. The difference in size between our Universe and the Marvel Multiverse is the size difference comparable between a volleyball and the Milky Way Galaxy, yeah that’s how vast the Marvel Multiverse is and this is based only on what is known so far, the actual Marvel Multiverse is likely much bigger, Going by string theory(Which Marvel directly goes by going by the Avengers Endgame movie alone). They think Dragon Ball is the most strongest anime. EDIT: A better image of the Sokovia’s diametreForgot to divide the diametre in two. The Term shouldn't be labeled as a insult its a title for hardcore fanboys and fangirls if someone states that this term is a insult do not worry it isn't because it's used only in debates. Of course expect her to single-handedly beat Thanos via bad writing, contrived plot devices and having to nerf Hulk and Thor just to make her look good. ), Beerus can bust a universe. which is beyond incomprehensible amounts of size. Hell, i doubt she could even beat Staff Officer Black given her lack of any impressive feats. I briefly covered this bulllshit Social Justice infographic in Part 3 of my Anti Captain Marvel reviews which i basically said all this.

Now let’s take into account the Roache Limit to separate the Universes. Meaning she can essentially Lifewipe the entire Ominvierse potentially.

Going by the math here, to instantaneously punch an infinite Muiltverisal reality like the Marvel or DC Universe would require an attack speed impossible to achieve in reality as the predicted age of the Universe is only 100 trillion years. Subatomic Destruction: Applied only if clearly stated. Supreme Being Level entities often have (in-universe) true omnipotence and true omniscience. Hell if anything one of the most crowning achievements of badassery or power was how she wrapped reality within an Universal scale. UniFoe is essentially the Mass Energy of the Universe exploding eqauilvent to that of the Big Bang which would be 2.825 TenaexaFoe or 2.825×10^92 Joules, this would be helpful in determining just how much force is needed to shake the entirely of the massive Marvel Multiverse with casual blows. As each of the Nine Realms of the God Tree is depicted to be at least Universe Size each with their own dimensional spaces of time as well. Meaning Space Hulk could casually one shot Zeno and solo the Dragonball Multiverse whereas Planet Hulk would be at best equal to between Jiren Tier and Zeno tier.