To deal with her loneliness, Angelica dreamed up the Rugrats and their adventures. Angelica was constantally taking hits of acid so she would never have to live without her creations.

Due to this, he sustained a brain hemorrhage, which resulted in a deformation. Or actually, the story says only one child, Angelica, is real and the other kids are figments of her tormented imagination. Because of her addictions and her mental state, Angelica was expelled from society, which lead to a break with reality and her eventual death.

Real Monsters, who end up scaring Angelica more than anyone else! However, Angelica didn't know the difference between Dil and her creations. On a dark and stormy, The Rugrats gather in Angelica's room around a battery powered campfire and begin making up a scary story they all take tuns telling. As he grew up, his damage only became more evident, and by the time he was 9 in "All Grown Up!" references, I guess you could say). That's why he spent so much time in the basement, making toys for the son he'd never get to know. It maintains the adventurous feel the show tended to have, when I was young.This is a more scary episode (for kids), and it has a wonderful, spookier atmosphere to it.

Type Oblina Dil had a brain hemorrage, which resulted in a deformation. Chaz lost his mind after the death of his first wife and was in denial that she was ever a prostitute. (voice), Ickis /

However, Angelica didn't know the difference between Dil and her creations, although Dil didn't follow her commands. Kira had a daughter, Kimi, but she was taken away because the state didn't think Kira was a fit mother, due to her profession and severe substance abuse problem.

Daily), Dil Pickles / Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was the only baby who couldn't speak because he was the only baby that wasn't a figment of Angelica's imagination. Sure you do. Dummi Bear 118690096 >>118676716 I am a building. Thus, it is a crossover with Klasky-Csupo's work. Susie is Angelica's only friend, and wants to help her get better.

Angelica's mom actually died of a heroin overdose. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. "None of the babies in Rugrats actually exist, but they are all instead figments of Angelica’s imagination, as result of her parent’s negligence," Tumblr user radioretailiation wrote. Man in Reptar Suit

It's all true! Reporting on what you care about. To her, her creations were her only company in a judgemental world. Angelica has taken the bits and pieces she's heard and created the characters of Kimi and Chucky in her mind. Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Phil, Lil and Angelica are having a sleepover at Angelica's house and are having a "campout" in her room. Angelica then tells what a real scary is like: being trapped in a creepy house all alone with a bunch of scary monsters. What do you think? Chas, on the other hand, still constantly talks about his son Chucky. The Loud House View production, box office, & company info, after the man in the Reptar suit hugs Chuckie. He married her, and she moved to America to be with him. It was a surprisingly happy and romantic story. While the babies are searching for the key, Chuckie opens a door and sees the Real Monsters staring at him on the TV. Real Monsters, who end up scaring Angelica more than anyone else! After she hit him, he screamed a screeching tune, and Stu ran in and pulled his neice off of his only child, but it was too late. Chuckie tells the first part, but at first it's cheerful and not scary, but Angelica orders him to tell it right, which he does (reluctantly). In all the scenes where the door to the attic shown, the "WELCOME" mat is not there. Suzie was Angelica's only friend, who entertained the thought of Angelica's creations because they seemed to make her happy. This FAQ is empty. On a dark and stormy, The Rugrats gather in Angelica's room around a battery powered campfire and begin making up a scary story they all take tuns telling. Upon return to America, Chaz and Kira married and she got her greencard. I enjoyed seeing this episode for the first time since I was a kid. he lived as an outcast, being ridiculed for his weirdness and retardation. Ghost Seems innocent enough, right? Real Monsters Rugrats NickSplat, 7 Things You Missed in Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, and More! "Chuckie died with his mother, which explains how much of a nervous wreck his father is. Angelica bursts in and yells at them, claiming that this is dumb story, but they continue sleeping. Because of the time lapse between the present and the last time she interacted with her imaginary world, she made them older. NickSplat. Kira once had a daughter named Kimi, but the baby was torn from her by law due to her cocaine addiction.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Chas Finster Links Title Featuring Date Roles "Caminar" Hatsune Miku: April 3, 2016: illust "Rinse, Repeat" However, the theory was debunked in "Not a Loud" when Lincoln's birth story was revealed. Because at one time they weren't imaginary. This would explain many things, namely the color of his hair. The DeVilles had an abortion. I've also seen the babies talk! The evidence for this claim is that Chuckie’s dad, who is named Chaz in the cartoon show is always a nervous wreck all the time. TV series Later in life she followed in her mother's footsteps, dying of overdose at age 13 when "All Grown Up!" On a trip to Paris to find love, Chaz married a woman named Kira (He was actually going to marry a different woman named Coco, but she just wanted him for his money.) In his story, Chuckie meets Phil and Lil, who then take their turn telling the story. Was this review helpful to you? Something went wrong. There the Rugrats meet up with the cast of Aaahh!!! Dil constantly wears hats to cover the scars and damage to his head that Angelica caused. But why would a toddler need to dream up a bunch of babies to hang out with? Suzie was actually Angelica's only friend, who entertained the thought of Angelica's creations, for her sake.

Not much to say in regards to this theory. With the exception of Jeff Goldblum's bare, oiled-up chaos chest, the big stars of Jurassic Park are obviously the dinosaurs. The young person’s guide to conquering (and saving) the world. Kira continually stuggled with addiction, but was relatively happy with her new life with Chaz. After years without any mention of "the babies," Susie thought Angelica was on the road to recovery. This Horrifying "Rugrats" Fan Theory Will Ruin "Rugrats" For You. THE RUGRATS THEORY. The immense guilt over this is what caused Angelica to start using drugs, and to un-create the rugrats briefly, until her experience with hallucinogenics. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. On a trip to Paris to find love, Chaz fell in love with a hooker named Kira (He was originally going to marry a different hooker, but she just wanted him for his money). California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. (voice), Mom / Obsessed with travel? On the sidelines are Tommy's mean cousin Angelica, their friend Susie Carmichael (same age as Angelica), and everybody's parents.