Short-stroking cost you a round in competition, maybe more on the street. They tend to break easily but you can buy a pack of three for ten bucks. This feels dishonest and slightly unfair.
4) + a DelFatti PMC for the reload clip is pretty usual after dark around here for me. The grip itself is actually comfortable when it comes to shooting, but I can’t stand a hanging pinky.

To the point where it’s not even ugly, but kinda sleek.

It hanldes a lot nicer than most one pound pistols,.

They are great little snubbies and recoil isn’t bad in the .357.,

I’ve had issues in the past with speed loaders and J-frames, but the moon clips make reloading fast and easy. The LCR 9 is, of course, partially polymer and is all black. .38Spl: 868 fps.

9mm +P max SAAMI pressure is 38,500 psi, or 10% higher than .357 Magnum. My airweight j frame had a bullet walk out and bind the cylinder. The Ruger LCR 9mm is about the same size as the Ruger LC9s semi-auto, which holds three more rounds and delivers less felt recoil. innovative firearms. Those the LSWCHPs? Various sources of handloading data show charge weights for .357 Mag/125 grain bullet loads to vary from 6.5 grains to more than 21 grains (! Holster wear won’t be a worry because it’s already ugly.

They sent two new boxes and said they tested as weak crimp. To date, I have over 500 rounds of ammunition through the gun and this is the only time this happened. I wanna give it five stars, but the ammo issues are holding it back one step. Whether it takes the form of gasses moving at 4000+ FPS, or unburned powder granules being pushed by those powder gasses, the vast majority of it exits the front of the handgun, just like the bullet, and contributes to the recoil. I also reload a lot of 9mm ammo and it shoots all very well. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. The bullet(s) would come loose after 3 or 4 shots jamming the cylinder.

Had an LCR .357.

Go figure. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community Del, what was the weight of the .357magnum round? Also, buy a 10-pack of SpeedBeez moonclips (solid, no cut between rounds) with their unloading tool and breakage will become far less frequent. If I want a 9mm revolver, I’ll get a S&W, a Ruger Blackhawk, or a used SP101. I’d be interested in an SP 101 with a 2.25″ barrel in 9 mm if they made one. The answer to the first question is simply because I wanted it.

Lower felt recoil may have something to do with the recoil impulse. Five rounds of the +P+ did NOT at all. My EDC gun is the LCR in .327 Federal – 6shots of a fairly effective load (1500fps), laser grips, light, reliable with all of the ammo I have tried in it (headspace on a rimmed case allows a serious crimp on the bullet), compact when carried in a DeSantis Belt Slide holster, and I pack an extra 8 rounds in an IHL flat belt pouch with a TuffStrip.

And…no flame from all that unspent .357 powder. There are no specifics for +P+ but Wikipedia says 42,000 psi, or 20% above .357 Magnum. Probably would have been happier with a LC9s if they had been out at that time.

I just couldn’t retrain myself to shoot that trigger quickly without risking compromising my Glock technique, which is what my work pistol is, and the one I am more likely to end up firing in a messy situation.

You have convinced me that moon-clip 9mm revolvers are not a good choice.

It was a +p all lead load.

The 9mm LCR had to be built on a .357 cylinder because just a +P can exceed .357 Magnum chamber pressures. I like posting “ISO 9mm clips for my Ruger” and seeing the nomenclature Nazis lose their minds and be wrong at the same time.

If you disassemble the two loads and weigh the charges, and the .357 has twice as much powder as the 9mm, then it can change the recoil calculation by a significant amount, even to where the 9mm could have up to 5% less recoil, in some cases.

Ruger LCR Moon Clip 5 Rounds for 9mm Luger Models 3 Pack - 90460 Check Us out at for firearm accessories and MORE (read more) Gun #: 934886034 I vaguely remember hearing that the 9mm rimmed came to be because of a requirement for a possible new standardized police revolver for India.

I have shot thousands of rounds from the LCR9 and it is a lovely shooter and I do not get any crimp jump other than just cheap reloaded bulk ammo. Does it loosen up after a couple hundred presses?

I’ve never had to readjust my grip, even with +P loads. A .357 or .327 is a better choice for a revolver. It takes a cleaning rod and some muscle to free them.

She brought a box of Winchester White Box 147 grain jacketed hollow points. It’s pretty much all of them.