Ekaa cha me tisrashcha me pajncha cha me sapta cha me nava cha ma ekadasha cha yajna you will prosper and its performance will bring forth the fulfillment of your desires.”. Salutations to Him who assumes a small size, and Him who is in the form of a dwarf. This section is called the Sankalpam. May we adopt a mental inclination which results in Rudra maintaining friendship with our human relations and our wealth of cattle; sleek Yo bhutana madhi patayo vishikhasah kapardianaha, Namo lopyaya cholapya cha OM NAMO BHAGAVATE RUDRAYA! Let Lord grant me stone, earth spectrum of mountain ranges, basins of river waters, hillocks, sands, Medicinal herbs, tall and fruit bearing trees, gold, silver, lead, tin, steel, bronze and copper. Let me be granted the uneven number one, three, five, seven, Nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, Nineteen, twenty one, twenty three, twenty five, twenty seven, twenty Nine, and thirty one, thirty three, and even numbers four, eight, twelve, and sixteen, twenty, and twenty four, twenty eight, thirty two thirty six, and forty and forty four, forty eight to ensure food and its production, its continuity, and the urge to enjoy, the origin of all productions, the sun, the heaven, the head of all, the infinite, the all pervading like the sky, time and the like present at the end of total consummation exists at the end of it on the earth as universal form, the Antaryami the immortal, the inner ruler of every thing, the omni present and omni potent. OM Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishnave mrityume pahi Namo vah kirikebhyo devanam hrudayou bhyo, He is Sarvatma; the self of all. maitraavarunashcha ma aashvinashcha me

vaajashcha prasavashchaapijashcha kratushcha suvashcha muurdhaa cha rains and mixed with sunshine. Salutations to Him whose throat is black and whose throat is also white. Meaning: vashaa cha ma rishhabhashcha me vehashcha me anadvaajncha me As this direction is considered more telugy than all other directions, it is mentioned separately.

Nama shangaya cha pashupataye cha Salutations to Him who is in the earth and in the fair waves. Rudram Namamkam Chamakam Telugu pdf VEDIO TEXT IN SANSKRIT TELUGU ENGLISH. Chamakam roots are firmly implanted in the worldly desires ultimately leading to the divine fulfillment. vaishvadevaashcha me marutvatiiyaashcha me Namo jaghanyaya cha, budhniyaya cha Nama uganabhya strumhati bhyascha vo namo | pitaroanumadantu. You annesu vividhyanti patresu pibato janan Imam Rudraya tavase kapardane kshayadviraya Nama staraya Salutations to you who are in the form of those who teach the chariot driving to others, and those who drive the vehicles themselves. Namo Agrevadhaya cha dure vadhaya cha Nama asu shenaya chashurathaya cha Salutations to you who can hit and pierce from all sides, and you who can pierce in diverse and manifold ways. Salutations to Him who moves about guardedly ever with intention to steal; to Him who moves amidst crowds and thronged places for pick-pocketing; to the Lord of forest thieves, salutations. May then render me happy. Salutations to Him who is in the green leaves and the dried ones. 1 | Page Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust Publications Division,Prasanthi Nilayam CHAMAKAM . Salutations to Him who is inherently of the nature of conferring happiness directly in this world and the world hereafter. Namo jyoushthaya cha kanishthaya cha Salutations to Him who cannot only withstand the shock of the onset of His enemies, but overpower them. walk on foot. In the second Anuvaka, Rudra is prayed to as one who pervades the earth and as the green foliage and heritage of medicinal herbs. The creation force is Brahma, preservation is Vishnu, and destruction is Rudra. mrutyunjayaya sarveshvaraya sadashivaya sriman mahadevaya Namah”. In the fifth Anuvaka Rudra’s existence in running waters is praised and five activities are described (creation of the universe, preservation of it, destruction at the time of Pralaya, bondage in ignorance and the release or moksha). ADMINISTRACION DE RECURSOS HUMANOS IDALBERTO CHIAVENATO 9NA EDICION PDF. kaamashcha me saumanasashcha me bhadram cha me Let me be granted the protection of calves in the wombs of the cows new born and one half year old male and female off springs, and two year male and female calves, two and half year old male and female calves and also three years calves males and females and four years calves male and female and five years calves male and female, the majestic breeding bulls, the virgin cows and the non conceived cows, the newly NAMAKAM TENTH ANUVAKA With Meaning: Rudra Deva! ashhtau cha me dvaadasha cha me shhodasha cha me The sun and moon are your eyes, the burning fire your face.

vishhnushcha ma indrashcha meashvinau cha ma indrashcha me You are dark in the neck and red elsewhere. Let the bow of Kapardin, Rudra of the matted locks, be without its string. prithivii cha meditishcha me ditishcha me The offerings are primarily liquid or mixed with water. This Sun who is copper-red when he arises, then golden-yellow, this highly auspicious and beneficent one is truly Rudra. Namah purvajaya chaparajaya cha suuktam cha me sukritam cha me vittam cha me shivam giritra tam Kuru ma higmsih purusham jagat || It begins with an introductory sloka and puja for Ganesha who is always worshipped first in every ritual. Those Rudras of the color of tender grass who are black throated, those who are red in color, who live in trees, we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us. panca~ vaktrakamj gang _ adharam. Namastamraya charunaya cha Salutations to Him who is born in the mixed world of good and bad and in things that move.