Speaking of Bigfoot-like monsters roaming the swamps of Louisiana, we have the odd tale of what has come to be known as the Honey Island Swamp Monster. The next time I seen him was swimming the river [Pearl River], two of them, one was bigger than the other and faster than the other and they swam just like a human with them long overhead strokes. History of the Rougarou: Louisiana’s Werewolf The full moon hangs high over the Louisiana swampland. They described it as a cross between a whimpering dog and human crying. 61 when they saw a creature pop up out from the bank of the canal that parallels Airline. That way, everyone is reminded of what may happen if you don't keep your promises during the Lenten season, which begins the day after Mardi Gras. The history of the Rougarou is centuries-old and has many different origins, but the earliest mention of the infamous, mythical Louisiana werewolf comes from medieval France. The human animal sobbing sounds were also accompanied by the snapping of branches and the crackling of leaves that gave the impression of something large moving through the woods. Full report can be found at http://www.gcbro.com/LAsttammany0004.html. Stories of ghostly apparitions, haunted plantations, and unexplained occurrences are pretty par for the course when you have a state with as much history as Louisiana. More modern sightings tend to be by passing motorists along rural roads or Highway 90, who will see the creature running along the side of the road or even attacking their vehicle, and they have often been reported rummaging through trash or even attacking pets. Other versions of the rougarou’s appearance sound more like a description of Big Foot or the alleged Swamp Ape.

In the late summer of the early 90’s (actual year up for debate), I was riding my bike. Tags Bizarre cryptid Cryptozoology Honey Island Swamp Monster Louisiana modern mysteries mysterious places Paranormal swamp creatures swamp monsters unexplained phenomena. In the U.S. state of Louisiana there are vast stretches of these dim, shadowy wetlands, and according to the lore and those who have been here these places are the stomping rounds of things from beyond our understanding. Back in the day of armor, swords and jousting, there was a lot more to fear than the plague and witches. After a year of this, the boy was allegedly found dead in the street one morning, and the authorities deemed it a suicide, but those who knew better claimed that he had been a Rougarou.

I remember he kept repeating something to the effect of “look, I’m not sure what I saw.” At that time the only reference I had to Bigfoot was a few TV shows and a book I checked out a few times from my school’s library. He slowed down when he saw it because he got the impression that this was not a man. The article contained a short anecdotal account of an unnamed Laplace man that in 1983 saw something correlates with what Mr. Nameless saw. Two dead squirrels and a dead rabbit were found under the house where the creature had been rummaging. From The French settlers in Louisiana or the French Canadian immigrants that came down. Her husband, quite unexpectedly asks her if she has ever waited for him at night by the edge of the woods.

It was a common thing for a child to hear something along the lines of “Come home before dark, lest the Rougarou get you!” Indeed, those unfortunate people who went missing within the swamp were often thought to have fallen victim to the Rougarou. Despite the fact that it was originally a legend, there are still claimed sightings of the Rougarou to this day, though it has died off a bit in the past decade. ( Log Out /  Louisiana is no stranger to spooky stories, that’s for sure. According to the lore, the afflicted are supposedly faced with some alternatives.

A swamp dwelling Bigfoot? It was getting late so I was heading back to my dad’s house for the evening. by SEAN WARD THE ROUGAROU The Rougarou is a legendary creature in Cajun tradition said to be half man half wolf. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Click the image below to read our free eBook "The Big Book of Credit Union Myths—BUSTED! That these creatures are flesh and blood, but the reason they go undetected is because they are inter-dimensional beings that pop in and out of our reality. On a different occasion that same Laplace man was out in the swamp with these two Doberman pinchers when he spotted a 7 foot tall bi-pedal creature that caused the dogs to run off. Feel free to email me at. The K-9 unit lost the scent once it ran into the marsh. Let us know in the comments below! Apparently, when a person changes into a Rougarou they forget how to count past 12 (probably since they only worry about midnight and the moon at this point). Think you could keep a secret for that long? Most of the legends describe the.

Interestingly, there would be some Super 8 footage found among Ford’s possessions after he died in 1980, which seems to show the beast walking along behind some trees in the swamp, although why this footage was never made public is unknown. By GhostRougarou In the late summer of the early 90’s (actual year up for debate), I was riding my bike. The story of the rougarou is often used to inspire fear and obedience in Cajun children. Their property backs up to a vast cypress swamp. However, anyone who survives either incident can reverse the curse by remaining silent about it for a year and a day.

I came across a L’Observateur article that ran around Halloween 2002, titled: Let the haunting good times roll. The creature ran two city blocks before absconding into the marsh. In the official report the officer filed he was honest, but kept the details to a minimum, it was a very tall dark figure, with no description of clothing. The two made another excursion to the area in 1974, when they came across the carcasses of wild boars with their throats rudely torn out, which they surmised to be the work of the beast. The cousins decided to turn around and go back the direction they came to avoid a close encounter with this unknown, imposing, bipedal creature. Were you told the story of the Rougarou as a child? Beasts called “loup-garous,” which means werewolves in French, were also infamous throughout the country. The man dropped his gun and ran. All Rights Reserved. Apparently, the Cajuns believe the creature prowls in the swamps around Acadia and Greater New Orleans. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: The basic tale of Rougarou is one of a half man, half wolf that prowls the Louisiana swamps, looking for Catholics that have broken Lent or broken Catholic rules in other ways. The neighbor, who was unaware of the husband’s sighting, stated that while walking with his dog in the woods, his dog got spooked and ran back toward their house. mystery of Marie Laveau, Louisiana’s Voodoo Queen.

James Glaisher Amelia Wren, The French Catholics claimed that you would be turned into a loup-garou if you did not follow the rules of Lent for seven consecutive years. It may all sound like pure folklore, but there have actually been numerous sightings of the Grunch throughout the past centuries, going up right to the present day.

The creature was described as around 8 feet in height, covered with matted brown hair, and as producing a prodigal, gag inducing odiferous stink. Standing on two legs on top of a fallen, moss-covered tree is a large, snarling beast. I’m not making this up. Thank You For Shopping With Us! She described it also as being tall and hairy and went on to further say that it was “almost so white it was glowing.” She also described the creature to be staring in her direction.