Many people are attracted by erect ears because it gives dogs an over all wolfish, alert and intelligent look. The other side says that if the dog is superior in other ways, why not glue ears so it can be more competitive in the show ring. Apparently some fall over to the side like a rose, but I’ll leave that explanation to my characteristically rose-eared Greyhound friends.

All rights reserved. ASCA Standard -- FCI Standard-----__ Allgemeine Erscheinung: Der Australian Shepherd ist ein gut ausbalancierter Hund von mittlerer Größe und Knochenstärke. Is It Dangerous? Die Standards unterscheiden sich jeweils nur leicht, zur besseren Übersicht werden hier beide Standards in einer Tabelle aufgestellt. The exact inheritance isn’t known and it is probable that there are differing genetic mechanisms that can determine whether ears are up or down. Hers go back and forth all the time. This not only detracts from breed "type" but also predisposes the dog to more ear infections, since no air can get in the canal. Pinched nostrils and heavy or over nose wrinkle is unacceptable and should be heavily penalised. The correct ear leather size should reach the inside corner of the nearest eye. It takes an extra few seconds to trim when you do the dog's nails, but it's not a big deal to include in the dog's normal grooming routine.

There can be a small amount of lift at the back of the ear, but if they are required to be set on low, they should never fold above the level of the skull. David Owsiany – GFDL, English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) at the City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show 2003 – “Ch Shanedale All Eyez On Me”Sannse at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Get tips and exclusive deals. According to the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, this breed has candle-flame ears that are erect, set high on the back of the head with slightly pointed tips. The ears may break forward or to the side (“rose” ear) when at attention. You may recognize me for my jet black and rich mahogany tan coloring. Boutchie, un Bedlington Terrier en janvier 2003. Dogs with prick ears or who have produced prick ears should be bred only to mates with naturally (aka non-doctored) correct earsets. There is no health or soundness justification for changing them.

If you are going to glue, you put the dab of glue on the underside, about where I put the pink "O", and stick them to the sides of the face about how they look in this picture. If the owner is more interested in having "standard" ears, you can use a little "Tear Mender" or other latex glue product to help keep them in the right position. I thought I'd just do a quick drawing showing about where the ears should be. The other blue merle on the left below has ears that are sort of houndy, but not at the extreme as they don't reach the jawline.

Many breeders remove them shortly after birth. As the name implies, drop ears are ears that are pendulous and therefore are hanging down. Eyes or nose never adversely affected or obscured by over nose wrinkle. Both this pup's parents have natural ears which never came close to standing at this age. Selecting your Foundation Bitch and her Mate, Cavalier King Charles and King Charles Spaniel, English Toy Terrier and Miniature Pinscher, Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel (American), Hungarian Vizsla and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Australian Cattle and Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Collies (Rough & Smooth) and Shetland Sheepdogs, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mastiff, Central Asian and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. The short answer is yes, but there are some things that need to be considered first. Boutchie, un Bedlington Terrier en janvier 2003.

Also, when the dog runs at full speed or makes quick turns, the dew claws add stability as at that point they make contact with the ground.

Illustrated Standard(AUSTRALIAN BREED STANDARD EXTENSION), GENERAL APPEARANCE CHARACTERISTICS TEMPERAMENT HEAD AND SKULL EYES EARS MOUTH NECK FOREQUARTERS BODY HINDQUARTERS FEET TAIL GAIT/MOVEMENT COAT COLOUR HISTORY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. What does having prick ears mean for my Aussie? Many dog owners are attracted to dogs with drop ear shapes because they tend to give a neotenous, puppy-like look. It is common to see this ear type in show lines, though not all have ears like this.

These are so rounded they are commonly known as as 'Bat Ears' because they are shaped like an old style cricket bat. All rights reserved.

The small, thick textured pricked or erect ears of the Samoyed are rounded at the tips and set on well apart on the skull. I wanted to talk a little about ears and earset in Aussies. I hope to add more photos of the more extreme ends of the variation (prick and hound ears.) This ear type is characteristic of the papillon breed. A third group may say they just want their dogs to look like the typical Aussie. Prick and high-breaking ears have always been present in the breed and some present-day working lines are prone to higher set ears than what you see in the show ring.

After all, this is not surprising. The name of this ear derives from the word “filbert” which depicts a nut of the hazel family.

The Australian Shepherd, Smooth Fox Terrier, and three other breeds give their cute-as-a-button ears a shout-out. I’m confident, charismatic, and (as any good Terrier should be) just a tad scrappy. Sie ist neugierig auf alles Neue und hat einen ausgeprägten Will to please.

The ears should be set on at the highest point on the skull. Sometimes also called semi-prick, this refers to an erect ear, with a 'set on' high on the head like ear of the German Shepherd Dog, but with some of the top part of the ear tipping forward.

Prick and high-breaking ears have always been present in the breed and some present-day working lines are prone to higher set ears than what you see in the show ring. I have also considered the fact all wild canids have them.

The AKC standard, on which most if not all standards in other countries are based, does not specify a length though presumably “moderate size” would preclude long or tiny ears.

As for my ears, they’re V-shaped. There are various opinions on the topic of gluing the ears of an Aussie.