Stories about Hephaestus show him as the lame, cuckolded husband of Aphrodite. With that proviso in mind, here are the names of the Greek gods and goddesses, paired with the Roman equivalent, where there is a difference. Q. The eagle is his sacred animal and the thunderbolt is his identifying weapon. He is a fire and blacksmith god for both. and continue to expand. The Roman version of this god's name was lent to a geological phenomenon and he required frequent pacification. Dionysus / Hannibal was Rome's enemy.

The god of war for both Romans and Greeks, but so destructive he was not much loved by the Greeks, even though Aphrodite loved him. What was the Des Consentes, the Council of 12 Professional - A person trained to do a special job in exchange for payment (wages). The 12 gods were Jupiter and Juno, Neptune and Minerva, Mars and Venus, Apollo and Diana, Vulcan and Vesta, Mercury and Ceres. The Romans had many gods and personifications. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Bacchus, Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks vs.

Like her brother, she is often combined with the deity in charge of a celestial body. He is also associated with horses. Hannibal had already fought the Romans in skirmishes and smaller battles and had beaten them badly. The Roman people believed that the Council of 12, their 12 major gods, had assisted the Roman Legion in their victory. The Saturnalia festival celebrates his pleasant rule. Pluto is the conventional Roman name and you might use it for a trivia question, but really Pluto, a god of wealth, is the equivalent of a Greek god of wealth called Dis. Their belief that the gods were on their side gave the ancient Romans confidence to go forth and conquer,

People were depressed. What was the Des Consentes, the Council of 12 Roman Gods, and how did it start? She was a virgin goddess of wisdom and crafts, associated with warfare as her wisdom led to strategic planning. The sun, titan and great-uncle or cousin of Apollo and Artemis. They were beginning to believe that Hannibal was unstoppable.

Neptune - Roman god of the sea. Hannibal was from Carthage, an ancient city-state in north Africa. Her Roman virgin priestesses, the Vestals, were vital to the fortunes of Rome. According to mythology, her son Aeneas fled from Troy to Italy. The people who rule it are elected. Hannibal never got as far as Rome. Greek and Roman mythology often have the same Gods but with different names because many Roman Gods are borrowed from Greek mythology, often with different traits. Hannibal was from Carthage, an ancient city-state in north Africa. She helped many of the great heroes. A fertility and mother goddess associated with cultivation of grain.