[94] In course of the next months, the crisis in Syria escalated into a civil war. Click on this interactive map to create your own projections for the 2020 presidential race, see how states are expected to vote and look at previous election results.

[208] Trade with Turkey and access to humanitarian and military aid is difficult due to a blockade by Turkey. [147] It has been stated that the new political structures created in the region have been based on top-down structures, which have placed obstacles for the return of refugees, created dissent as well as a lack of trust between the SDF and the local population. We may request cookies to be set on your device. We will not allow for Syria to be divided; all we want is the democratization of Syria; its citizens must live in peace, and enjoy and cherish the ethnic diversity of the national groups inhabiting the country. [176][177][178] A deal was later reached in September 2018 between the region's authorities and the local Syriac Orthodox archbishopric, where the two first grades in these schools would learn the region's Syriac curriculum and grades three to six would continue to learn the Damascus approved curriculum.[179][180].
Turkish forces and their proxies are ethnically cleansing portions of northern Syria historically populated by Syriac Christians and Yezidis already traumatized by the Islamic State. [187] In addition, the autonomous regions have imposed some limits on press freedom, for example forcing the press to get work permits. A KCK branch was also set up in Syria, led by Sofi Nureddin and known as "KCK-Rojava". Kurdistan is not a country, but the map of the Kurdish region includes the geographical region in the Middle East wherein the Kurdish people have historically established a prominent population and unified cultural identity.. A People Without A Home [63] There existed a Kurdish elite of which Saladin,[64] the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty and the Emir of Masyaf in the 12th century were part of. Learn more about Friends of the NewsHour. [92][39] The party began to deeply influence the Syrian Kurdish population in the Afrin and Ayn al-Arab Districts, where it promoted Kurdish identity through music, clothing, popular culture, and social activities.

Occasionally, HXP units have supported the YPG, and SDF in general, during combat operations against ISIL outside their own municipality and region. [41] The area has also been nicknamed Federal Northern Syria, and the democratic confederalist autonomous areas of northern Syria. Examples are the Nahawand Center for Developing Children's Talents in Amuda (est.

The Afrin Region was reduced to an area around Tell Rifaat. But Turkey Applauds", "Interpol removes top PKK-affiliated figure from its red notice list", "TSK: 32 Köy Terörist Unsurlardan Temizlendi", "BREAKING: Kurdish-led SDF to handover huge section of territory to SAA", "Terrified children, empty streets in Syria's Afrin as Turkey attacks", "The significance of the Shahba Canton for the YPG", "Turkey launches military operation in northern Syria", "Trump makes way for Turkey operation against Kurds in Syria", "US betrayal of Kurds destroys the West's credibility for years to come", "Trump's Syria move 'delivers a blow to US credibility worldwide, "Trump's Gut, and the Gutting of American Credibility", "Trump's decision on Syria has already turned into a foreign policy disaster", "قوات النظام تبدأ دخول مدينة منبج شمال شرق حلب بالتزامن مع استمرار انسحاب قوات التحالف من المدينة • المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان", "Syrian Army enters strategic city in Al-Raqqa with heavy equipment: video", "Syrian army enters Kurdish-held city, air base to help counter Turkish assault", "Syrian army moves to confront Turkish forces as US withdraws", "India slams Turkey for its 'unilateral military offensive' in northeast Syria | India News – Times of India", "Damning evidence of war crimes by Turkish forces and allies in Syria", "2014 Charter of the Social Contract of Rojava", Rojava: A libertarian myth under scrutiny, "A Very Different Ideology in the Middle East", "Governing Rojava Layers of Legitimacy in Syria", "Kurdish Supreme Committee in Syria Holds First Meeting", "Now Kurds are in charge of their fate: Syrian Kurdish official", "Writings of Obscure American Leftist Drive Kurdish Forces in Syria", "High Electoral Commission disclosed Local Administration elections' outcomes", "Electoral Commission publish video of elections 2nd stage", "A Dream of Secular Utopia in ISIS' Backyard", "YPG, backed by al-Khabour Guards Forces, al-Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council, expels IS out of more than 230 towns, villages and farmlands", "Rojava's commitment to Jineolojî: the science of women", "SDF plays central role in Syrian civil war", "Anti-Kurdish protests in east Syria could endanger US plans", "المفوضية العليا للانتخابات - Komseriya Bilind Ya Hilbijartinan", "Syrians vote in Kurdish-led regions of north", "YPG attacks FSA-controlled Azaz province", "The Fate of Tel Rifaat Hangs in the Balance", "Dêrîk congress decides to establish Democratic Syria Assembly", "Haytham Manna Elected Joint Chairman of Syrian Democratic Council", "Executive Board of Democratic Syria Assembly elected", "Education in Rojava after the revolution", "Rojava schools to re-open with PYD-approved curriculum", "Hassakeh: Syriac Language to Be Taught in PYD-controlled Schools", "Kurds introduce own curriculum at schools of Rojava", "Education in Rojava: Academy and Pluralistic versus University and Monisma", "Syriac Christians revive ancient language despite war", "Rojava administration launches new curriculum in Kurdish, Arabic and Assyrian", "Syriacs will study their language in schools this year – ANHA", "The Syriacs are taught their language for the first time – ANHA", "What is reality of educational process in North Syria, new year's curricula? One of the issues addressed during this time was the status of Syria's stateless Kurds, as President Bashar al-Assad granted about 220,000 Kurds citizenship. [229] The death penalty was abolished. [199], It has been theorized that the Assad government had deliberately underdeveloped parts of Northern Syria in order to Arabize the region and make secession attempts less likely. Click on the different category headings to find out more. The government of Turkey has limited to Turkish nationals the candidates available to the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Regardless, the PKK maintained a clandestine presence in the region. Remittances from Iraq and Turkey, and 5. [28] It also provides for property rights. [321][322] In a public statement in March 2016, the day after the declaration of the regions autonomy, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter praised the People's Protection Units (YPG) militia as having "proven to be excellent partners of ours on the ground in fighting ISIL.