Hooker talks about transforming a Tony Bennett classic and why you don't have to be sad and lonely to write the blues. Now, how we cobble together our commerce behind it is also our job, and we’ve been lucky enough to summon the business acumen to muddle through. You’ve got a hugely dedicated group of fans, and you’ve shared the stage with some legendary performers. … It’s quite the honor to be held in that regard by people like that, or by people I don’t even know. RIFF: You were just onstage with Johnny Hickman and Jim Dalton as the Three Amigos the other night. Seemed like the best song for it was Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers' Lets Get High. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers perform at the Van Buren in Phoenix, Ariz. on Dec. 29, 2018.

You’re out there to prove a point, so you get in there, you slash and burn and hopefully leave everybody breathless and swooning. So I kind of forced the hand of the record company when our option period was up, which is the date when the record company is supposed to extend your contract and commit to another couple of records. Roger Clyne: I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t still fun. I’m actively in the process of songwriting right now, so I have a handful of tunes that I’m hoping to show to the band—and to an audience—pretty soon. Songs about drugs, revolution and greed that have been used in commercials for sneakers, jeans, fast food, cruises and cars. … Halfway through our tenure with them, which was only about three or four years, the staff was replaced when the company was sold to Seagram’s. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the great interview and Roger keep doing what you do brother and see you next time! It’s really great to play where you came from, and where you feel the pulse of your roots. This week there will be no…, Bandcamp Friday Oct. 2, 2020. Follow Brent Hankins at Twitter.com/mistermainevent and Instagram.com/greatwidenowhere.

Have any of the record labels come calling to bring you back into the fold in the years since you went your own way? Roger Meade Clyne (born January 13, 1968) is the lead singer, primary songwriter, and rhythm guitar player for the American rock band Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. American lead singer, primary songwriter, and rhythm guitar player for the American rock band Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Photos:…... Roger and The Peacemakers are what rock and roll are about! He’s been attending live shows for more than two decades, and loves getting up close and personal to capture the excitement of live music. Clyne has been a successful, truly independent musician for close to 15 years. Clyne owns his own tour bus and tours all over the United States every year.

That’s…, Clockwise from top left: Carolina Story, BLACKSTARKIDS, Ryan Webster, James Hersey, Rusty Eye and Imelda May. His musical career has spanned over two decades, including several hits with The Refreshments and penning the theme song for the animated television series King of the Hill. At the end of AC/DC's "Night Prowler," you hear Bon Scott say, "Shazbot, Nanu Nunu."

I have seen then in Bellingham WA, AZ and Puerto Penasco. Hankins is also a film critic at SpoilerTV, president of the Phoenix Critics Circle, and founder of The Nerd Repository. You always seem to draw great crowds here in Arizona. "Womanizer" was Britney Spears' comeback song, going to #1 about 10 months after she was institutionalized to get treatment for addictions and mental health issues. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Yeah, that’s indelible for me. His previous bands include The Refreshments and the Mortals. Video shot from an ultra light in Puerto Penasco, Mexico during Circus Mexicus 2014. "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" by Aerosmith was inspired by Vince Neil from Motley Crue. We've even sipped Mexican Moonshine at a few bars in Tempe, Prescott and Pinetop and have more swag and peacetime goods than we EVER imagined. It’s a sacred duty. As you read this—assuming of course you’re frantically refreshing the site…... Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers perform at the Van Buren in Phoenix, Ariz. on Dec. 29, 2018. Last weekend we had the privilege to see the 3 Amigos at the Soiled Dove and again at a private show on Saturday night. Vocation : Food and Beverage : Alcohol business, Vocation : Food and Beverage : Other Food and Beverage, Lifestyle : Work : Travel for work (Tours), Vocation : Entertain/Music : Group/ Duo (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers), Vocation : Entertain/Music : Instrumentalist (Rhythm guitar, harmonica, kazoo), Vocation : Entertain/Music : Vocalist/ Pop, Rock, etc. Clay befriends a troubling serial killer. It happened over the course of about four or five years … and finally we just said “screw it, let’s all get together as one band,” and that’s when it really started to gel.

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player for the band Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. His other interests include his own brand of ultra premium tequila, named Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine Tequila. Roger tells the stories behind some of his biggest hits, including "Give a Little Bit," "Take the Long Way Home" and "The Logical Song. So we just decided to go back to what we were doing before, and we turned our back on that industry. We fielded offers from the other record companies for this quote-unquote follow-up project, which became Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and those offers were terrible. Have you started working on a new record, or are you just focused on touring for right now? You’ve had an amazing run, first with The Refreshments and then with The Peacemakers. About RIFF   • I was able to fly down from my home in Vancouver Canada, to attend their induction into the AZ hall of fame.

Clyne, Hickman and Dalton blew us away. It drives off a lot of suitors, which is probably really good for us in the end, so we just stay the course. And when I start missing it, I’ll re-engage with it, and I think that translates back to the audience as enthusiasm. ", His keyboard work helped define the Muscle Shoals sound and make him an integral part of many Neil Young recordings.