Stewart and Roald come over, hearing all the "yew!" There's trouble in paradise for Anik and Dary. — Wayne. Katy and Wayne get up, as they must go "get something sorted," and Dan is not invited, nonplussing him.

Wayne makes a decision about Marie Fred. She tells him she will not be coming around any more, but wanted to tell him face-to-face. Katy knows what she has been up to, as she follows Anik on Instagram. Business Manager/Office Supervisor, Pick Up the Phone (Arithmatix Remix) by Dragonette (Wayne and Katy enter the party). The Hicks riff a few "skank" puns, and pass Katy's phone around.


Now you can't be especially sure those were even real space cadets at the bar by Kennedy that day on account of being so close to Disney. All continue to shout "Yew!" As Scottie Walliswould say, "Yew!" Daryl is upset, not having been able to contact her all week. The Canadian Space Agency has partnered with NASA since 1982 to send Canadian astronauts to space on NASA-led missions. Director At the secret meeting that followed, she did not ask for any specific punishment, saying he would get what was coming to him, and she would be at the bar drinking Old Fashioneds. Watch the latest interviews with Dr. Roberta Bondar, May 8, 2019: She’s a fucking legend and the portrait of class. Katy, while saying she likes Anik and likes women who know what they want, offers that Anik's Instagram is "a little skanky."

Log in sign up. Department of Geography, Wayne tells "lead foot" not to get pulled over. She tells Daryl he is too clingy, and needs to learn to give a girl space.

He thereupon hands the phone to Katy, because he has to do "the thing" for the second verse, and he proceeds to sing the alphabet in badly accented French, to the Quebecoises‘ great amusement.

Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. Public Speaking Click here to see Biography. She was also the first neurologist and researcher to do so.

Archived. These are their problems. Wayne: Ya never seen a hearse pullin' a money truck, have you? Her presentation was engaging and entertaining, and our members, staff and volunteers were thrilled to meet her.

Daryl: Seems that everybody in Letterkenny is jerk…, Wayne doesn't drink the bottom of his beer. Season Lovina Dyck enters the bar, and smiles flirtatiously at Dan. Wayne does not follow right away, but pulls a box out of his back pocket and opens it, revealing an engagement ring.

What makes Wayne's tall tale more suspect is that most astronaut training takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, not in Florida.

As Scottie Wallis would say, "Yew! Yew! ", "It’s hard to find sufficient words to express our gratitude to Dr. Bondar for speaking at the MSA Fall Reception. The various townsfolk are gathered drinking and dancing; Ron and Dax observe the festivities, while Tyson and Joint Boy arm wrestle. Roberta Bondar or Roberta Lynn Bondar is the first Canadian woman to travel into space. They explain that they are talking about Anik's Instagram; Stewart says he has just jerked off to that, and Roald says he has just jerked off to Stewart jerking off to that.

Air date Roberta Bondar Achievement & Peak Performance, Astronauts, Motivational Speaker, Team Building, TED Talk Speaker. Valentimes Day ► Dedicated to connecting all generations to the natural world through learning, curiousity and creativity. Wayne whoops softly, looking at Anik's photos, then more loudly shouts "yew!"

Starlight, star bright, Who the fuck is Roberta Bondar? She presented an excellent framework (the challenge of space exploration) for dealing with issues of sudden change. Wayne and Katy arrive at MoDean's.

A collection of interviews with Dr. Roberta Bondar on a variety of topics. At MoDean's, the encounter Reilly, Jonesy, Tyson, and Joint Boy, who have discovered Anik's Instagram feed, to shouts of "yew!"!?oldid=3600.

"The Global Peatland Iniative team would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Bondar for her time and for creating such a strong video message in support of peatland preservation.

The dude would float off-camera, pull down his pants, then grab his junk in his hands—not for dinkerball, but to dip them into frame, then tell Bondar to check the camera. ", " Dr. Bondar executed a very thought provoking presentation. To touch Earth after, is to see beauty for the first time." Walt Disney World is about 60 miles (96.5 km) from Cape Canaveral. Wayne: Life's a drive-through, bud. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Letterkenny community.

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Words of wisdom with Dr. Roberta Bondar on her official Twitter account @RobertaBondar and the Roberta Bondar Foundation account @RbondarFdn.

It was great to hear about this from a different perspective and industry. Canadian TV series.

Wayne and Katy walk and talk about Wayne's unidentified "project." to Daryl's mortification. Katy wonders where Scottie Wallis is, but Dan warns that he keeps poor company. There's trouble in paradise for Anik and Dary. These speeches are typically accompanied by Keynote presentations containing moving images and videos. Press J to jump to the feed. We really appreciate her. Previous Trevor Risk Yew! ", "I would like to add my thanks and congratulations on a job well done for the MSU Geography Department during Geography Awareness Week. Yew! Dan returns to Instagram and gives another "yew!" — Marie Fred. She does her homework extremely well too. Roberta Bondar CC OOnt FRCPC FRSC (/ ˈbɒndər /; born December 4, 1945) is Canada's first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space. - Dr. Roberta Bondar. Wayne calls her "lead foot. ", "Thank you Dr. Bondar again for the captivating interview, it really was quite enjoyable! According to Tunefind, the following songs are featured in this episode: Letterkenny Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Vice President, Her brilliance is evident from the moment she begins her presentation but it is her humanism that wins the audience over. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

", "AACP Annual Meeting attendees were thrilled with Roberta Bondar as the keynote speaker for this year's opening general session. Dan emerges from behind the produce stand, where he has been rocking a piss—and overhearing the entire breakup.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks – Dr. Bondar, you touched us all. He's a real good guy.

Interviews. The Hicks ask Daryl about Anik, but he has not spoken with her; Dan has not seen her in a fortnight.

After more than a decade as head of an international space medicine research team collaborating with NASA, Bondar became a consultant and speaker in the business, scientific, and medical communities. Her talk was fascinating, and I also appreciated being able to sit in on the Remote Sensing class.