Shooting 10/28/2020 6:32 PM NEW LOTS AVE AND ALABAMA AVE. Hi Paul. Carol.

Whew! The family left the city in 1968 and relocated to Lake George.

John Evans address was 60.43 67th Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens. Check out our car rental service and all its many benefits: Here are our tips for driving safely and efficiently. Of course I was young during WWII, but I don’t remember any anti-Semitism while I lived there. At the Silver Dollar club on Friday night up This map shows a scheme of Ridgewood streets, including major sites, highways and natural objecsts.

Lived there from 1961, later got married and lived in the lower apartment in my parents’ house. Fireworks (salutes) galore. The area where these lakes are located (now known as The Mill Pond Preserve and Twin Lakes Preserve) was at one time called Ridgewood, in fact the entire town of Wantagh was known as this during the early 1800s. Mr. and Mrs Stoltz, and crazy George., Koch Pharmacy, Marty’s butcher shop, and.Kaufman’s grocery store, Grover Cleveland park, Cherry Valley, and Bohack market, I lived at 404 Seneca Ave. I knew him very well . James we lived on Putnam 60-34 Putnam. Went with my sisters to the Grandview theatre and watched movies outside in summer on long green benches.

Linden Hill on map

The other’s very close. What happened???? I do agree with the gentlemen who mentioned the hostility found in the Ridgewood area , stares , followed till you walked off the block . I played in a band with a guy named Louie Bauman who lived on Bleeker street.

.25 cent huge malteds pizza by the slice,15 cents. Here’s a couple of things she left out…. Woodhaven on map We have four daughters and 12 grandchildren. Lived on Woodward & Himrod from 1945 to 1957. Remember you well..hope you are also doing well. The 104 Police Station was around the corner on Catapla Ave, as was the court house where ” the wrong man” starring Henry Fonda was filmed. Excellent reply, Jack. seneca nd woodbine. Convient to the Senaca El. My experience doesn’t cancel out theirs, but it rounds out the picture by describing an earlier time in the story of Ridgewood. I am interested in learning more about a painting that was in the G.C. Hey old timer.

Linden Hill, Queens Elevation on Map - 6.18 km/3.84 mi - Gustave Matthews mass-produced these multi-unit houses for about $8,000 and sold them for $11,000. Elmhurst on map I then moved to Connecticut, now I am a Californian for he last 47 years.

Kids used to sing: Does anyone remember Sonny and Jake’s bar on Forest and Fairview? One of these farmers, Paulus Van Der Ende, built a house in Newtown in 1710. We lived on Himrod between Woodward and Fairview.