Since starting his NFL career in 2011, he’s built the Seahawks’ defense into an impenetrable force, played an instrumental role in winning a Superbowl, and emerged as one of the highest-paid and outspoken players in the league. * Sherman's parents preached the importance of hard work and education at an early age. )”, Each time these justifications are used, I recognize a level of racism and condescension not unlike the use of “thug”—not toward Sherman, but toward a hushed suggestion of those real thugs (he grew up in Compton) with whom Sherman is being unfairly confused. A softball game organized by his charity, Blanket Coverage, raised $40,000 over the summer. Call us / email us / check availability and fee for your favorite speaker. That competitive spirit, displayed in full that night, is merely one facet of the nine-year NFL veteran's personality — not, as some have erroneously assumed, its entirety. Richard Sherman boasted a 4.2 GPA. "Some of those guys who got drafted [ahead of me], I was like, 'Wow, this is ridiculous.' He also ran track and field. * Sherman has also engaged Darrelle Revis in a war of words (140 characters at a time, naturally) about who's the better cornerback, called Jim Harbaugh a "bully," and reminded ESPN robo-contrarian Skip Bayless that "I'm better at life than you.". Article by Taj Woods-Sutherlin. * Sherman lasted until the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft -- the 154th pick -- when the Seahawks finally selected him. Maybe I’ll even get another pick in the process.". We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Thomas edited the book “Becoming and Being a Teacher,” and wrote the book “Ignoring Poverty in the U.S.: The Corporate Takeover of Public Education.” This was published on his blog, the becoming radical. We’ll send you the top news, analysis and commentary from Truthout’s reporters and leading progressive thinkers, as well as the best reprints from other independent news sources. A likely cause of that rift was that Sherman felt Harbaugh stymied his natural personality in order to fit with a team-first mentality. Sherman talked the talk and walked the walk, telling his teammates to “quit making excuses” for poor academic performance while posting a 4.1 GPA—more than good enough to be accepted into Stanford, the first Dominguez player in over 20 years to be good enough athletically and academically to earn an invite there. GPA (and SAT scores) may be waved to justify an athlete unfairly slurred, but those numbers are also masking how GPA and SAT serve to perpetuate privilege and gate-keep—a mask of objectivity that hides racial, class, and gender biases in those numbers. We need your help to sustain this urgent and vital work through the election and beyond, so please make a monthly or one-time donation today! Richard played only four games his junior year due to a season ending knee injury and was granted a medical redshirt. All Rights Reserved. Remarkable Speakers for Memorable Events. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Regardless, Sherman started all 26 games at cornerback for Stanford, compiling 113 tackles, 23 pass breakups and six interceptions over his final two seasons. Tough against the run but still developing from a technical standpoint.

Yes, there are codes behind words, but there are codes behind numbers as well.

We have much left to do, including uncovering the codes that blind, both the words and the numbers. "Even when he's wrong, he's right," Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, who played with Sherman at Stanford, told the Mercury News in September.

Indelibly, the lasting image most have of the 49ers cornerback is his viral outburst aimed at Michael Crabtree after the 2013 NFC Championship game. Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman earned his way academically and athletically from Compton, CA to Stanford University, graduating with a 3.8 GPA while leading Stanford's football team to a record-breaking season. Trump’s PA Strategy Is to Use the Courts to Toss Votes Out. In addition to his athletic career, Sherman has his own clothing line, recurring guest articles in Sports Illustrated and nearly one million followers on Twitter. (USATSI)* In February 2013, Sherman was still holding that draft-day grudge when he told NFL AM “Nothing is going to change the fact that I was drafted 154, fifth round, 23rd pick. It goes back to his his youth in Compton, Calif., his days at Stanford, when he was a wide receiver before he was a cornerback. After being the 154th pick in the NFL draft, Sherman upped his game to win a Super Bowl and become one of the most valued and vocal players in the league. He finished with 84 receptions for 1,340 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. "I celebrated [when I was drafted] because my family was happy and the dream had been realized," Sherman told's Mike Silver in December 2012. The spring after his junior year Sherman made the switch to defense, where he found the position that would make him an All-Pro. Position Wide Receiver; Class Redshirt; Height 6-3; Weight 185; Hometown Compton, CA; High School Dominguez HS; Bio; Related; Stats; Biography. )”, Each time these justifications are used, I recognize a level of racism and condescension not unlike the use of “thug”—not toward Sherman, but toward a hushed suggestion of those real thugs (he grew up in Compton) with whom Sherman is being unfairly confused. Research by independent neuroscientists has outpaced the NFLu2019s ability to spin away its concussion crisis u2013 and calls for making the game safer are growing louder.

There is some comfort, I think, in a growing recognition that responses to Sherman have been at least fueled by racism—including the coincidence of Justin Bieber’s arrest and the resulting confrontation of how Sherman has been labeled a “thug” while Bieber’s wealth and white/male status shield him from a number of verbal and legal consequences that African American males experience daily. “I’m helping them study for the SAT. And most of the mainstream efforts to explain the so-called real Sherman include his GPA, such as this caption in a photograph: A student at Dominguez High, where Richard Sherman compiled a 4.2 grade-point average and played football and ran track. The lesson: You're not going to out-talk -- or out-perform -- Richard Sherman.

"A lot of people in the Pacific Northwest said that Seattle is always ignored," Sherman comments. 'I feel obligated to make (the inner city) a better place,' Sherman says.

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(USATSI)What originally started as a midseason look at the NFL's most interesting player has expanded beyond that because, well, Richard Sherman's story isn't just about the last two months. Here's how an 18-year-old Sherman described his game coming out of high school: "I'm good at reacting to the ball, making plays and making people miss me in the open field," he said, via

"I didn’t end up going to USC, because my mind was already made up to go to Stanford, and there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to get a Stanford education, but I could tell then there was something that separated Carroll from others coaches who recruited me.". There's more to Richard Sherman than his fiery personality. * As a senior at Dominguez High School, Sherman had 28 receptions for 859 yards and 14 touchdowns, as well as 1019 all-purpose yards. Support the journalists that have been fighting back against dangerous disinformation since day one: Subscribe to Truthout’s daily newsletter and never miss a story. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. He knows the inherent risks of playing a sport in which some of the planet's best-conditioned athletes spend three hours a week running full speed into each other. That was part of a rift between the two, which started after Sherman injured his knee in 2008. I'm going to take it from you,'" Sherman said after the game. This is one of the most talented players in the game doing what he does. Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman earned his way academically and athletically from Compton, CA to Stanford University, graduating with a 3.8 GPA while leading Stanford's football team to a record-breaking season.

Sherman played five seasons at Stanford, from 2006 to 2010. He is the best at what he does, and when he is not on the field, he is helping out in his community in California, as well as Washington state. * Despite the promises of league-wide retribution, Sherman began his career as a backup. Richard Sherman was born and raised in Compton, California to a hard-working family adamant on studying and learning. Richard Sherman scored 24, respectable, but not Stanford admission level. He's also a Stanford grad and a success story. His GPA becomes a tool in wink-wink-nod-nod public discourse that is just as poisonous as the use of “thug.”.