Who is the author/speaker? This is a two page document that includes a graphic organizer, comprehension questions, and writing extension. The book seems great and I’ve only read the few pages Amazon gives as a preview.

They groan when I stop for the day! What I especially love, though, is that when he talks, my students listen – like, “ears perked up, knees facing his direction, eyes wide open” type of listen. Thanks!.

Now grab a warm drink, sit back, and enjoy these next 10 minutes: I was so struck by Reynolds’ message and manner of delivery that I was compelled (like, wake-up-at-4-in-the-morning-every-day-this-week compelled) to turn his speech into a full-blown lesson. Instead, empower students to find their own interesting facts about this author’s life with this “Author Bio” print-and-go activity.This single-page, Working in a predominantly African American Middle School, I have searched high and low for a novel that my students would really be able to understand and relate to. Includes:27 Visually appealing worksheets (one to two for each chapter)End of book Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board1 Comprehensive Final Exam (50 Questions Multiple Choice)1 Smart Board Quiz Game (In Power Point) 27 Visually appealing worksheets.

What occasion gives rise to the need or opportunity for persuasion?

Please note The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative was created by Victoria Leon and is not sponsored by Teachers Pay Teachers. Please limit to one pin per day and no repeats! Jason Reynolds: Humor and a grim lesson.

Hope this helps!

• an example of effectively using poetic devices as rhetorical tools by . ( Log Out /  You see that, right?)

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Not so much. The uncomfortable truth is that we give our time to the things that matter most to us.

Fresh air matters, too, so I’m usually on the patio. They are enthralled, boys and girls alike. That is when I came across a brand new book from Jason Reynold called Ghost. Students can choose from a variety of activities to create their own final project. I love everything he stands for and supports – everything he does to promote literacy, growth, and success to and for today’s youth. I’ve started reading again. .

A day doesn’t go by without someone in class mentioning his name or one of his books. Amazing and inspirational (you *and* Reynolds)! Instagram Stories and Facebook feeds? These little chapter quizzes include comprehension questions for Ghost, by Jason Reynolds.

Module 2: Rhetorical Analysis. Thanks so much for this resource!

Hop on YouTube, of course. I’ve found the kids usually suggest a lower number of pages than I would offer and we quickly come to an agreement.

He gives hope and makes the possibility of a bright future within reach.

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