But Karen herself was clothed neatly and properly: she was taught to read and to sew, and the people said she was agreeable. Digging Really Deep: The Brides of Satan, 1.

Dumb shits. Living in a microwave: How dangerous is it to live near a cell site?

More like candy apple.

And when she danced toward the open church door, she saw there an angel in long white garments, with wings that reached from his shoulders to his feet; his countenance was serious and stern, and in his hand he held a sword that was broad and gleaming. That’s why I’m not superstitious. It’s real. A “slice of pizza” stands for a child victim, “sauce” for semen and blood, and so on. They have done their best to divert attention from PizzaGate and to cover-up the terror done to children. Scary! In Deuteronomy 29.5 – The fact that God preserved the Israelite s’ shoes from wear represents the believer always under God’s care and provision. https://www.createspace.com/5495472, http://www.renegadetribune.com/1666-redemption-sin/. You might want to stop that kind of thinking, and decide its MEN ( humans) that are evil potentially and its got nothing to do with any kind of deity. This red shoe shit is not part of satanism! Now all the people went out of church, and the old lady stepped into her carriage. The clergyman's wife pitied her, and took her into her service. At the time, only aristocratic men were allowed to wear red heels. ‘Ruby slippers’ is the best nail polish color. 8. Daniel’s Dreams and Visions: A HUGE statue! And then she confessed all her sin, and the executioner cut off her feet with the red shoes; but the shoes danced away with the little feet over the fields and into the deep forest. Because it is a Satanic symbol of child/human sacrifice. The Vatican is in Italy. And every one in the church looked at Karen's red shoes, and all the pictures looked at them. it has become the god of choice for many.

3 prophecy connections that truly surprised me …, Iron Dome Operator: God Moved Missile We Couldn’t Hit. https://youtu.be/lYBrDVUnRNM. Meet the Rothschilds’ Bosses (Back to Babylon) …. Last week, right-wing “journalist” Liz Crokin alleged that the fact that Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta likes to wear red shoes is a sign that he is a pedophile because the Illuminati uses the movie “The Wizard of Oz” to brainwash child sex slaves. you know besides all that i happen to just like the color red, ive had read shoes you can buy them anywhere.

There is a difference. Part 1: America Uniquely Parallels Ancient Israel! FACT is, these people have no souls. And guess who else stated that he would kill Trump? ", "Do not strike off my head," said Karen, "for if you do I cannot repent of my sin. So why are red shoes a big deal? The shoemaker also said they had been made for a Count's child, but they had not fitted. Its owner, James Alefantis, (who was named by GQ as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington — the virtually unknown owner of a small pizza shop, is one of the most powerful people in D.C.?)

It’s all here. GOD Loves differences. Satanists are atheists. The church uses the liturgical color red to also represent the Passion of Christ before Easter.

Linda where does it say anywhere that all who wear red shoes are satanic? Can’t judge everyone else. Prada) is none other that the former head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict (born Joseph Alois Ratzinger): Pope Benedict’s brother, George Ratzinger, is at the epicenter of a huge pedophilia scandal. Digging Really Deep: Pizzagate and Red Shoes? 15. "Now I have suffered pain enough for the red shoes," said she. Do not harm little children. This is the tragic summary of evil and wickedness done by our politicians and the elite! Find the interview of Macaulay Culkin in France where he talks about his encounter with a very wealthy old satanic pedophile man who was wearing red shoes. Brexit: 7 years – 7 months – 7 weeks – 7 days! Hmmm, bet not because as a person who was raised a Christian that is not what I was taught. At home the shoes were put away in a cupboard; but Karen could not resist looking at them. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies. 8. And she went to the parsonage, and begged to be taken there as a servant. “They thought they could get away with anything because they were so small,” he added.

Lucifer is satan. You are the one walking in the dark with no moral compass, because you are out there judging everyone who isn’t JUST like you.

God knows of their grave sins and heinous crimes against these children. GOD made some things red, some things blue. But all pale in comparison with the monumental exposé of emails regarding what is now referred to as PizzaGate. She had to be nursed, and waited on: and this was no one's duty so much as Karen's.

yeah, it’s hard to believe! Education is key! we can’t take it with us when we go! “Tony Podesta is obsessed with his red shoes,” Crokin said. By the church door stood an old invalid soldier with a crutch and a long beard; the beard was rather red than white, for it was red altogether; and he bowed down almost to the ground, and asked the old lady if he might dust her shoes.

TRUTH IS STANGER THAN FICTION! Why a orphan girl? Popes have been wearing red shoes since before cameras. I remind you that “pizza”/”pizza party” is a pedophile code for “sex with children”. Our position is to be self-centered, with ourselves being the most important person (the “God”) of our subjective universe, so we are sometimes said to worship ourselves. The bible has referred to shoes both symbolically and in actual stories surrounding shoes. Some of us on a current events site are discussing this, just now & none of us where certain if it was a “real” deal, or just coincidences…or: ? We must stand up to the media and demand justice for the innocent victims. "Now I will go into the church, that they may see me.". PizzaGate is real. It does NOT! She had neither train nor golden crown, but she wore splendid red morocco shoes; they were certainly far handsomer than those the shoemaker's wife had made for little Karen. 9. I will pass it on.?❤?? Could you please tell me what they do believe in? Hillary, Bill, and hundreds of others participating in the most cruel, barbaric, and depraved conduct. ALL 44 of the American presidents before Trump are related!

None other than celebrity cook Anthony Bourdain, who said “I’d cook hemlock for President Trump” (if given the opportunity to cook for him).

satan’s name is Lucifer.

But she did not hear what the angel answered, for the shoes carried her away -- carried her through the door on to the field, over stock and stone, and she was always obliged to dance. Especially since Epstein’s ‘suicide’. But the old lady did not know that they were red; for she would never have allowed Karen to go to the confirmation in red shoes; and that is what Karen did. No.

Julie Lugo Cerra, whose father worked near the Wizard of Oz studio in Culver City, CA at the time, told NPR that the hundred and twenty some Munchkin actors “had a really good time” during filming because, for many of them, it was their first time interacting with other little people.

They were not blood red. Using secret societies, such as the Freemasons, their agenda has played itself out over the centuries, staying true to the script.

take your meds, go home get some sleep and NO, nothing in this article is true with the exception of there are terrible people in this world. Among the shoes stood a red pair, just like those which the princess had worn. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t make it any more true. After Wikileaks revealed the depth of this unimaginable occult sex scandal, the depraved liberal news corps—the liars in Washington, D.C. and their online cohorts like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook—went to work. And now the kicker: when Hanks was younger, he starred in a movie called “The Man With One Red Shoe“: That’s pretty strange, if you ask me. And add ll you can think about us, “Can I still wear my read shoes?” Good grief! For the first time in recorded history(2015) …. Already debunked book; connecting Babylon with Roman Catholicism is baseless. Read: 1666 Redemption Through Sin Journey to the cross: Jesus’ end times time line!

Look it up. “God is light, & in Him is no darkness at all.” (James, Holy Bible) Also interesting to note, the climax of the film is Bill Maher’s character killing Donald Trump. Horrors multiply. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. It’s completely true.