Man has intervened to prevent further trespassing by the river. I shall resist the temptation to draw comparisons with Brexit! This is archetypical barbel country in a wide open landscape. The operations were periodically halted by the discovery of the tusks and teeth of mammoths which had to be recorded by palaeontologists before digging could continue. Hemp is still a terrific attractor. Though famed as a Trent legend he only actually fished the river for 13 years. For example, did you know that the Great Nottingham Cheese Riot took place in 1764 and that the mayor was knocked over by a large cheese? Later it was gentrified as Barton in Fabis; Fabis being the Latin translation of ‘bean’. Both have survived imperiously though no truce has ever been drawn. An eccentric would-be politician who, in 2014, received more votes than the Lib Dems in a by-election in Nottingham. If you want to fish a block end feeders effectively, what’s wrong with a heavy quivertip rod, sensible line strengths and throwing a bow to compensate for the flow? One wonders if the remains are still there creating a fish-holding feature? Apologies to the reader who sent me details, I’ve lost your name. Regatta Lake remains the only venue where England has won the World Angling Championships on home soil (so to speak). Here’s an extract from a poem describing the great flood of 1875. They appear beneath each map, starting with this little gem…. Pegs are equally tight at Kelham, too. “I thought I’ll just have sip of tea whilst it’s hot I thought, and then wind it in and unhook it. 4. Worth noting the Pride is a professional business rather than a member-owned Society. “And when the river is in flood I don’t try to get massive amounts of bait on the deck because it just gets washed away anyway.

At the time BDAA was a rich, forward looking club. Now imagine if there was a guide like this for every major river in the country…. Wide and majestic, barbel, chub and bream galore, the river is split at the upstream end around Nabb’s Island. Same goes with a few spots in and around Nottingham, an area I’m less familiar with than, say, the upper tidal and middle reaches. The fish, where possible, should be weighed on a second set of scales, preferably by a witness. A fascinating and challenging stretch of water containing a weir, islands, the Sawley Cut, River Derwent confluence, the Trent and Mersey Canal junction plus the start of what some deem to be the upper Trent (personally I feel it starts at the point beyond which navigation is no longer allowed, but that’s a personal whim). “Then I had a big surprise as the rod hooped over and an angry fish stripped off line and pulled hard downstream in the current.

Maggots and casters still catch fish. “I couldn’t contain myself and I was like a whirling dervish, all on my own in the dark, dancing around with excitement like a madman. You kept my interest all the way up from Gainsborough to Shardlow. Once a very famous match length. The late Jan Porter once ran a tackle shop there called Redfin Sports. The Dyke is believed to be Britain’s oldest canal, dug by the Romans around 120AD and links the Trent and the River Witham at Lincoln. There was once a working mill, the lowest of a dozen or so on the Dover Beck and there is a micro brewery, so that will have to do. Whichever water you decide to fish please respect the club rules and wherever you can, please support these clubs by becoming a member. For boundaries, venue specific rules, Booking/ obtaining tickets/ prices, etc, please visit the respective web sites. It would be all over social media before he dried his hair! Cheers! The current barbel record stands at 21lb 1oz and came from the Great Ouse. The original course (in medieval times can clearly be seen today. Bath Today there is no pub as such but the Farmer’s Arms Bar in the village hall is opened every Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon and features guest craft beers across the year. He wrote of the Dubbs: “Charlie Hudson, who lives somewhere against Dunham Bridge, within easy distance of one of the deepest, if not the deepest, bream swims on the Trent, viz., the celebrated Dunham Dubs, is about as good a bream fisher as any I know.”. Bream and skimmers abound but there are also plenty of barbel. I’m sure many anglers will find this guide a great help. A ferry operated here until the late 1920’s. The river record was held for many years by Howard Maddocks with a fish of 16lb 3oz, but currently stands at 16lb 11oz. At the foot of the Flintham Hills you can watch gliders soring on thermals in the sky above. Tel: 01400 You can unsubscribe at any time. A different night syndicate operates on the rest of the stretch. What cannot be seen is that this used to be the southernmost boundary of Sherwood Forest. “The tips stayed motionless until 7pm when, just as I was pouring boiling water over a tea bag, the right-hand rod knocked and knocked again – typical bream bite. Tight lines hang fish as are old friend Zyg would say. There are few clearer examples of how the Trent’s course has changed through history than at Shelford. Sew’s fish obliterates the old official Trent record of 19 lb 4 oz caught by Steven Short in 2006. Tony. There was a second ferry connecting Littleborough with Marton which is quite obvious from the above map and the aptly named Ferry Farm.