However, Mercer was frustrated by his comments to the media and disagreed with his public comments in support for Roy Moore, who was under fire for sexual misconduct allegations involving young girls.

If one wants to shine light on what the Mercers “believe” one only needs to look at where their money goes, not what they write in the Wall Street Journal.

[32] The protest followed the release of a letter from over 200 academics and scientists calling for the board to "end ties to anti-science propagandists and funders of climate science misinformation."

Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata", "The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company", "SCL GROUP LIMITED – Officers (free information from Companies House)", "Scientists Tell NYC's Natural History Museum To Boot Billionaire Trump Backer From Board", "A Science Denier at the Natural History Museum? Rebekah Mercer, one of hedge fund financier Robert Mercer’s three daughters with his wife, Diana, was thrust into the controversy surrounding the new …

Rebekah, known as Bekah, is one of Bob and Diana Mercer’s three daughters. [25][26], In late 2017, Bannon told several conservative donors that Mercer had pledged her financial support if he decided to run for president in 2020 against Trump. She began managing the family foundation when the Mercers started getting involved in conservative causes. She also joined the board of the Heritage Foundation in 2014 as a trustee. Intellectual diversity and vigorous, reasoned debate have been fundamental to America’s success, making us the freest, most prosperous and most innovative society in human history. Oh, and they also bankrolled Steve Bannon. [34] In 2016, over 250 scientists penned an open letter calling for the Museum to "end ties to anti-science propagandists and funders of climate science misinformation, and to have Rebekah Mercer leave the American Museum of Natural History Board of Trustees. "[35] The Museum reported that Mercer was no longer on the board as of the end of 2019. They invest in long-term ideas that push politicians and the country towards their extreme vision of society. A cat has value, he’s said, because it provides pleasure to humans. Here’s What I Believe,” it’s a clear attempt by Rebekah Mercer to reform her image by supposedly being candid about her views. Mercer supported Jeff Sessions for Secretary of State over Mitt Romney. Robert and Rebekah Mercer bail on Trump campaign — they spent $49 million in 2016 Father-and-daughter team who funded Steve Bannon and Breitbart are …

[26] Mercer herself said that she had not spoken to Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, in many months and that she continued to support President Trump. Supporting ideas and policies, not individual politicians, is a lesson that Democrats could learn a lot from. All American citizens deserve equality and fairness before the law. [19], The Mercers stood behind Trump after the famous Access Hollywood tape was leaked in late 2016, dismissing Trump's claim of grabbing women's genitals against their will[20] as "locker room braggadocio. That means they funnel money not only into getting Republicans elected, but also into the institutions—universities, think tanks, media—that will shift the political landscape towards their ideological goals. She spoke to several wealthy conservative donors at New York's University Club about what the GOP had done wrong as far as canvassing and technology operations during the election cycle. Mead_Man. In January 2018 a person familiar with conversations between Mercer and Bannon said Mercer would no longer back Bannon financially. [6] On May 1, 2018, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company filed for insolvency proceedings and closed operations. This country was founded on the principle of open discourse. The Mercers, who have famously bankrolled ventures like Breitbart, are notorious for rarely giving statements to the press. He’s fine with that.

She also goes on to defend her involvement in Breitbart, saying, “I believe it adds an important journalistic voice to the American conversation. But my natural reluctance to speak with reporters has left me vulnerable to the media’s sensational fantasies.

All of this, of course, is bullshit. [6][11] She worked as a Wall Street trader at Renaissance Technologies, the hedge fund her father has helped lead, and, with her sisters,[12] owned a gourmet cookie company, Ruby et Violette, which sells cookies online.

[11][3], Mercer and her father, Robert Mercer have been described as key financial benefactors for Breitbart News. Conservative philanthropist Rebekah Mercer penned an op-ed in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal explaining her beliefs and how they inform her family’s extensive charitable giving. [18] Mercer worked with Steve Bannon to create the film Clinton Cash. [2], Mercer supported Mitt Romney in 2012 and Ted Cruz for the 2016 presidential election. But there is one line in Mercer’s op-ed that is telling. The essentials of their political ideology—dismantling the social safety net and “big government”—are all there. [8] She has been one of Bannon's main financial contributors. [8] She has consulted extensively with former Democratic strategist and pollster Patrick Caddell on campaigns. Stephen Bannon, its former chairman, took Breitbart in the wrong direction.

She began managing the family foundation when the Mercers started getting involved in conservative causes. reclusive hedge-fund tycoon behind the Trump presidency. Zuckerman, Gregory, Keach Hagey, Scott Patterson and Rebecca Ballhaus, sexual misconduct allegations involving young girls, reject the scientific consensus regarding climate change, Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum, Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (January–June 2018), "EMERDATA LIMITED – Officers (free information from Companies House)", "Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire backer of Bannon and Trump, chooses sides". [23], In the Trump transition, Mercer helped in successfully lobbying against Mitt Romney as secretary of state and for Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general. He’s happy if people don’t trust the government. The 44-year-old Rebekah Mercer is the middle of Robert Mercer's three daughters. The Mercers have backed a president who is terrorizing immigrants and transgender people on a daily basis.

[6], Mercer is a member of the board for the conservative think tank Goldwater Institute, and her family foundation donated around $1 million to the organization in 2011–2014 according to tax records.

Post Politics: Mercer issues rare public rebuke of former ally Bannon. In regards to her strategy, Mercer writes: “I support ideas and policies, not individual politicians as people.”, This is exactly what makes donors like the Mercers and the Kochs successful—and dangerous. The op-ed debunks the false “media caricature” that has emerged due to her family’s successful support of conservative and libertarian causes, including the 2016 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump and Breitbart News. The organization trains citizens to watch their government closely, and uses freedom-of-information laws to force the New York government to disclose public spending. [22] In 2010, it was reported that she had bought six adjoining apartment units in Donald Trump's 41-story Heritage at Trump Place. [22], Although initially a supporter of Ted Cruz in the 2016 presidential election, Mercer aimed her support at GOP candidate Donald Trump in June 2016 after Cruz lost the primary. I support a United States that welcomes immigrants and refugees to apply for entry and ultimately citizenship. [6] Mercer studied biology and mathematics at Stanford University and earned a master's degree in 1999 from Stanford in management science and engineering.

Mercer directs the Mercer Family Foundation and served on the Executive Committee of the transition team of United States President-elect Donald Trump. Headlined “Forget the Media Caricature. He wants it to all fall down.”. As David Magerman, a former colleague of Robert Mercer’s, told Mayer, “Bob believes that human beings have no inherent value other than how much money they make. "[13] She has been more aligned with the anti-establishment part of the GOP than most other big Republican donors,[6] and The Washington Post reported she has been referred to as the "First Lady of the Alt-Right". [16][17] Assange responded to the report by saying he denied Nix's request.

According to The Washington Post, the Mercer family foundation, run by Rebekah Mercer, “put $35 million into right-wing think tanks and policy groups between 2009 and 2014.”, It’s almost beside the point that we don’t know exactly what the Mercers want. Larry Solov, the CEO of Breitbart, said in February 2017 that they are part-owners,[5] but Robert Mercer announced in November 2017 that he had sold his stake in the website to his daughters.

In January 2018, there was a protest by the group Revolting Lesbians at the museum calling for her removal from the board. [27][28] Alexander Tayler, a former director for Cambridge Analytica, was appointed director of Emerdata on March 28, 2018. It was assumed that Cambridge Analytica would also assist the group's efforts. Tax records indicate that the Mercers have donated millions of dollars to organizations that reject the scientific consensus regarding climate change.

Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire daughter of Robert Mercer—who has been dubbed the “reclusive hedge-fund tycoon behind the Trump presidency”—came out of hiding on Wednesday night with a rare op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. [2][7], Mercer, along with her father, contributed $25 million to the 2016 presidential election. But if someone is on welfare they have negative value. [33] In March 2018 a group called the "Clean Money Project" mounted a spoof campaign aimed at highlighting Mercer's positions on climate change and pressuring the museum to sever ties with her. They funded the rise of Breitbart, which was pumping despicable views into the American media ecosystem when its founder, Andrew Breitbart, was still alive, long before Steve Bannon turned it into a mouthpiece of the far-right.

They call her a philanthropist!

After Trump won the GOP nomination, she and her father switched their support to him. As my family and I know firsthand, America is now a society that threatens, pillories, and harms those who dare to question the status quo.

[9], Mercer is the daughter of Diana Lynne (Dean) and billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer; Rebekah is the second of the Mercers' three daughters.