– smooth or rough. This is especially significant because the society was pervaded by patriarchal values, where women were subordinated to their male counterparts. Compare the ways these texts examine the preservation of morality amidst accusation and condemnation. Think of your text as a colouring book. 1. Write notes in the margins.

While annotating may not come so naturally to some of you, this guide below should definitely equip you with a good starting ground! This was one of the most commonly chosen text in last year’s exam, meaning that the assessors probably have read many good responses. As the text is set in the backdrop of rapid Australian modernisation, the novel also depicts the paradoxical nature of technology, as various characters are depicted to be torn between confronting or embracing this fundamental change. Do ALL members of that community have that same treatment towards those outcasts or are there exceptions? We see through these poems how disconnect can be fostered due to the struggle of communication as the picking apart of their names make the new immigrants feel “tired”, “embarrass[ed]” and as if their name was that of a “European disease”.

Creating a legend at the start of the book (for example, in the contents page) can help you keep track of which colour stands for which theme. I have highlighted D’Aguiar’s characterisation of Chapel and Lydia, and further explained how he uses their relationship to demonstrate defiance and rebellion against society. As we all know, themes are an integral part of Text Response overall, and that still rings true for Skrzynecki’s poetry.

A classist society is one where all social relations are built on these aforementioned economic and social divides - in other words, everything you do in life, and everything you are able to do, is built on where you sit in the class structure.Â.

Within the Western world, the birth of the 21st century has marked the decline of cemented expectations and since been replaced by social equality regardless of gender, sexual preference and age. The novel is a frank articulation of the nature of the African past and its relevance to the present and future. I am going to do two body paragraphs where I agree and one body paragraph where I disagree. This builds upon his tendencies to blame others for his behaviour – he is inherently unable to face the truth of his ‘insanity’ and so manipulates his reality to make it more bearable.Â. Your submission has been received! Additionally, Julie and Lewis’ kiss takes place on the theatre’s stage. Â. By ‘historical context’, all we mean here is the factual background which tells us why Rosalie Ham wrote her novel, and why she chose the particular setting of Dungatar. Before we begin diving into Skrzynecki, I’d highly recommend that you check our LSG’s Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response.

On the other hand, the characters in the play do at times make choices that would lead to their downfall and tragic consequences. The private elements of others’ lives, including their domestic duties, marital relations and indecencies, are paraded before Jeff. Here, Ham subtly hints that Irma Almanac’s injuries were not solely due to ‘falls’, as it is also said that once her husband grew old the ‘falls’ progressively ceased. If you're not, as always, it doesn't really matter because the type of advice that I will be giving would definitely be relevant to any text, because it's more about your thinking and how you actually go around approaching essay topics.‍, ‍Burial Rites is about this girl called Agnes, and she is the last person in Iceland to be sentenced to the life sentence. In the case of The Dressmaker, there’s no central authority who imposes class on Dungatar. 'Intransigence and a sense of superiority ultimately prevent unity in New South Wales.' Thank you! Your download should start now. In this sense, we’re largely agreeing with the prompt, backing up the distinction between interpersonal and interracial conflict, and finding a way to extend on it a little towards the end.

However, despite this, the separation of each apartment by brick walls as a separate entity on its own serves as a symbol of the widespread suspicion characteristic of the McCarthyian era. Something for which you should look out – don’t let the wording phase you! Even though he tries to defend Tilly as the townspeople descend on her after Teddy’s death, Tilly destroys his house along with Dungatar anyway - signalling that, no matter how hard Sergeant Farrat tried to reconcile his position as protector of Dungatar and his own person, the town could not be saved. Is the author supporting or condeming/critising this idea? Although this specifically refers to William Beaumont, it alludes to the broader picture that the people of Dungatar believe that any outside ideas fundamentally threaten everything about the way they live. This is best done through how you thread your arguments together, and how you make those links.

This book covers the last few months of her life, living with these people who she's sharing her story with. save hide report. Because it is summer holidays, and most people aren't really studying right now, this is for the truly keen beans, the people who are reading the text before the school starts, which, by the way, you should be doing. Â, It is only through his understanding that non-committal actions also incriminate him as a perpetrator that his choice to sacrifice his Colonial obligations for taking an active stance to fulfil his moral obligations comes to light. In the Hellenic society, Gods have always been a significant part of their life as it is believed that mortals’ lives are always under the influence of divine intervention. Now it's your turn! Welcome back to Lisa's Study Guides.Right now, it's in the middle of December, and I know that most of you should have finished school by now, and you're enjoying your school holidays. For instance, the McSwineys live in absolute poverty, yet Councilman Evan and his family are relatively wealthy. What you’re being asked to do is, again, stick with the topic frame.

Hitchcock establishes Jeff’s ambivalence towards relationships through his act of voyeurism and the events he observes. It can be effective to notice the contrast between the two and the events that occur in each setting. Background: Cows contribute to greenhouse gases via flatuence of methane gas. This makes sense in relation to Così, as Nowra is continually encouraging his audience to accept their own reality instead of falling into escapism. If you find this helpful, then you might want to check out our Extinction: A Killer Text Guide where we cover 5 A+ sample essays (written by a 50 study scorer!) 4.

An additional tactic of Friendly’s manipulation is shown though the infiltration of the longshoremen’s minds. Here I’ve explored a more natural setting, however Rayson often transitions between the city scape at Dixon-Brown’s apartment where the “noise of the city and peak-hour traffic rumbles below” and the natural landscape, “a wildlife rescue centre tucked away in the Cape Otway rainforest”. Here you can summarise the significant points of a passage without needing to re-read the whole thing again.

Having lived a majority of her life in Victoria, Australia, Kennedy’s collection follows the stories of various protagonists whose voices are characteristic of Australian culture and society. we can see how much Lewis has developed by comparing him to Nick).  In this way, we have the opportunity to explore the ways characters are constructed and the ways they are used in the play to convey its meaning. However, the gods only form a part of the picture - rather, Euripides depicts war itself as the villain, lambasting those who take pride in inflicting cruelty in the midst of war (P3). These are common techniques used by illustrators and are a fantastic starting point in cartoon analysis.

Facial expressions are key to the character’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. Passage One from Act 1 Scene 3 takes place just after Macbeth has just been announced as Thane of Cawdor proving part of the Witches’ prophecy true “All hail Macbeth…Thane of Cawdor…/that shalt be king hereafter.” This part of the play is the first insight we have on Macbeth’s inner thoughts. The Australian land is depicted to be harsh and unforgiving, as highlighted through the imagery of ‘dirt chill...sharp stab...alien stars' [pg 4] This conflict with the brutal landscape, along with the unknown leaves Thornhill apprehensive of what is to come. The name is thought to originate from a Malay word meaning ‘separate’, mirroring Tilly’s feelings of isolation from the rest of Dungatar. Hitchcock also exemplifies the importance of relationship through his depiction of the ways in which it provides individuals with a sense of purpose, which is a universal and intrinsic desire. By allowing the Trojan women to express their indignation and enmity as a response to their impending slavery, Euripides is able to present a critique on the ways in which women were oppressed in Ancient Greece. As the poems detail an immigrant’s emotional journey, alternating between feeling that they belong and don’t belong, we are invited to grapple with what it means to belong both mentally and physically as well as what elements are required to feel a sense of belonging in community and country.