He holds a Journalism degree from Daystar University, and is a father of two. You can interact more with her via her social media handles.

Babu describes himself as a full-time father, loving husband and a relationship expert. Mr. Hassan mwana wa Ali matches up with Mukangai to bring the latest updates from the soccer pitch in Spain, Kenya, England, among others. Mate is similarly a part-time Uber driver in Nairobi. She further loves reading inspirational books, cookbooks, and even fashion books.

Follow her on twitter @annjogu. The ever-smiling and happy Anne Njogu is amongst the longest-serving Radio Maisha top female presenters. So, we decided today to give you some clear background information about your preferred Radio Maisha presenters. The goal of the Champs Foundation is to empower and develop the skills of the youth. Kimani studied at Ikungu Primary School, but following completing primary school, MCA Tricky could not advance his education due to lack of school fees. As such, he also hosts Nuru ya Lugha on Radio Maisha. Staarabika show is a mid-morning show that usually runs from 10.00 am to 12:00 pm. Follow MCA Tricky on twitter handle at @McaTricky.

Born in Makindu, Mombasa MCA is the last born of a family of three. Mwende’s program hopes to entertain and teach listeners throughout the afternoon.

It was among the first sports stations in the country. He is additionally an outstanding MC and voice-over artist.

9 Radio Maisha Presenters Salary As per an overview by Geopoll, Radio Maisha is the second most tuned in to radio station in Kenya, with a piece of the overall industry of 12%.

Stations with poor salaries include Milele FM, Waumini, KBC Radio and all vernacular stations. He is the host of Danadana Viwajani.

In 2017, Mbaruk decided to joined the Kenya Defense Forces(KDF) as a tradesman. Though the station is not as old as Radio Citizen, their radio presenters are well remunerated. The Radio Maisha sports anchors have mastered the skill of commentating live sports. Here is a short profile of the hosts of Staarabika in the Radio. The current hosts here of Radio Maisha Asubuhi are: Billy is enthusiastic about giving support to others. For Paul, the journey to stardom and an established media career has not been easy.

Billy is wedded to one wife and is a father to two children.

You can communicate more with her through her social media handles.

Other Presenters are also not complaining.

She was the single host of Staarabika for quite some time since joining the station. Babu is commonly known as the host of Maji Makuu show, a late night show that centered on relationship issues and current events. In a recent interview with a local popular magazine, Nick said that an HIV alarm pushed him to make sundry changes in his life.

Sugarboy is a stand-up comedian and radio presenter. As such, he further hosts Nuru ya Lugha on Radio Maisha. Mate is also a part-time Uber driver. Afterwards, Billy enrolled at the Mombasa Polytechnic.

She was the sole host of Staarabika for quite some time.

They have a program featuring Reggae Music and hosted by Mbusi, who earns more than Sh 700,000 per month. He got his big breakthrough after successfully auditioning for the Churchill Show. After several years MCA Tricky decided to be intentional about his future. Like with television stations, the radio business has become quite competitive.

The radio Maisha Jioni hosts are: Emmanuel, additionally known as Manu Emmanuela, is an entrenched journalist. 3. This is another well-paying station in the country. Mbaruk additionally worked at Baraka FM as the host of the breakfast show and the drive shows. Nick's deep voice makes him stand out. Before Maisha Jioni, Mwashumbe hosted Rhumba Attencion in the same station. Influential people like Churchill aka Mwalimu Kingangi and Maina Kageni earn almost Ksh 1 million per month. In 2017, Mbaruk joined the Kenya Defense Forces as a tradesman. 5.

As the Standard Group station continues to rule airwaves, we hope you have learned a thing or two about Radio Maisha presenters. Babu portrays himself as a full-time father, devoted husband, and a relationship specialist. Just Like Anne, Gathoni enjoys laughing and being around lively people.

He carries a Journalism degree from Daystar University and is also a father of two. Most listeners refer to Clemmo as Clemo 254.

Anne appreciates being around cheerful people. As such, he entered Barikiwa Set Book Group.

Eight years ago, the Standard Group officially launched Radio Maisha. Babu is popularly known as the host of Maji Makuu a late night show that focused on relationship issues and current affairs. READ ALSO: Billy Miya radio maisha profile & photos. Radio Maisha extends its presenters competitive monthly pay packages based on their years of experience and the ratings of their show. The Maisha Jioni hosts are: Emmanuel also known as Manu Emmanuela is an established journalist. However, in an interview with Baraka FM, he stated that the character was just for his radio show. As film producer and filmmaker, Mbaruk has worked for several sets including as a scriptwriter for Saida TV show. Presenter Sophia Chinyezi is amongst the very first founding journalist at Radio Maisha.

List Of The Best Car Upholstery Cleaners Within Nairobi, Courses Offered At Boma International Hospitality College, List Of Vice Chancellors in All Kenyan Universities 2018, How To Check Your NHIF Account Number In Kenya, List of TSC AON Minet Insurance Hospitals in Migori, List Of Visa Free Countries For Kenyan Passport Holders 2020, List Of Marketable Degree Courses To Study in Kenya 2020, List of Top 10 Best Places to Live in Nairobi 2020, List Of Best Saccos To Join In Kenya 2020, List Of Profitable Agribusiness Ideas In Kenya, Top 5 Radio Stations in Kenya That Pay Good Salaries. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Njogu is also enthusiastic about women’s rights, equality, and other community issues. It was among the first sports stations in the country.

Mate Tongola is a reporter, presenter and content writer. On average, a Radio Presenter earns Sh 120,000 per month. Paul's peers convinced him to move to Nairobi in search of greener pastures. The average salary for a radio presenter in Radio Maisha is Sh 70,000.

The bubbly presenter just gave birth to a first child this year. Radio Maisha - Kenya's leading radio Station. As such, he uses his skills to communicate, to connect and influence. Radio Maisha operates numerous programs that focus on politics, current affairs, sports, general news, religion, and much of entertainment. Presently, media houses are targeting the top skills in the industry. Most listeners know Gathoni Njunguna for her tells- it- all attitude.

Nevertheless, in an interview with Baraka FM, he said that the character was just a gimmick for his radio show. Mwende gives mentorship through the Mwende’s Protégés.

Truth be told, the Radio Maisha moderators have added to this accomplishment by giving substance that interests to …

The average hourly pay for a Radio Show Host in South Africa is R230.00. Before, he had worked for Milele FM, Baraka FM, and Pwani FM.

am seith ndunde an all time radio maisha listner and fun since 2010. i also studied journalism but jobless. Anne is also passionate about women's rights, equality, and other development issues.

As a co-host of the mid-morning show, Babu brings in an entertaining twist.