If disabled, it will boost performance significantly. If you set this to a negative value, you can adjust the interpolation of snapshots to compensate for lag by making your client start interpolating BEFORE it recieves the next snapshot. example:/bind q give quad damage so if you type /bind q give quad damage you can get quad damage with 'Q'key.Also if you type /unbind q it will unbind the key.Hope you will have fun with this code. However, when the framerate drops to 100fps, the MaxPackets will change to 100 as this is now the largest value that does not exceed the input Cl_MaxPackets limit.

After all, this trail blocks your view for a second which could possibly be enough to cost you the match.This option allows you to change the time it takes for the trail to disappear. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner,