One easy mistake you could make here would be focusing too much on either one of these two facets. You might have multiple activities that go with each interest, or multiple interests that culminate in one activity. Here are some qualities of Purdue you could mention in your essay(s): Regardless of what aspect of Purdue you choose to focus on in your response to the Purdue University essay prompt, just be sure to tie this characteristic back to yourself somehow and explain how it will help you achieve your goals. (Respond in 100 words or fewer.) Both situations are absolutely fine.

(332 words).

While the subject matter allows some freedom, avoid writing just any old thing.

All three Purdue supplemental essays you need to write are pretty short, with one 250-word essay and two 100-word essays. And Electrical Engineering allows me to connect the virtual world with the physical, as I currently do in robotics.

You’ll find an extensive, by-the-numbers look at Purdue’s offerings, from enrollment and tuition statistics to student life and financial aid information, on its Common Data Set. That’s why I want to conduct research under one of Purdue’s brilliant agriculture professors. You couldn’t believe it at first, but when you caught yourself thinking about velocity graphs while driving, you knew you had discovered your true passion. (Respond in 100 words or fewer.) and some  great examples near the end. You should be able to say, “I did X, and that resulted in Y.” The Y is just as important as the X because it shows your work paid off and (maybe even) inspired some kind of change.

A cogent essay will answer these two questions: Note that you don't need to go into much detail about your major here, as that's what the second short answer is for (see below).

Admissions officers want to know not only why you have selected your major, but also how studying this major at Purdue will help you achieve your goals. As we saw with the Purdue supplement essay example we analyzed, it's critical that you bring your essays (mainly the two short answers) back to Purdue and why this school is ultimately a good fit for you, your talents, and your ambitions.

Often times, writing about your personal experience with something more grounded can be just as effective. The earlier education and short term goals are normally achieved easily. Many of Purdue’s 30,000+ undergraduate students describe it as a place of opportunity.

It's your job to paint this picture for them.

As vice president of finances for C3, I work to ensure we can fund these activities. Every person has personal and professional goals that are mostly connected with future prosperity, success in all spheres of his or her life, etc. Your greatest challenge in this section will probably be selecting a good activity to focus on. So you’ve created your own tutoring business for local kids, started a summer concert in the park to raise money for your high school’s music program, and had an incredible internship with a robotics company. It often helps to consider it in the context of a couple of experiences, activities or classes. As amazing as it sounds, however, growing up in La Cañada Flintridge has its drawbacks: the community pressures adolescents to achieve success through mainly academic means. You’re probably really stressed out right now, but just remember to breathe! ? The key to answering this prompt will be making sure you balance discussion of your interests/accomplishments and the unique offerings at Purdue. This one is actually brutal for me lmao . Both of those are perfectly fine. Be sure to explain what the activity is, when/how you started it, and what kind of meaning it holds for you.

Why? Then it might help to look at our college essay guides for Notre Dame, UIUC, and the University of Michigan. To my way of thinking, all those facilities and exceptionally auspicious atmosphere in the university are indispensable in realizing all my plans. Purdue is highly coveted among high schoolers all across the nation. The sentence count here isn’t exact since it largely depends on how long your sentences are. The most impressive activity is not necessarily the one you should choose. What about it makes you want to keep doing it? These people know you well and they will know if the real you shine through in your writing. To wrap up, here are four tips to help you write a great supplemental Purdue University admission essay. Step #3: Decide if you want to include a specific thesis that explicitly states your central argument—in this case what you want to study and why.

Try to begin with an interesting hook that leaves the reader begging for more. Create amazing supplemental essays for the most selective schools, polish your activities list, and complete everything else with ease and joy.

Purdue Supplemental Essay 2: Your Major(s) at Purdue. And how will the work you’ve done survive when you go off to college? Hence, you should focus on the things that most directly affect and motivate you. One important caveat to all of this is that you need to focus on how your unique experiences impacted your choice in major.

While this approach isn’t necessarily wrong, it can be difficult, particularly in my high school, to thrive in a creative and imaginative way. Next, hand your essay off to someone you trust, such as a parent or teacher, and ask them to read it over and edit for content, structure, and grammar.

This led you to wanting to study sports medicine and go on to work with the pros on world tours. Notice how the “Some of our opportunities include” paragraph identifies a wide range of ways the C3 club has worked to solve the problem identified at the start of the essay. One requirement that is important in all the above is to show that your experiences are unique and how they impact your degree choice. For a longer walk-through on how to use this sort of opening, click here and search for the words “Elon Musk.”. Qualities of hero essay, research paper on big data management. While a statement like this is not especially bad or incorrect, it is way better to get straight to the real content. The plan is to be carefully constructed when it comes to one’s profession. First-time college students (future freshmen) will use the Common Application to apply to Purdue. Remember, they already know the basics about your achievements—they can see your test scores, grades, and extracurriculars. This thesis can be at the beginning, middle, or end of your essay. “I would love to play one day for the university’s renowned Boilermakers.

To apply here, though, you will need more than just good grades—you will need to write unforgettable essays as part of the Purdue supplement. You must additionally write an essay in response to one of the Common Application or Coalition Application prompts, depending on which application system you apply through. You won't have a lot of room here (just 250 words! Everything will work out, and you’ll feel so relieved once it’s all over. I wish to research robotics and autonomous sensing at Purdue’s Smart Informatix Laboratory.

This got me to start dreaming big about my future and, ... 23 April Working in Solitude versus a Group Since so many people work in collaboration with one another, it seems as though that Solitude is. Unless you’re extremely crafty, don’t try to set up an extended metaphor.

This older Purdue University admission essay had a far higher word limit of 1,000 words (whereas the two short answers now can only be up to 100 words each).