Debbie and Sue's relationship is in jeopardy when Debbie is threatened with boarding school. PS: What were those scenes like to shoot? Deb goes off to boarding school, so Sue has to deal with Cronulla and navigate social situation on her own; they’ve always been a team, and now she needs to figure it out for herself. Episodes 1,2,7,8,9 by Glendyn Ivin Episodes 2,3 by Sean Kruck Episodes 4,5 by Emma Freeman Puberty Blues Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Can you give me a rundown on the biggest things she has to go through? My room would be perfectly clean. Martin finds the past coming back to haunt him. Debbie returns home from boarding school and soon finds out that everything has changed. That’s a big thing for her. Debbies priorities also change, as her relationship with Gary and friendship with Sue starts overriding her commitment to school and the plans that her mother had set out for her and this results in a strain in her family life. Yvonne is torn between two lovers when Gary's father returns. I’ve become a lot more independent — I’ve got my licence, I bought myself a car! And because she has so many new experiences this year, it’s been good to be super-familiar with her to give integrity to those new experiences.

The show went into a second season and has moved on from the source material (Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey’s 1979 book) to create new dramas for the girls, which include Debbie being shipped off to boarding school, and Sue dabbling in some sexual experiments — ‘sexperiments,’ as they’re called. It’s a book that explains every sex position, every sexual thing ever, and it’s set out in appetisers, main meals, and all that sort of thing. Brenna Harding Talks Growing Up With Her Puberty Blues Character, Sue, Elly Just Dumped Joe Outside of the Final Bachelorette Ceremony & My Heart Is Breaking, Becky Just Rejected Adrian in the Bachelorette Finale and He Definitely Wasn't Expecting It, Adrian Said He Was "Falling in Love" With Becky in the Bachelorette Finale & OK, Sure, Pete Literally Said "Why Not?" Meanwhile, an emotional Judy surprises everyone at Pam's 40th birthday. And little script things. A tragedy spurs Debbie into drastic action. Between seasons one and two, my school actually started mattering, because I was doing the subjects I wanted to do, and was able to do the subjects I wanted to study. They manage to get a seat near the back of the bus, and although they keep the spot and sit there from now on, the Greenhill gang - who sit at the back of the bus - pelt them with fruit.