If you see a message in your Quarantine that is not spam, there are a few things you can do. Situation: Email(s) that you require have been quarantined. First, click on the check box next to the message. Hover your mouse over the status itself to see a tooltip with some more information. You can access your spam management account and Quarantine at antispam.med.cornell.edu. Select All - selects all of the addresses on the list. Profile - controls Digest settings and language preferences. They will automatically be deleted after 14 days. If you suspect it a message you can not find in the logs was rejected you will need to open a support ticket. Who should I contact? ITS provides encrypted email to all users with a WCMC email account who would like to increase the security of their email correspondence. Message delivered, but end server bounced back. Many factors may influence this: large emails and clients with low bandwidth or out-of-hours prioritization, greylisting on poorly-configured clients, sender's synchronizing with outbound servers only periodically, temporary DNS problems, other transient internet conditions, etc. There are two types of Safe Senders lists: the Global Safe Senders List and your personal Safe Senders List. If your lists are extensive and you have concerns about setting up fresh lists in the new system, please contact the ITS Support Desk and we will work with you to find a solution. How do I release it to my inbox? These links are not related to individual quarantined messages. A separate browser window pops up on your screen and your personalized account management page will load in this window. It might be a large email, or the destination server is busy, or waiting for a connection timeout. You will only receive a Digest when you have new messages in the Quarantine. bounced - This message has been rejected by the SMTP destination server for any of a large number of reasons. The Proofpoint spam management system is an email filtering tool. ), There is also a Global Blocked Senders List and a personal Blocked Senders List. In the case of spam, the message score indicates the probability that the message is spam --- so a message scoring 100 would have 100% chance of being spam (definite spam) and a message scoring 0 would have 0% chance of being spam (legitimate correspondence). Note: Silent users do not have permission to log into the interface, hence cannot perform this action. Click Quarantine on the left side to view your messages in the Quarantine. If you have enabled SMTP Turbocharge for an agent in a cluster, and the message was processed by that agent, the data in the Final Action column will display a plus sign icon (+). Unfortunately, any lists of safe and blocked senders that you have set up in the old spam system (Symantec) will not carry over automatically to the new system. (email is not an instantaneous protocol, and although most emails are pretty quick, there are no guarantees. Ensure that the sender has the recipient address correctly spelled. You may also review and take action on your own quarantined email through the use of the End User Digest. Email sent from addresses or domains on the Safe Senders List will not be filtered for spam, but will be filtered for viruses. Ensure that your MX record is appropriately pointed to the correct server. What happens if I have both WCM and NYP email accounts? This feature is available to you if want to create your own personal lists. For example, Proofpoint Essentials only keep logs for a rolling 30 days, and search results are limited to 1000 messages. An email can have any of the following statuses: For INBOUND mail logs, if messages are not showing up here, please verify the following: For OUTBOUND mail logs, if messages are not showing up here, please verify the following: There are connection level rejections that will only show in the logs for support.

If links can't be definitively classified as safe when the message is received, the URL is rewritten so that clicking it will cause URL Defense to evaluate the linked website a second time. delivered - This message has been accepted by the SMTP destination server, has left Proofpoint Essentials, and should be arriving at the recipient any moment now if not already (unless something is very, very wrong with the SMTP destination server - in that case the administrator of THAT server will need to be notified ASAP). The most common reason is that the destination server only allows known email addresses and a typo has been made in the local part of the recipient email address (if the typo was in the domain, it would not have reached here in the first place). If there are no new messages, you will receive an empty Digest. The change in spam management system will not impact any lists of safe or blocked senders that you have set up directly in your email client. Is my old spam portal and quarantine still available? (You can also click on the log line to bring up the Email Detail page which contains the email's Permalink which we can use as reference if you need to contact support.) What type of spam detection do you want? You don't need to delete quarantined messages. If it is stuck, please contact support. The user or admin has performed an action using an older product feature to report spam.

etc. Will these carry over to the new spam management system? Please contact your admin to research the logs. You may also receive an empty Digest, which is simply an email message indicating that you have no messages in the Quarantine. Message initially not delivered, then released. If the Status column is empty, the message is still actively being queued for the first time and its status is still being determined. Is there any way to restore it? Users can easily encrypt their emails by typing "#encrypt" anywhere in the subject line of an outgoing email. Can I access the antispam quarantine remotely? Up to 1000 results will be returned in a table where you can use the search tool to perform a quick filter of the result set.

You will need to re-create them manually in the new system. This is the default Status of everything classified as Spam, and indicates that we have halted delivery, but the message may be released. I did not receive an email I was expecting. Understand the definitions in the Essentials mail logs, including: Please note there are some items to understand in email logs. Ensure that the sender has the recipient address correctly spelled, Make sure that the sender has sent the message. Their SMTP server name configuration in their mail client. Log in with your CWID and password. Edit - lets you make changes to an address already on your list. You can search the logs by Day, Today and Yesterday, Week, two week, and 30 day intervals. Then, click on Options at the top of your screen. Note: if a spam message does make it through to your inbox, you should not add that email address to your Blocked Senders List since spammers rarely use the same email address twice. Not Spam: releases the message to your inbox, and in the future, messages like this one will not be classified as spam. I set up lists of safe and blocked senders using my email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) Cleared (but queued for delivery) Click Safe Senders List or Blocked Senders List in the left navigation pane to choose the list you want to manage. The Quarantine is a location on a server (antispam.med.cornell.edu) where email messages that are suspected to be spam are stored temporarily so that they can be reviewed and retrieved if necessary. In addition, you may also select a message 'Status' to further refine your search. There is also a 1000 log search limit. Please note that when using our new encrypted email system, you can login with your CWID and password, unlike the previous method of creating a new account name and password. In the "My Settings" window, uncheck the box next to "Send digest with new message in my End User Digest."

If you don't want to receive a Digest, you can change your settings in your Proofpoint account. By default, you will receive an End User Digest once a day around 6:00pm (EST) if messages have been placed into your Quarantine since the last digest was sent. Yes! I have lists of blocked and safe senders (whitelists/blacklists) set up in the old spam management system. This message cannot be delivered right now, but will be queued for 30 days and delivery will be retried at sane intervals.